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         The Harp of God is a celestial device introduced to us by the apostle John. He wrote:

"And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire; and those who had gained the victory over the beast that was originally in them and over the image that persisted through the mansion worlds, and finally over the last mark and trace, standing on the sea of glass, having the harps of God, and singing the song of deliverance from mortal fear and death."

The Urantia Book explains on page 539 that the harp of God is "...a morontia contrivance compensating for the inability (of resurrected mortals) to directly adjust the immature morontia sensory mechanism to the reception of space communications."

We chose the name "Harp of God" for our publishing foundation because we hope to network the cosmic broadcasts that are coming in to our world daily. Revelation, inspiration, heavenly guidance and support are pouring in to all peoples, all religions, in all languages and belief systems.

         The three principle players at The Harp of God are; Martin Greenhut, Gerdean O'Dell Bowen, and William H. Hays

Martin Greenhut

         I was born in 1934 in the Bronx New York to a second generation immigrant family from Eastern Europe, raised in West Hempstead Long Island, trained in Orthodox Judaism and sent to Yeshiva University's Talmudical Academy in 1949 at age 14.

         My Hebrew Education brought me close to God but I was unhappy in the social isolation of Jewish life and desired to "join the human race".

         Attending Teacher's College at Columbia University, I earned an MA in Special Education and had a brief career in education which ended in 1965 when I gave up my professional career and became a full time social activist, an organizer in the Peace and Civil Rights movements and publisher of Peace and Rights newsletters and a newspaper in Nyack, New York.

         It was then that I met Jesus who I recognized as a fellow social activist and later came to know him as our divine Creator, The Son of Man and The Son of God who lived a human life here on Earth with us to bring this human experience to God, the Father, and to bring God to Earth to live among us and illuminate the world with this divine life.

         My inspiring teachers were Mahatma Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King whose assassination changed my life and brought me into full-time civil-rights activism. It was in the Black Churches where I joined in the love of Jesus in prayer and in the loving community of Jesus' followers. It was "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ" and later, "The Starseed Transmissions", as well as every book of spiritual teaching that I could lay my hands on that constituted my search for Truth which eventually brought me to "The Urantia Book" which I am still studying after forty years.

         The Harp of God is my current work as a networker in social activism both political and spiritual. It is still activism for Peace and Human Rights in the Realm of Christ, our Father, Brother, and Friend.

Gerdean O'Dell-Bowen

         I had been a seeker since age 14 when I became disillusioned with organized religion. Ten years later, my neighbor and I were introduced to the Urantia Book (UB), which we both embraced, and then we married. Alan was a contact personality for an invisible entity who called himself "Jack. Jack was our best friend throughout the 12 years of our marriage; he introduced us to many celestial personalities who taught us many lessons of a spiritual nature. He assured us we were being prepared for a new cosmic development and we would recognize it when we saw it.

         When Alan and I divorced, I lost contact with Jack and the heavenly helpers. I finished my novel just weeks before I heard about Teacher Ham and knew at once that this was the cosmic development Jack had been talking about. The Teaching Mission ("TeaM") had a huge impact on the Urantia movement. Without relinquishing my appreciation for the UB, I threw my support behind the Teacher Corps and their "Correcting Time" program of recovery for the planet. For me, the UB and TeaM were the text and workbook for the classroom of my life.

         While collecting reject slips for my very large speculative fiction by an unknown author, I put in a request for a Teacher and learned how to serve as a contact personality (T/R) for the invisible realm. They made it clear to me that I would have to create my own publishing company, but it was not until 1998 that I got on-line and connected with my Teaching Mission peers. There I met my wonderful husband, Angus, as well as friend and co-worker, Marty Greenhut, through whose efforts Harp of God was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1999.

         Angus and I edited Teacher Tomas' "Fruits of the Spirit," Harp's first title. My novel, "The Zooid Mission," was published in 2002. William Hays came on board as Harp's artist in 2006, creating the covers for Joyce Mary Brenton's daily meditation book, "The Mind of Christ - Yesterday, Today and Forever," and Teacher Welmek's "Lessons on Prayer," T/R'd by Donna D'Ingillo, which I edited. Harp published these books in 2006 and 2007 respectively. William's additional skills as a webmaster provides Harp with this fine new presence on the Internet.

         Most of my working life I spent chained to a desk, serving judges and lawyers; I was dependable and good at organizing things for other people. In that context I honed my skills as a wordsmith and gained expertise as an editor. Now retired from the 9-to-5 work force, I edit books for other writers, and for Harp; I publish the Association for Light and Life Newsletter; and, I am drafting another novel. As a T/R, I have produced literally thousands of pages of transcripts. I have given workshops that compare the chakras with the seven adjutant mind spirits. I consider myself an artist, as well, and you can see some of my works at Miss O'Dell's Studio.

