Tarkas Comes to Cincinnati
By Jim Cleveland,
extracted from his book,
"Celestials Over Cincinnati")

The delegation of men and women from Indianapolis arrived to cordial greetings and introductions. I knew the designated transmitter/receiver, Michael, as a former administrator of the Urantia Brotherhood in Chicago. He was a calm, soft-spoken and sincere man. These very normal-looking people had arrived at our study group in Cincinnati to introduce us to a teacher who had supposedly been assigned to us by the celestial hierarchy, at least according to celestial Welmek, the Indianapolis Teaching Mission teacher-in-residence. We had invited others to join our Urantia Book study group that night; members of the local Unitarian Church and a Course in Miracles study group.

         The room settled to quietness and Michael sat calmly in an upholstered chair near the center of the expectant gathering, hands resting in his lap surrounded by people who would hang on every word, several tape recorders running.

         What, I wondered, would be the very first things these celestial visitors would want to tell us? Why are they here?

         After a prayer from Father Bob, our retired Catholic priest and long time dedicated student of the Urantia Book, followed by a moment silence, Michael, eyes closed, in perfect calm, began to speak, slowly, deliberately, a few words at a time.

         "Greetings to all of you. My name is Tarkas. I am part of this Teaching Mission that has been commissioned by Michael and Father Himself to help bring spiritual peace, spiritual solace to your troubled planet." The words were measured and peaceful.

         "If you could see all of the beings, all of the help that is coming to your world and all the worlds that were part of the rebellion you would not believe how immense, how much of an effort is being brought to your planet to help heal all of the problems that you have had.

         "I understand that this may seem somewhat strange to most of you. I ask only that you listen and ask within your own hearts and minds to your own divine guidance. If what you hear is true, if you believe that it is, then I encourage you to come to continuing sessions. If you believe that it is not true, in the long run, in the eternal sense, it makes no difference. The Father's love for you is as great no matter what you might decide. I simply ask that you keep an open mind and that you listen for our Father's guidance.

         "I will leave much time this evening for your questions. But I would first like to talk about the nature of this mission and what it is that we are trying to accomplish. Our purpose is not to take the place of Father within your life. The Father is your ultimate guide. We would never be so presumptuous to do that. Our purpose rather is to help you grow in your understanding and your contact with the Father. No matter what it is that you do, there is a learning process, and you must learn to develop and to grow spiritually, just as you do mentally and physically.

         "What we are here to do is to provide some help for you. We are your teachers. As you struggle and you have questions, we are your tutors, your counselors, your teachers. We believe that by doing this we can help you in your spiritual growth. The more you grow spiritually, the more you are able to allow our Father's love to flow through you so that others may see His love within you, the sooner the benign virus of love can spread to all of this planet.

         "We do not have enough people involved in this mission to work with every single individual on this planet, so our goal is to teach and help you, in hopes that you, in turn, will be of service to your brothers and sisters, and again show forth our Father's love so that they might be attracted to you; they might come to groups such as this. Can you imagine for a moment if every human on this planet were meeting in a group such as this to discuss spiritual growth and progress once a week or once every two weeks? Can you imagine how quickly things would change on this planet? Now things are accelerating, but there is much, much work to do, and there seem to be so few laborers.

         "I would suggest that this is an opportunity for you; an opportunity to grow, and an opportunity to serve your brothers and sisters as you grow. In the universe, whatever you learn, you must turn and teach it to others. This is the way of growth. We are here to help the spiritual growth on this planet, but we may not interfere with your human will. We can help you, we can guide you, we can teach you techniques and methods that will bring you closer to the Father, but we cannot do it for you. You must do it. You must make the choices. But again, we can help you grow more quickly.

         "In all that you do, I wish to assure you that despite the difficulties and problems on your world, our Father and the entire Universe of Universes is dominated by love. You simply have no idea of the love and the beauty that awaits you. I hope that we will have many future opportunities. I will stop now with my words and will entertain your questions."

Question: I would like to know about you. Would you tell us a little more about yourself?

