The Teaching Mission
A Collection of Early Documents

The Value of Our History

"Train your memory to hold in sacred trust the strength-giving and worthwhile episodes of life, which you can recall at will for your pleasure and edification. Thus build up for yourself and in yourself reserve galleries of beauty, goodness, and artistic grandeur. But the noblest of all memories are the treasured recollections of the great moments of a superb friendship. And all of these memory treasures radiate their most precious and exalting influences under the releasing touch of spiritual worship."

The Urantia Book

        "Nothing in all our long lives in the universe will ever replace the shared love and experiences we have found together in this mission. We will have yet more wonderful adventures, perhaps, but nothing can take the place of what we have been sharing together as we walk this wonderful path of a new vision of the living the Father's will on Urantia.

        "The teaching mission has been around awhile now, long enough to have a history, to have built up memories and shared experiences and incredibly loving relationships. Looking back is a helpful thing, whether it is on the scale of the Urantia Book's universe-eye view, the history of our civilization, the history of an individual from which much can be learned about how we became who we are and how we become yet more as the Father intends and the history of this upward movement seeking to be a part of the leaven in the dough that will lift Urantia to the full era of light and life.

        "There will never again be a beginning time of the mission, however many different variations and permutations come again. These early days are precious memories for us forever, and as many different variations as can put together all will add to the richness of the remembrance of the shared experiences. The Urantia Book talks a good deal about memories and the history of these times, probably done by the midwayers, than we can ever compile. Yet the task is important, and in doing it, sharing it, reading it, we are sharing in an activity that we have in common with the many celestial beings -- seeking strength and understanding by reminiscing about where we have come from, where we are, and where we are headed. For we are headed on a great journey to the Father, but we will take every precious memory with us, and these times are a season of great watershed for our world -- the days when the adjudication has been accomplished, the circuits restored, and the upward path finally made more plain.

        "It is an honor and privilege to have been able to work on behalf of several histories of these times. And an even greater honor and privilege to be a part of this trilling Love-filled enterprise. Thanks to all who have been, are and will be a party to this undertaking."

Thea Hardy
July 30, 1999



        Early Transmissions from New Zealand
        Conversations with Abraham
        Talks with Abraham
        Meeting with Abraham
        First Wood's Cross Meeting
        Teacher Ham Addresses the Fellowship

        Interview with Joshua (with Rachel's Addendum)
        Interview with Rebecca
        Interview with Jeremiah

        The Correcting Time
        How To Make Teacher Contact
        Group Dynamics



Putting it All Together

        Before Jeremiah (Dr. John Wormeck) died he wanted to compile a history of the Teaching Mission. He and Joshua (Thern Blackburn) tried to get together to pursue this idea, but at the time both of them were too ill. After they graduated to the mansion worlds, I felt compelled to assemble something to fulfill their desire. The task seemed overwhelming. In Jeremiah's files I found some of his early essays that he had mailed to the various Teaching Mission groups addressing how to make contact and other issues of the early Teaching Mission experience. While at the national conference in Colorado in August of 1997, I mentioned to Barbara G. that I really would like to get started on the history project. She said that she had been a part of transcribing some interviews Jesse T. had compiled in 1994, including one with Jeremiah. She suggested I ask Jesse if we could use his material. When contacted, he was delighted and also sent correspondence he had with New Zealand. Barbara compiled and edited the assortment. Jesse asked to be included in the editing and suggested we invite Thea Hardy to help. She was eager to assist. When I called Rebecca for permission to use her interview, she offered that there were funds available, accumulated from our yearly conference fees, to print copies for each group in the mission.
        I am amazed that, when something is needed in the mission, everything and everyone needed is provided. It is obvious we get celestial help in every way possible! I will close by saying that I am Nolus, wife of Jeremiah and one of the members of the Woods Cross group, where I started in April of 1992 shortly after finding The Urantia Book. Needless to say, my life has never been the same. What a pleasure it has been to be affiliated with the Teaching Mission and all of you.

Nolus Wormeck
June 1997

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