References are given by UB, page, colon, paragraph from "The Urantia Book."
Published by the Urantia Foundation, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago IL 60614 (1955).
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During the last two years, a channeling phenomenon has been progressing throughout the Urantia Book readership. Various celestial beings have been making contact and talking, through various contact persons, to mortals. It started in the Salt Lake City area in February 1990 when a teacher named Ham started coming on a weekly basis. He claims to be an ascending son on a mission from Edentia to start the Correcting Time.

At first it was just a local Utah occurrence that was disregarded by most people. We made tapes of the teaching from teacher Ham and sent them to anyone requesting them and answering any inquiries from those who sought more information. Now there are many teachers actively conducting meetings with groups from around the United States (55 at last count, with more continuously coming on-line, and requesting a teacher). The phenomenon is not just foolishness coming out of Utah from a few egotistic, self-serving, or glory-seeking individuals, but has emerged from a general spectrum of Urantia Book readers from many different backgrounds and geographic locations. Also, there are formal critiques about this channeling experience.

We who have been involved from the start would like to produce a written paper of our experiences with this mode of communication to share with anyone interested in this development. It is our desire to reach everyone in the Urantia readership community and encourage them to take a look at these proceedings and to determine on their own if such a path to God is of interest to them. There are some individuals who have sent written reports to the readership in which they claim that this mission is false so as to steer people away from it. This they are entitled to do, and no judgment is here passed. However, many readers, seeing only their works, draw a conclusion without any first hand knowledge of the teaching mission, its messages, lessons, or the experiences of those involved. Since there has been no written report describing the mission or, more importantly, the spiritual growth and experiences of those who accept this mission as a revelation, we seek to fill this need out of love for all Urantians, and in accordance with the instructions of our teachers.

With spiritual experiences, the proof is in the fruits produced. One must look at the meanings and values of one's experiences to determine the level of divinity expressed. To see how the teaching ministry has effected changes in those individuals involved or touched by it, we must study the changes manifested in these people and/or the changes in ourselves. If the experience brings them closer to God, fills their life with true happiness, joy, and a better insight into the meanings and values of the spiritual world; promotes a deeper understanding of reality and what is important; and makes us more tolerant, loving, and less judgmental toward our fellows, then the experience is surely good and reflects divine guidance. We have seen the teaching ministry affect people from many backgrounds, and indeed it has brought these higher standards of living to them, including, in some cases, a fuller meaning to the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. The urge to serve our brothers has been fulfilled by our obligation to bring forth the Father's love and goodness to others. We welcome your inquiries to talk to us, to watch us, to come visit us, to see what kinds of spiritual fruits have been produced in us by the Teacher Corp of Machiventa. Then you will know.

If this mission is for you, you are welcome to join and participate. If it is not, you will at least have a first hand experience, and some understanding of this "channeling mission" which is spreading across the Urantia movement. There are many paths to God. Only you can determine which path is for you. We just ask you to be open minded, to read some of the transmissions and lessons from the teacher corps, to visit a channeling meeting, to talk and visit with people involved. Do not allow others to make this choice for you. As one of the leading rabbis of the Sadducees, Gamaliel stated in regard to the early Christian teachings [UB 2067:6], "Refrain from these men and let them alone, for if this counsel or this work is of men, it will be overthrown; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them, lest haply you be found even to be fighting against God."

Read everything you can, even the critiques of the mission. Truth must stand, and can be subjected to criticism and interpretation [UB 69:5; 1088:9]. We only ask that you not make up your mind totally on hearsay or works criticizing the mission. Don't be afraid to read about or hear the mission teachings, either directly or by tapes and transcripts.

The Teaching Mission has been established here on Urantia to teach the extended gospel of Jesus, as we know from the Urantia Book, to the entire planet. Its message is simple: the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

We who believe in the Urantia Book want newcomers to look at the book directly in deciding if it is for them, not to rely on book reports, journalists, or even our own explanations of the book. We encourage firsthand experience. We would like to go a step further: even if you do not accept that supernal beings are communicating to us, at least keep your mind open and continue to look every once in a while at the messages and lessons coming from the teachers. Please do not fully and finally close the door. In our experience, there have been some who do not accept the teachers as celestial beings, but who do state that the lessons are many times very spiritual. Freely take of these lessons and utilize them in your lives, for that is the main message of the Urantia Book; to search for truth wherever it comes from, and to adjust our lives to becoming more Godlike, and to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth.


