History of
The LinEL Group
of Corvallis, Oregon

Submitted by Thea Hardy
[NOTE: I can only give my own personal perspective of our group's history.]

I came to the mission with great skepticism, but I have had a long history of attempting contact with spiritual sources in less dramatic form. A few years after finding The Urantia book in 1970, I became convinced that the concept of the adjuster was true and decided to make contact as best I could. I talked to my thought adjuster, whom I called Father-Friend. I told Him I felt silly talking to what seemed to be nothing, but that since I knew that He existed, I was talking to someone real, and I would persist. I decided to tell him everything I thought and felt, most particularly things I would rather have hidden. Over time, as I built up the practice of this exercise, I began to feel the reality of his presence. It was not as clear as it now is, but I came to know SOMEone was there, and loved me.

         When the Vern Grimsley events unfolded, I was at first semi-alarmed. I did believe that some contact had been made by them. I didn't prepare for full-scale devastation, but I did make some minor preparations, and felt some anxiety. In retrospect, I obviously believed contact was possible! But I never thought of it in relation to me. When the day came and went and nothing happened, I decided that it had been a distortion and a sham. I felt much sadness. As it became evident that the Urantia family had brotherly difficulties accommodating differences, I gradually pulled back from my already limited participation in Urantia groups.

         When my longtime dear friend Bob Slagle first told me about the mission, I was angry and dismayed that yet another piece of "new age" gobbled-y-gook was being foisted on the Urantia teachings. But my respect for Bob and the evidence of his personal changes led me to read the transcripts he sent and listen to the tapes. I first read Ham, but I came to him with great skepticism. By the time I got to Daniel, I started appreciating the messages, despite my doubt of their authenticity. When reading Will, I finally felt the call of the truth of the mission. Her asking me to go beyond my comfort zone in the pursuit of the Father and his love and service to our brothers and sisters rang truth bells in me. Suddenly, I knew the mission was real, that this was truth, that SOMEthing was going on. I began to do my daily ten minutes of stillness.

         As I continued in my meditation practice, I had an exceptional experience in stillness when I heard my adjuster's voice and felt his overwhelming love for me. It was utterly stunning, and the reality of God was completely clear. I began to get a few words on paper while journaling. I knew that it was unlikely for me to write "We love you." and other such messages. Among other things, I most certainly did not love myself. At first, the words came into my mind one at a time, like beads on a string. I literally couldn't see/hear the next one until the present one arrived. I was asked to try the computer. I began taking a few short messages in that form. Then I was encouraged to try a tape recorder. I kept getting a name somewhat like LorEL. I knew it wasn't right, but could not get it. Finally LinEL's name became clearer. He later confirmed that LorEL had helped him reinforce his contact with me, something we have seen happen since. Teacher LinEL made himself clearly known to me in the first week of September of 1992. He asked me to transmit for him to the Gorvallis group. At that time, my husband Alan and I lived in a town 20 miles away from Corvallis where a long-time Urantia study group regularly assembled. After a few sessions of practice transmitting, LinEL first came through to the Corvallis group in October, and my husband and I, upon being asked to move to Corvallis by LinEL, left the home we had owned for 14 years and moved into a tiny apartment in Corvallis.

         The regular meetings on Friday nights were accompanied by Tuesday night practice sessions at the request of LinEL. A few days after transmitting Michael for the first time, at Christmas, I was hospitalized for pneumonia for five days. Mark came on-line just prior to this time, and took TR duties until I recovered, whereafter we have shared TR duties for our group. Early on, our transmissions were quite slow and wooden. It was not only difficult, but we didn't It have any notion that it could be any different, and felt even that this must be the only way transmitting was supposed to happen. But Mark was able eventually to allow LinEL's emotions to come through in the messages and over time, we both became able transmit more freely the teacher's actual personality flavor. The rate of word delivery speeded up. Today, transmitting often happens in a relatively conversational style. At this rate of word delivery, we are both more able to remain very much pulled-back and distant from interference in the messages, albeit this is not a perfect process. Most often when I transmit, it is as though I am sitting in the circle with my group and the teacher is talking in the center of circle.

         The Friday group size rose to more than 20 in a period of weeks, and LinEL requested that the group not add new members for a limited period of six weeks or so until further group bonding and consolidation could occur. This became an issue of contention, some members believing this statement to be TR error. Several months later, further misunderstandings and differing agendas resulted in a split in the group. Mark and I, and a portion of the members, continued receiving LinEL in a different location. We made ourselves available to transmit LinEL for the other group members, but this offer was not accepted. The group of the other members has their own history.

         Over time, the LinEL group waxed in size, but as the rigors of the mission experience continued, some departed either to leave the mission, or to find more compatible agendas. The LinEL group has continued steadily over the years, meeting twice a week, with from 6-10 members being typical. We were privileged to put on the NW Conference (egged on by our dear brother Bob Devine) in the Portland area in 1996, and did the planning for the NW Conference this year at Wallowa lake.

