The Butler, Pennsylvania TeaM

Dates: July 5, 1996 - January 18, 1999
Location: Butler, PA, USA Teacher Base
Transmitter/Receiver(s): Gerdean and Hunnah
Teachers: Tomas, Merium and Visitors
Topics: See Contents (still under construction)

The Butler group was a spin-off from the Pittsburgh group. Teacher Tomas began his sojourn in the Western Pennsylvania region at the end of 1995. The Pittsburgh TeaM was waiting for him and began meeting at once, and the Butler group, not far behind, began in the summer of 1996. A connection developed between the Pittsburgh group, the Butler group, and the Buffalo, NY, group, and TeaM inroads were made into the Hamilton, Canada, group, and beyond, to Finland.

         In the area of Northwestern Pennsylvania, the long arm of New York overreaches to include Buffalo, there on Lake Erie. Just south of I-90 in the area where the two states merge you will find the tiny town of Cassadaga, the home of Lily Dale, a spirituality center of renown. Or occasionally the idea would come up of buying The Turtle in Niagara, NY and turning it into a spirituality center. New Age spirituality was in vogue and the area seemed like Sedona of the East. Yet there was also, of course, local color about the soldier ghosts at Gettysburg, PA, and the restless spirits of the Underground Railroad, so there were many colorful haunts in the psychic atmosphere where this Teacher Base was established. It made for a very colorful curriculum for the Teacher Corps. Teacher Merium was soon assigned to assist in the task.

         Whereas Pittsburgh was formal; Butler was informal. Whereas Pittsburgh was conservative; Butler was liberal. Whereas Pittsburgh was gracious; Butler was raucous. Pictured here are Hunnah (Teacher Merium's T/R), JoniEl, Gerdean (Teacher Tomas's T/R) and Erata (T/R for Teacher Pearl), in front of an illustration of Jesus washing the feet of an apostle, at the foot of the grand staircase of "Serendipity - Books & Other Wonders" -- Gerdean's shop on Main Street.

A Compendium of Butler Pennsylvania Transcripts

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