We believe that accepting the teaching mission as part of the divine plan must be based on faith and faith alone, at least at first. One cannot prove the existence of God; it must be grasped by faith. From trying to expose the Urantia Book to others over the years, we know that you have probably experienced all sorts of reasons of why the book is false, or is the work of the devil. Acceptance of the book is up to the reader. One cannot force the belief of the book on anyone. We can present the material, and be available to answer questions and help in directing one through it. The reader must accept it on his own. If he is truly searching, he may look into what the book has to offer.

It would be wise for each of us to look back on how we accepted the Urantia Book. The Indwelling Monitor and the Spirit of Truth will help direct one in this task, but human will is supreme. If an individual is content with where he is in his beliefs and experiences, he will not consider the book. Even the Father himself does not force any of His children to go against their own will, or require an individual to do anything which would be uncomfortable. And so it is with this teaching mission. The individual is alone with just his Monitor and the Spirit of Truth to help him decide. True he must have the book or, in the case of the teaching mission, some information or lessons from it. This is what we wish to do; to provide seekers with relevant material of the correcting time teaching mission.

Modern man has little time to read and absorb all the religionist information around him. We here in Utah are continuously being bombarded by various religionist missionaries with their literature, books and paths to God. They believe that they are serving God, and they are. One does not have the time to investigate fully all this literature. Why should you the reader take the time and investigate the correction time literature? At first it was a small, insignificant effort to which only a few people responded. Now it has grown, and hundreds of Urantia Book readers have spent some time in studying the teaching mission and have accepted the mission as stated. You might say that enough Urantia Book readers have embraced this mission to insure that it would not be a waste of time for you to look at the mission seriously. Note, however, that sheer numbers of acceptances by Urantia Book readers do not imply it is correct or true. Indeed many have rejected it. Do not be afraid. Have no fears that if you start to read transcripts, hear tapes or attend some transmitting meetings that you will be sucked into it, programmed, or embracing evil. We suggest that you ask the Father in prayer to protect you, to allow only righteous beings to speak to you. Many of us do just that. You know from the Urantia Book that Caligastia or any rebel entity cannot enter the normal mind without willing them in directly [UB 610:3]. Calling out to our Father for only righteous and loyal spiritual helpers to instruct or counsel you should take this fear out of you. It does take a time commitment. We and others welcome you to take the time, and will gladly assist in supplying you with material and our own personal experiences.

Adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion

We know from the Urantia Book that the adjudication of the rebellion was started sometime before the 1930's [UB 610:1, 611:3]. Sometime this adjudication must be completed, and we ask the reader to think of various options that the celestial governments may act on after this obstacle to our normal evolutionary progress is removed. Surely the planet would be restored to the normal communication circuitry which was severed at the outbreak of rebellion. [UB 529:3]. How much of a delay and how long would it take to reestablish the circuitry so that Urantia could once again experience communications with neighboring worlds and the headquarter planets? Would celestial beings be able to communicate with us? Which orders? What techniques? Would the final adjudication result in a new dispensation with the appearance of either a Magisterial or Trinity Teacher Son?

Is the Urantia Book to be the general (fifth) revelation to this planet during and after the adjudication or is the Urantia Book just the first part of an epochal revelation? It would be wise, and a learning experience, to think of the various options open to Deity to act upon after final termination of the rebellion, in order to prepare oneself to recognize any developments along these lines. The Monitor and Spirit of Truth would help one in such thinking; the search for God is never a waste of time. During the previous and greatest revelation, most people failed to recognize the divine mission of our Creator Son. One must be aware that just because some people declare such an epochal revelation does not mean it is true. There are many false prophets. But one should look into and study any such claims if one is to access the largeness, consistency and reasonableness of such a movement, especially when such claims are coming through a path close to your own belief systems. We believe that the teaching mission has progressed to the point where hundreds of Urantia Book readers in many different areas of the country are receiving similar information of a spiritual nature that is consistent and reasonable enough to encourage each other to spend some time and determine for him or herself if this teaching mission is the second part of the fifth epochal revelation.

