Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
The Pittsburgh TeaM

         The Pittsburgh group had three celestial teachers (Andrea, Nero and Andrew) prior to Teacher Tomas; they were familiar with the T/R process, but had lost their most recent T/R when she moved out of State. They had been told that another Teacher would be coming in two months, so they were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new Teacher whom they had been advised was on his way. Soon after Teacher Rayson advised Teacher Tomas he had been assigned to his first Teacher Base, Gerdean contacted the hostess of the Pittsburgh group and learned that they had been anticipating the new Teacher. They were thrilled with Tomas' arrival and rolled out the red carpet for him and his T/R, Gerdean.
         These meetings were grounded by some very gracious dowagers, all Urantia Book readers and long-term students of spirit matters. Most of the time the group convened around the formal dining table of hostess Mrs. M ("Elyssia") in her home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the fashionable North Hills area with a glorious view of the outdoor wooded expanse. If and when Elyssia was away, the group met at the home of Mrs. Ml. ("Celeste"), another utterly gorgeous location, situated on a private drive that ran along the Country Club Golf Course of her community. On occasion, the group met in a public restaurant.
         Tomas' sojourn with "the Pittsburgh pumpkins" lasted for four robust years, during which time Teacher Merium emerged. The meetings were a weekly highlight for all the participants. They provided a true smorgasbord of food for the mind, body and spirit. It began with socialization, prayer and meditation, study of the Urantia Book, followed by an intermission of snacks and chatter, followed by another period of prayer and meditation, followed by the Teacher Session. It was not unusual for these soirees to go on for four hours and we were loath to see them end. Enthusiasm for the Teaching Mission was such that soon after the Pittsburgh Base was established, another group started to run concurrently in the neighboring community of Butler.

Group Service

         The Pittsburgh group hosted Paula Thompson from the Fellowship on more than one occasion. They participated in the Urantia Book booth at the EXPOs held in the area, planting seeds with the passers-by and gathering names for follow-up sessions to introduce new readers to the Book.
         During the last half of 1996 Teacher Tomas gave a series of lessons on the fruits of the spirit. These lessons were edited and published by Harp of God in 1999 as "Fruits of the Spirit" by Teacher Tomas (available for sale on request from Harp of God Publishing), edited by Karen O'Dell ("Gerdean") and Angus Bowen ("Thoroah"). The book is a lovely product, suitable for gift-giving, appropriate for meditation, and is a testimony to the quality of character of the members of the Pittsburgh PA TeaM.

Compendium of Pittsburgh Transcripts

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