Tarkas: It is not our purpose for me to reveal much about myself, and it has little to do with our mission. However, having been a human at one point, and having worked on several missions with humans on worlds such as yours, I understand your natural curiosity, and I appreciate your sentiment of friendship, and wanting to know something about me personally. I am from what your text describes as this local universe. On my world I was a teacher of children of an adolescent age. I was married and I had three children of my own.

         The world I came from, as with most of the teachers involved in this mission, was already settled in light and life. It is very difficult for you to imagine a world like this. I had so many opportunities that are not so prevalent on your world. On my world, it was natural to grow up with everyone wanting to love you and to do what was best for you. The knowledge of our Father and of our universe was assumed and understood. There were no wars; we had evolved beyond these types of problems.

         I know this sounds somewhat Utopian to you, and in a relative sense it is, but yet I also want to assure you that many of us in a sense envy, in the best sense of the word, you and your opportunity to be on this planet. As you progress through the universe, you will find that people will continue to grow and continue to develop, but their needs are not so great. There are not so many who need such dramatic help. You here have the opportunity to help someone every day of your life, even if it is a kind smile, a kind word. These are things that mean something to the people that you meet each day, let alone the opportunity to bring them into meetings or to discuss with them the opportunity for them to grow more spiritually or to grow closer to Father.

         On our worlds, the needs were not so great, and so, the opportunities for service to each other, while always there, were not so dramatic. So, in one sense, your lives are more difficult but at the same time, your opportunities are so great. That is all of the information that I wish to reveal about myself at this time.

Question: Many of us have been studying The Urantia Book and also A Course in Miracles, And we find that many of the points that you listed in your introduction that we wish to obtain and gain in spiritual growth are contained in these books also. Do you have anything in particular that you would like to tell us this evening about either of these two revelations?

Tarkas: What is important is that you are a seeker of truth. I will say that the text of the Urantia Book is the most advanced teaching that you have on this planet and is the most complete teaching. But yet, how could the truth all be contained in one book? There is truth in the Course. There is truth in many books. There is truth in many people. Every day is an opportunity to seek a greater understanding of truth.

         There is little value in worrying about the source or what particular avenue the truth comes from, whether it is from the Urantia Book or the Course, or the Bible, or whatever source. What is important is that you seek to understand what is true. What is also important is that you do not limit yourselves in your opportunities to seek truth. If someone were to think that all truth were contained in The Urantia Book they would be very limited in their understanding. And so it is with the Course, and so it is with any book or person.

         You may meet a stranger tomorrow, and if you engage in conversation you might find that person says something that rings very true to your heart and your soul. My point is; never put any boundaries or limitations. Open yourself always to truth, no matter where it might come from. If you find some differences in some of the ideas, put them on a shelf in your mind, and do not let them become barriers, for you will find that the truth, the real truth will be the same no matter from what source you find it.

Question: Did you choose our group here because we have something special to do for the Father?

Tarkas: Every individual in every group has something special for the Father. We volunteer to come to this world to participate in this mission. It is well known among the worlds of this universe, and many seek this as an opportunity to greatly enhance their own growth and to fulfill their desire to serve. When we arrive, with our advisers, we discern what groups are available, and which ones we feel we would be best in helping to teach and guide them. For me, my assign-ment and my choice was your group.

There were several other questions asked. One of them was a question about Alzheimer's disease.

Tarkas: You cannot know how much it saddens us when we come to this world and we see the disease and the famine, and the suffering that exists on this world. It is, no matter how much we think we were prepared for it, beyond what we could understand until we actually see it.

         I can only comment in a general way. I and my associates are here as part of this Teaching Mission. There are others who have been sent who will help with your planet of disease, who will help in other political and social arenas. But I am not permitted to discuss with you the nature of their work or how they go about it. I can only reassure you that much help is coming to your world.

         It is difficult in a situation with such; disease to know about the clarity of a person's mind. If you feel there are times when you are speaking to you mother and her mind is clear, I would say that you must tell her how much you love her, and that you know that in time when she wakes up on the mansion worlds, that her mind will be normal, and that you will awaken there with her and that she has a beautiful life ahead of her, and reassure her how much God, our Father loves her. Whether or not you will see cures for such diseases in your life time, I cannot say. I can only say that in time, it will happen.

