The Story of the Arcadia
Teaching Mission,
Arcadia, California

By Donna Currier-Brown

Once upon a time in the beautiful foothills of the San Gabriel Valley in a little town called Arcadia, California, there lived a very kind and friendly couple named Hal and Lucille Kettell. Now Hal and Lucille's children were grown and Hal was retired. For some twelve years they had conducted a Monday night study group of The Urantia Book in their home. Hal, a retired dentist, had been introduced to The Urantia Book by one of his patients in the early sixties. (You can read his story in "How I Found The Urantia Book")

         This group had gone happily about their study group activities for quite some number of years when they heard of a new phenomenon which had begun to occur to another study group in California; the group of John and Jane Roper in Dana Point, California. Hal and Lucille then decided they needed to investigate this phenomenon more seriously and see what they could see. It was reported to them that celestial, unseen spiritual teachers were transmitting messages to the leader of that group.

         When Hal and Lucille attended that group and heard some of the messages for themselves, they decided it sounded true and they asked if their group could have a teacher also. They were told that there was a teacher available for any group who wanted one and all they had to do was ask and the teacher would make him or herself known and they could trust that one or more of the group would be able to 'hear' the teachers' messages and transmit them to the group.

         Upon returning to Arcadia, at one of their meetings in July of 1993, a member of the group, a man named Douglas Daniels, began transmitting the teacher JarEl to the small group of listeners. At first Doug was startled and asked, "Why do I feel this sensation?" He was told by a spiritual teacher:

         "It is natural for some transmitters. More of their electrical processes are involved in transmitting and receiving. These processes involve the heart and respiratory systems and these things fluctuate, and being material, they create physical sensations to a degree. Do not be dismayed or overly concerned." He seemed to feel quite overwhelmed and yet at the same time tremendously excited and enthusiastic about being able to perform this service. He deemed it an honor and a responsibility. He sometimes doubted his worthiness to be chosen for this task. The same teacher, Aflana, also reassured him:

         "It is not our intention to startle you. You must remember we are spiritual beings and our energies do affect mortals in many positive ways. So, fear not for your safety during these times of transmission."

Thus was the Teaching Mission launched in Arcadia. California.

This group continued for two years, the average attendance was seven members, meeting once a week in the beginning. The transmitted lessons were captured on tape and Hal faithfully typed them out (sometimes with help from others} so that the group members could read them and reflect on them or have them available to study or ask questions from for the next meeting.

         JarEl told us in an early lesson in 1993 that "All lessons in this teaching Mission have been prepared by Machiventa Melchizedek." He further instructed, "As your group varies in individuality and its needs, we will give the appropriate lesson to assist you." He also informed us that the Teaching Mission was inaugurated by Christ Michael and was a part of His overall plan for what was termed The Correcting Time on this planet. Teacher JarEl was always telling us of the Father's love for us as well as his personal love for us as our teacher. He was consistent in teaching us very simple and solid lessons; i.e. fear is a spirit poison and the stillness is essential for our spiritual growth.

         JarEl always welcomed questions and comments from the group at the end of his lessons and spiritual issues. He actually encouraged us to find answers for ourselves by our continuing stillness and growth and by talking among ourselves. But he also said he was always there for our questions when needed. In addition, he told us that there were personal teachers for each of us individually and all we had to do was want them and ask for them and be open to hearing from them. We needed, of course, to provide the time and stillness where they could come through.

         Towards the end of the first two years, JarEl began to prepare the group for his absence. He said he had been called away to attend to other activities that were essential to his own ascension process. He said he would be gone from our group for about a year's time.

         So it was that on May 28, 1995 a final Teaching Mission group was held with Douglas still being the main transmitter/receiver. On this day we all heard a special message from Verona, a midwayer, as well as having the great honor of hearing from Machiventa himself. Verona said, in part: "This is Verona, your midwayer. How can I relate to you my happiness, my joy at your achievements, your growth through the efforts of your illustrious teacher JarEl. My dear hearts, you are each dear to me as I am the keeper of the light for this mission here. It is I who enables the presence of the teacher, and the attraction therewith of each of you. It is my service, my honor. It is my privilege that I am able to perform such service for you. I thank you as I thank our Creator for the opportunity to be of service to you.