         I enjoy an abundant life with my husband Angus Bowen and our cat, Amayonnaising Grayce, in the high desert of the Great Southwest.

William H. Hays

         I began seriously searching for a spiritual foundation while traveling in central Asia in 1980. Although I gained a range of information and experiences concerning the various ways human beings relate to the divine, nothing I studied resonated fully with me. At the end of that particular journey I reached the conclusion that God does exist and that man has a responsibility for striving to know God better each day through honest, sincere effort and righteous living.

         In 1986 while having a wide-ranging conversation with a new friend in Alaska (where I was living at the time) I asked some spiritually related questions to which he responded confidently and intelligently. After a few more questions I asked him, "How do you know these things?" His response was, "The Urantia Book."

         I had never heard of it before. He offered to lend me his copy and I began reading. The book is almost 2100 pages long and very, very dense. Still, I read the entire book in about three weeks.

         My head and heart were so full of information and enthusiasm for what I'd just read that I had an ecstatic experience that lasted for months. Of course, I wanted to share it with my friends and they pretty well reached the same conclusion among themselves that I was just a bit "beside myself." I can't blame them.

         Eventually I did calm down and went back to being a regular guy, making a living and carrying on in a normal way. In 1987 my wife and I moved to Vermont. There, I continued reading and studying the book off and on, trying to be a good person. I almost never ran into anyone who had read the Urantia Book. I knew of no study groups and I generally kept the text to myself unless a word or two could be dropped into a conversation about our individual spiritual journeys. When the internet came along in 1995, I did not get involved in any online networking and rarely read anything about the Urantia Book or associated organizations online.

         In 2005 I was experiencing some frustration with my inability to deeply connect in communion with the Source and Center, our heavenly Father. I had been reading many other spiritual writings over the years, but continued to return to the Urantia Book as the most complete and reasonable text I knew. But my frustrations continued. Eventually I was reading what I could about the mystics, Christian mystics like Thomas Aquinas, Hildegard von Bingen and such. I guess I was looking for a "how to..." text that would say, "Here, try this. Step 1... Step 2... Step 3... COMMUNION!" But it was not to be.

         To keep from being overly enthusiastic, let me just say that at that time, I was apparently deemed ready (by our unseen friends) and I very unexpectedly received direct communication from a variety of celestial beings in a range of manners and in a very short period of time. Any questions that I had for the moment were replaced with - again - an overwhelming ecstasy. But this time I was also given a sense of absolute certainty about the existence of these, our unseen friends of the universe and therefore the overarching direction of our heavenly Father in all things.

         I became acquainted with the Teaching Mission and, despite my long-held dismissal and profound doubt concerning "channeled" communications, I found resonance in the words the teachers spoke and continue to speak.

         I also was shown, beyond my own doubt, that an Avonal Son was beginning an extended visit to help us progress, gradually but steadily toward making this planet one that lives in "Light and Life."

         My artwork has gone a full circle from representational drawing and painting, to complete abstraction and symbolism. Eventually, I settled back into representational painting as the most effective means I possess for communicating directly to other people. Landscape has been my most frequent examination of the world through visual art. Portraiture came late for me, perhaps waiting for my confidence to give it a good, serious go.

         In all, my work celebrates life on this planet. If you would like to see my work, learn more about what I do or get in touch with me, go to my website. Pictured here is one of my oil paintings, "Divine Reflection," an oil on canvas 28" x 38".

         I believe it has finally begun to dawn on the entire population that the earth, as many scientists agree, is a living organism whose many layers of relationships can exist in a symphonic balance - if we will let it. But mankind's headlong plunge into the greed of resource-based capitalism has brought us to the brink of forever harming our very sustenance, our world. Ultimately, I am the eternal optimist and I know that we will right ourselves and achieve the beautiful balance for which we have all the makings.

         It has also begun to dawn on many individuals, verging on the beginnings of a global movement, that our purpose as human beings is not to make as much money as possible. We are entrusted with the responsibility of mutually supporting one another on every level, to the worldwide scale. Prejudice and greed can no longer be viewed as legitimate motivators. Warfare has lost its lustre and reason as a solution to any problem. Having the resources to feed and care for every human being on earth, we are beginning to be collectively aware of how doing so will make our own, possession-laden lives far more rich. We can live together, love and respect one another - from our neighbors to our fellows across the world.

         This is our mandate. This is our assignment. It will be - and is - difficult. But we are human beings and each of us knows that there is a tremendous untapped capacity for this kind of behavior. We desire it deeply. We will make it happen one person at a time - and you and I - are that one person.

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