Question: Tarkas, we here in Cincinnati, this group, is very interested and would love to have you or one of your associates come to us on a regular basis. I am wondering if you could tell us when we could begin hearing from you regularly. Is there someone in our group that can receive and transmit what you are saying?

Tarkas: Thank you for asking that question. As you might imagine, I am anxious to begin my work. I wish to say several things. I have been and will continue to work with different individuals to help prepare them to perform the function of transmitter receiver that Michael is now performing. If any of you feel that this is something that you would wish to do, let me say these things. First, you must understand that there is no special spiritual status associated with this. It is really based upon your willingness to fulfill this function to help your brothers and sisters. All of those who perform this function must continue to grow at this and develop as everyone else. You must want this. You must make a certain level of commitment do this. If this is your desire, then I would suggest that you pray, and that you seek guidance about this.

         Learn to seek our Father in worship. When you worship, give thanksgiving to our Father, talk with him and try to feel His love flow through you. If, at that time, you feel that it is your desire to help in this mission, then ask for contact with myself or with a teacher and after you ask this question, pause and try to still your mind and listen. If you feel that you have some contact, if you feel that you hear my words in your mind, then I would encourage you to have a tape recorder nearby and simply speak whatever comes into your mind.

         Do not engage your mind. Do not worry. Do not be fearful. Simply allow yourself to vocalize the words that flow into your mind. Afterwards, you can then play back this tape, and then you can make your assessment; if you believe it is your own mind, or you believe it is true, and has truth content to it. It is a growing process. It takes a while to become comfortable with this process but that is what is required. Everyone has that potential. It is a matter of learning to still your mind, and a matter of your willingness to perform this function for the group. Are there further questions about this?

Question: Is there a need for us to protect ourselves in some way?

Tarkas: And what would you be protecting yourself from?

Answer: Negative spirits.

Tarkas: I will say that the planetary rebellion has ended. All of the beings who participated in the rebellion have made their choice. The adjudication of the rebellion is over. I can assure you that there are no evil spirits associated with this mission. There is nothing to be protected from. However, you must make this decision within yourself, and by seeking your own guidance.

         Let me say to the entire group that what I wish you to begin this evening to work on is to begin seeking the stillness. To worship daily. I know that you read this in books, and I know that you all say, yes, that is important. But I cannot tell you how important it truly is. If you want to feel the presence of God, if you want to feel at peace within yourself, you must learn to practice worship on a daily basis. You must seek to see our Father as the most loving, the most wonderful being you can possibly imagine.

         He knows you intimately. He knows everything about you. There is no one who could understand you more. There is no one who could be more loving and understanding, and merciful towards you. Each day talk with the Father about your life, your hopes, your concerns. But also listen for His response. Thank Him each day. Try to feel His love in your life each day."

In years to come, Tarkas continued to teach the group basic spiritual lessons, how to pray specifically for others, how to give anger and resentment to Father; how to feel God's love and find forgiveness. Each cluster of sentences turned into golden nuggets of insight and inspiration.

         This session was in December, 1992. "Celestials over Cincinnati" carries it forward into national networking, liaison with celestial artisans and visits with such celestial personalities as Machiventa Melchizedek, Abraham, Bakim, Elisha, Welmek, Nero, a novice named Lester, and our savior and creator, Christ Michael.

         At this writing, in 1999, the Cincinnati group continues to meet regularly with a new transmitter and a mission project of introducing the Urantia Book to a local Unity Church.

         In nearby Columbus, a thriving group hears regularly from their teacher, Anatalia and actively studies the Urantia text as well.

         In Indianapolis, Michael and Donna Painter, along with myself and others, continue to build the Stillness Foundation as a bridge to conventional churches, and as a bridge that joins Eastern Meditation with Western style worship and prayer to develop a personal relationship with God and to obtain a personal spiritual teacher. Donna is a spiritual healer.

         At our tri-city gatherings, we enjoy a special kind of loving camaraderie that is marvelous to experience. The Teaching Mission has truly become a widespread network of the heart.

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