         At present, the group consists of six members who meet twice weekly and have grown to a deep trust level by working under the teacher's guidance, specializing in emotional recovery work with a specific emphasis on blocked creativity. LinEL was joined by the personal teachers of each group member, and many have taken an active teaching role over time, particularly Serenia, Thea's personal teacher and JamEL, Mark's personal teacher. Daranadek Melchizedek has been a regular group presence, assigned to assist us. Michael and the Mother Spirit are regular presences as well as other teachers from the mission and other celestial visitors.

         LinEL's main emphasis, as with many other teachers, has been on seeking stillness in order to foster a stronger bond with the Father within, and for the reception of love from the Father which leads to an enhanced ability to serve brothers and sisters by extending love. LinEL's most famous quotation: "Love is the answer to every question" was recently reiterated by him with its correlative phrase: "Love is the solution to every problem." When we first heard these words, we thought them nice, but didn't realize the depth of the truth contained. Over the years, we have increasingly come to see the wisdom and incredible richness and complexity of this deceptively simple phrase and it has guided us in all of our forward process. It still remains more of a goal and less of an attainment than we would like, but the power of such a goal is a tremendous push for forward movement. Under the guidance of our teachers and other celestials, plus our ever deepening mutual friendship and love, we have each made incredible personal, growth that all agree would not have been possible without the development of this morontia working group, a possibility brought to Urantia by Michael's mission.

         Early in 1999, our group rented a small storefront/office downtown, and under the name of Path Works, has begun to evolve the future joint business ventures that will fund our outreach and service work. LinEL told us within the first few months of his first contact with the group that we would eventually work with various media to help uplift the planet, that we would become a sort of spiritualized, morontia-valued creative consortium dedicated to promoting Michael's message to Urantia in a diversity of expressions designed to lure other hearts to the Father. Again, we thought this very pleasant, but did not take it entirely seriously. Over time, however, the manner in which our individual skills have evolved in highly complementary ways reveals that trust in the unfoldment process rather than merely applying linear human pressure to conform to more primitive structures can be highly effective. In order to accept the unfoldment process, large amounts of faith and trust are required, and the teachers have helped us endlessly, tirelessly, with unfailing compassion and love to hold fast to the trust that has brought us so far together. We are blessed indeed with this unfathomable, incredible experience of friendship with those who have come to fulfill so many roles: as teachers, as morontia companions (for we seek to live the morontia life while yet on our world, and have need of companionship), and as they have also said, in loco parentis - to show us what familial love is truly about. Their ingenuity and patience are nothing short of incredible, and their friendship and good cheer are an endless benison.

         Several of the group members have had contact that predated this phase of the mission, which according to LinEL has been on-going for some time and was part of Michael's plan for the Fifth Epochal Revelation originated during his bestowal mission before he even departed this world. He has told us that he came again to us as soon as he could, and 2000 years is fairly quick in Nebadon time. LinEL has told us that he has been present on the planet since around 1900, and was privileged to be support staff, something like what we would call a secretary, for the celestial revelators. The mission was projected to take place sometime following the public phase of The Urantia Book, and it was not an accident that The Urantia book was much taken up by the so-called counterculture movement of the sixties, perhaps because Michael's gospel is more easily grasped by those who are not excessively under the sway of a prevailing culture. LinEL has been with me from a very young age, around the time of the arrival of my adjuster. Serenia, my "other" personal teacher, has only been on Urantia since November of 1992. Many personal teachers have been with their stu-dents for a long time. LinEL would normally serve as my sole personal teacher, and our relationship is very intimate, but both my co-T/R Mark and I were long ago assigned individual personal teachers. All our group members have personal teachers.

         Both Delores and I had personal contact with the teachers prior to this phase of the mission. Delores will relate her own history of this contact. My contact was much less dramatic, and I was only clearly aware in retrospect and with LinEL's confirmation that the "voice" (word-thoughts) that I started hearing in my head sometime in the mid to late '80s was indeed LinEL. I recognized that something was going on even at the time by being aware of specific wordings that were foreign to my usual thought patterns: I never addressed myself as "you", and suddenly, "my mind" began doing so. I noted this on numerous occasions with puzzlement. The fact that the words were often positive when my own thought patterns at the time were less so was another give-away.

         I clearly remember thoughts in my mind asking me why I fed my pet rat chocolate when it wasn't good for him. I stopped feeding him the chocolate but wondered at the "voice". LinEL, who loves all creatures, confirmed this contact. (The rat always came out when LinEL was present.) While not a particularly stellar example of human receptivity, nevertheless, this experience shows that the teachers were contacting many of us, and that the mission was certain to succeed, one way or another. I doubt that I would have personally been able to overcome my prejudice towards TRing without knowing of the mission because my reactions to the Vern Grimsley affair were sufficiently negative that I had to overcome them with mighty applications of prayer and faith in order to accept the mission even when others were already aware of the truth. While I regret my own lack in this, I am nonetheless happy to know that my celestial companion was able to get me to hear his voice even if I did not recognize what it was. And after years of reading The Urantia book and hoping for yet more, what I asked for has indeed been given to me and in even more abundance than I would have dared to dream. They have taught us so much - about creativity and diversity, supporting all in becoming who Father meant us to be, and above all, about LOVE. The mission has utterly transformed my life, and I have been blessed beyond belief by the presence of elder brothers and sisters who love us and wish to help us turn this planet back into a garden.

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