The Urantia Book

The Fifth Epochal Revelation reveals to us our origin and our destiny as sons and daughters of the living God; details our planetary history; and introduces us to the huge creation of which we are a part, including trillions of inhabited worlds and countless members of our cosmic family. This revelation, published in Chicago in 1955, containing 2,097 pages comprising 195 Papers, is our textual foundation in this Correcting Time of planetary progressive evolution.

The links (below) to Urantia Book web sites access the publisher, The Fellowship of readers, and the movement of students and believers. You will be able to peruse the entire revelation, search it for specific questions, acquire a copy and locate study groups around the world.

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The Planetary Correcting Time

It is an "on course" correction such as correcting the course of a ship in transit to its destination. It is the correction of the very course of our planetary growth. We have been largely unaware of the true destiny of our voyage.

Our world had been isolated from her sister spheres and darkened by rebellion. We have been deceived and manipulated by rebel overlords who have now been brought to justice in Father's mercy. Now is the time for us to awaken to the Light of Life and set our eternal course to the Source and Center of all. We are now enabled to correct the social effects of the rebellion and the distorted teachings that have enslaved us in fear.

After more than 200,000 years in quarantine, we are reconnecting to our wonderful cosmic family and are receiving the support and assistance that is needed to correct our perspectives and to heal our social maladaptations. Now humanity is experiencing the flood of spiritual energies coming in like a high tide and raising all our ships.

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The Teaching Mission

The "TeaM" is a dynamic, socio-spiritual phenomenon whose devotees thrive on a personal relationship with a loving God, stress the importance of Stillness, and engage in celestial communications through the technique of transmitting and receiving (T/R'ing).

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The Harp of God

The Harp of God serves as a means for disseminating information from the global network of sincere seekers of truth whose communion with our celestial helpers offers a contemporary path to learning and service for ourselves and our fellow human beings on earth.

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