The Urantia Book discusses [UB 615-618] the reasons for allowing the rebellion to run for 200,000 years, and that nothing can be done until the adjudication is finally over. [UB 610:7]. Go into yourself your inner guidance to determine whether the rebellion has been finally adjudicated, if the Father and Michael have answered all our prayers and given the mandate to end our suffering on Urantia, and will advance the planet to the first stages of light and life.

The teaching ministry has told us that the Lucifer Rebellion was adjudicated by the Ancients of Days in 1984-85, that Lucifer, Caligastia and Daligastia failed to repent, and that they are no more. There is extinction of personality. The teaching mission is an emergency mission, (just like Machiventa's was nearly 4000 years ago). In 1991, Melchizedek was installed as acting Planetary Prince (he was offered Planetary Prince by Michael but refused it) and he brought with him 100 teachers from Jerusem and Edentia to teach the gospel to Urantians, and to up-step the entire planet so that a Teacher Son could come to institute a new dispensation and lead the to planet to a settled status of light an life. Prince Machiventa and his teacher corps are invisible but can make contact with certain mortals with the help of Life Carriers, midwayers, power directors, etc. so that they communicate (teach) by placing word thoughts into the mind of mortal transmitter /receivers from which they speak to the people assembled. The TR's are conscious when this communication is going on and each one's experiences at the time are different from the others. The teaching mission was augmented by Michael himself taking things in hand and bringing many beings and much love to Urantia. Our understanding is that the initial effort was proceeding too slowly.

Correcting Time Mission

The mission is called Correcting Time and teachers are available for any group or person requesting one. The main mission of the correcting time is to spiritually uplift the planet as well as to correct the political, environmental, social and technological aspects of the world. Urantia is Michael's planet, and he desires that it advance spiritually and be an example to all Nebadon. The planet is ripe for an unprecedented spiritual advancement, and it depends only on us. Our wills are supreme, but many beings are here to help us spread the extended gospel and to show the Father's love by direct example of living.

The teacher corps desires to first reach all the readership of the Urantia Book, and then from this base of strong believership to begin teaching the rest of humanity. First the major efforts will be focused here in the United States, since the book has a strong foothold here, then it will spread to the rest of the world.

We know from the spirit of the Urantia Book teachings that whenever the universe governments desire to make a revelation, it is possible to directly contact and coordinate humans to accomplish such presentations, subject to human will. All revelations necessitate some form of communication between celestial beings and mortals. Examples are the gathering together of the one hundred human subjects to assist the Prince's corporeal staff [UB 742:8]. "They were assembled from widely separated places by coordinated Thought Adjuster direction and seraphic guidance at the threshold of the planetary headquarters." Such mortals indeed communicated with celestial beings and changed their lives completely to perform a mission asked of them. The mortals involved with the transmission of the Urantia Book are another example.

Some Urantians were fortunate to be able to communicate with celestial beings when they were incarnated in the flesh; for example, those that knew the Prince's corporeal staff, Adam and Eve, Machiventa and the Master. On normal worlds, many celestial beings live on the world in the flesh, and mortals can freely go visit them in person at their centers to personally communicate face to face. These teachers are always present; the visible Prince's staff (ascending sons returned to mortal worlds as teachers [UB 742:5]) stays on for thousands of years until the arrival of the Material Son and Daughter [UB 744:4], which in turn are visibly present on the planet until long settled in light and life [UB 584:3]. Imagine how life would be if we or our leaders could go to such a center on earth and be taught directly by celestial beings. Remember that these visible teachers would have access to many orders of beings on high as well as the universe broadcast circuits to obtain knowledge and counseling. Our only limitation would be our own.

Thus, in all the universes, we Urantians are one of the few exceptions of not having celestial beings available for counsel and instructions, due to our isolation. It would not be hard to conjecture that some kind of direct communication would be possible after restoration of the planet to normalcy after final adjudication of the rebellion. Is this teaching mission the technique which Deity is utilizing to restore and advance the planet? You and only you must determine that, and it must come from the heart. You know because you know.

