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Fruits of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit
Teacher Tomas

This beautiful little book T/Rd by Gerdean O'Dell is a classic. Only 55 pages, discoursing on 11 spiritual characteristics, "The Fruits of the Spirit" represents the wisdom of Teacher Tomas, an ascended mortal from a world in another system, here as a teacher and elder brother to help us in our planetary transformation.

Aside from his personal greetings and a discussion of personal character, Teacher Tomas discourses on: Courageous Loyalty, Confiding Trust, Forgiving Tolerance, Loving Service, Enlightened Honesty, Unselfish Devotion, Undying Hope, Comforting Presence, Unfailing Goodness, Sincere Fairness, and Merciful Ministry.

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Lessons on Prayer

Lessons on Prayer
Teacher Welmek

133 pages. Paperbound
Richard Voss, who compiled these lessons for publication, writes:
"I hope you enjoy these simple yet magnificent lessons on prayer as much as I have. What I have learned from Welmek's masterful instruction is that prayer, in the act of connecting with our divine Father, is first and foremost an opening of the heart to allow the infinite flow of Love emanating from God to radiate through us to those in need, whether it be someone half a world away or for our own well being."
These seven lessons were given in Marin County, California in November 2002 through January 2003, T/Rd by Donna D'Ingillo of the Center for Christ Consciousness.

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The Mind of Christ

The Mind of Christ
Yesterday, Today and Forever
Joyce Mary Brenton

217 pages paperbound
Joyce went out to her balcony in Phoenix, Arizona, early each morning to meditate and pray. Each day she was gifted with a message from the Christ, our Jesus, such as was experienced by the two listeners who produced the well known devotional "God Calling".

Starting each day with a little message of love and light from Christ is the gift of this devotional. Jesus, the Master, addresses us as our Friend, as our Brother, as our divine Creator, bringing us into His and the Father's presence. It is dated; beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31.

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The Zooid Mission

The Zo'oid Mission
A Novel ..... by Gerdean

This romantic and stylized metaphysical fiction portrays a phase in the development of a small society of committed altruists in their efforts to build a bridge between this world and the next. Sociology / philosophy/ intergalactic romance. Inspired by Urantia Paper 72, Government on a Neighboring Planet, "The Zooid Mission" seeks to edify and entertain workers in the field of planetary advancement.

Written by Gerdean, Published by Harp of God, 2002, 472 pages, $20 includes postage and handling. www.ZooidMission.com.

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Spirits of Promise

Spirits of Promise
Seven Chakra Vortices and
Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits
Gerdean O'Dell and N. Angus Bowen

This book integrates the Seven Chakra Vortices and the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits. Transmissions from Cherubim Bob and Sanobim Lady present the theory through Transmitter /Receiver Gerdean O’Dell and celestial correspondent N. Angus Bowen, in an up close and personal look at how mortals are wired. Questions to journal, a workshop and a presentation flesh out these fascinating insights.

An O’Dell-Bowen Enterprise, published by Harp of God, May 2010, 160 pages, $15.00 includes postage and handling.

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