         "I am not sad that this is our last opportunity to converse with you, for I know of the greater goal in which we shall meet each of you in your ascension unto Paradise. I will greet each of you at some point in that ascension. Fear not. My words are true. You are indeed loved, and my love I leave with you. May it be a source of enlightenment and encouragement for you to continue in the absence of formal meetings. May you rely on the fact that we were here and touched your lives. You have spiritual enlightenment colored in love."

         For this little group of believers this was to be our commencement day. Machiventa said to us, in part: "This would not be a commencement, in your words, without congratulations from one high in authority to bless this occasion of your transition, dear ones. From an unorganized, loosely held group of believers who had only the commonality of faith, having worked out your trials and experiences in this Teaching mission, which was inaugurated by Christ Michael and administered by myself through the able aid of your teachers, as this illustrious one here present, JarEl, of whom I am well pleased. One in whom I have had great confidence since the inception of your group here in Arcadia. You, dear ones, are commended. You have stayed the course. You have fought the good fight, and you are proof indeed that with regularity and guidance, with coming together for the single purpose of experiencing that which you can achieve, that you can become more than what you were in the beginning."

         And then he said, most wondrous of all, "Dear hearts, I will not tarry. I will leave you with these words, that this is not the end of your group. It is only the beginning. The transition that each of you will embark upon to carry out your future projects. To carry forth high the banner of the concentric circles that I have worn these many eons upon my breast; the emblem of Christ Michael, the culmination of all deity. You dear ones, you are now ordained. You are blessed together to carry His flag, not only to your fellow man here, but the world of Urantia, and to the Grand Master Universe. This is your purpose. This is your goal for eternity, to be light bearers of truth. To proceed forth in front of your Creator Son."

         Machiventa said a few more congratulatory and heartwarming words to us and sort of finished up by saying, "Believe, as I commend you and offer my thanks for your work in the past and for your efforts in the future, we want joy in your heart this day for you have succeeded. Look about you your numbers are seven, are they not? You are complete. Proceed forth as completed/graduated members of the Teaching Mission. I congratulate you. I love you. Christ Michael congratulates you and loves you more. Peace, blessings and success to you, dear hearts."

         The seven core members of our group who were there that day and ordained were: Hal and Lucille Kettell. Douglas Daniels, Betty Bright, Stella Religa, Donna Brown and Joe Madera. It should be mentioned here, there were other individuals who had attended some Teaching Mission sessions who were not there on this day. Henry Zeringue was one of these. All of us, individually and collectively, were encouraged to develop 'projects' of a spiritual nature with which we could feel comfortable.

         Time passed quickly and some members of this original group began their own projects. Donna Brown began a bi-monthly study group in her own home in Temple City which lasted for a year. She also wrote more poems that she has shared at some UB conferences. Henry Zeringue began hearing more from his personal teachers and shared printed transcripts with us all including messages that he believes were directly from his Adjuster. Speaking of projects, it should be noted that during the whole two year Teaching Mission time above-mentioned, Betty Bright was also a faithful Transmitter/ Receiver. She relieved Douglas of his T/Ring when his work or other personal commitments kept him away. Of course, Stella Religa had maintained a study group in her own home during this entire time which is current even today. Hal and Lucille continued their weekly Monday night study groups consistently, with or without the Teaching Mission being active.

         As a group project, the Arcadia Teaching Mission coordinated the Spirit Fest III gathering in June, 1996, which was at the El Chorro Conference Center in Los Osos, California (Near San Luis Obispo). This was the third year the Spirit Fest gathering of all Teaching Mission groups in California had been held at that site.

         Then, in November of 1996, word was sent to the Bakersfield group that JarEl was back and would like to meet again with the group in Arcadia. By this time Henry Zeringue had developed his skills as a T/R and was able to receive JarEl's messages for the group. The group has continued from that time on a once a month basis. Sunday afternoons starting at 1:00 pm with a potluck lunch followed by the message from JarEl in the living room of the Kettell's very lovely and hospitable home in Arcadia. Although Betty Bright moved to Ohio and Douglas Daniels now lives farther away in California, the Teaching Mission has still grown to the point that two dining room tables are now needed in two different rooms to accommodate all the people. The average attendance currently is from 17 to 22 members.

This author, Donna Brown, has been a regular attendee, and the food, the fellowship, the love, the cameraderie, to say nothing of the teaching from JarEl and the stimulating conversations and questions are wonderful and beyond compare. There is no place I would rather be on a Sunday afternoon.

And we are all living happily ever after. Come and Visit us sometime.

Love and God Bless.

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