Can celestial beings communicate directly?

Can celestial beings, including ascending sons from on high come to Urantia and communicate with mortals'? First of all we know that the Father himself is at one and the same time farthest removed from, and most intimately associated with, his planetary mortal sons [UB 1176:1]. He can speak directly and immediately with you when you attain the first psychic circle [UB 1210:7]. Even though in our original Urantia Book study group before teacher Ham, only one person could hear her Thought Adjuster consciously and directly, we have seen many in our Ham teacher group advance to be able to hear the Father. Some can have a two way conversation at any time on demand. Such advancement in these mortals resulted, we suspect, from spending much more of their time trying to grow spiritually. They are determined to implement the teachings in the Urantia Book in their everyday living.

They actively seek the Father's will and strive to live it. Of course one could evolve along these lines with just the Urantia Book, but we believe that this spiritual growth resulted from the lessons and involvement with the teaching mission. One seems to understand the gospel intellectually from reading the Urantia Book, but to really know it spiritually, to feel it in their souls, to actively desire it, results from participating in the teaching mission, and be surrounded by like individuals all attempting and actually growing spiritually. It is hard to communicate this feeling to the unbeliever or the uninformed, but those who do, know what we are talking about. It seems similar to the Urantia Book discussion on page 1125:1 in which one is trying to describe their belief in God, "how do you know that I do not know?" and page 1127:1, "I know what I have experienced because I am a son of I AM." "To all of your fellows who have had a similar experience, no argument about the personality or reality of God is necessary, while to all other men who are not thus sure of God no possible argument could ever be truly convincing" [UB 1107:7]. Of course, they also have help from the unseen spiritual helpers.

When one seeks the Father, prays for guidance, shows love to his fellows and eagerly devotes himself to service of his fellows, the Father will draw closer; the seraphim will cause events in your life to occur to force you to make the hard decisions necessary for attainment of the circles. Such a process is nonlinear; the more you Seek the Father and want to grow spiritually, the more you do. Each new experience or awareness leads to further understanding and development.

Yes, the Father does actively assist and help his children. We also know from the Urantia Book that Michael's Spirit of Truth is universal and guides one in searching for truth. However, this is more circuit-like than personal. We also have the local universe Mother Spirit to guide us. Since we have the Father, Son and Spirit with us, why can't we communicate with other celestial beings? We just must have faith ... and try.

Can mortal man hear from others?

The mind-energy manipulators discussed on page 504:8 state that "...these are the experts of Intercommunication between morontia and other types of intelligent beings. This form of communication between mortals is practically nonexistent on Urantia." This statement implies that some mortals can communicate, and did so in the past. Can larger numbers of mortals with this capacity be present after the Urantia Book revelation? On pages 864-865 we are told that some midwayer groups are "...of great assistance on an evolutionary world in the service of quick and reliable personal communication."

Continuing to quote the Urantia Book: "Contact personalities. In the contact made with mortal beings of the material worlds, such as with the subject through whom these communications were transmitted, the midway creatures are always employed." As this statement is written, it is not limited to just the transmission of the Urantia Book, as reference is made to mortal beings in general. It is not qualified by requiring the contact personalities to be unconscious. Further down the page [UB 865:4] we note that " is exceedingly difficult for primary midwayers to make direct contact with material agencies." However [UB 865:4] "...the secondary creatures are almost exclusively attached to the ministry of the material beings of the realm."

Continuing on this page [UB 865:7] it is stated that "...the midway creatures are not involved in the sordid performances taking place under the general designation of 'spiritualism'." They "...are not connected with the phenomena of so-called 'mediumship'." How do we completely understand this page (865) in the Urantia Book? Much has to do with the qualifier "sordid." Phenomena under such names as channeling, spiritualism, or mediumship have been going on in this world for centuries. The definition of the adjective "sordid" means dirty, filthy, marked by baseness or grossness. Thus the Urantia Book states that any meaningless or ugly experience or performance of unknown origin, outside of known natural phenomena is not caused by midway creatures, all of whom are of honorable standing. Who is doing such sordid performances? Is it a being? If so, a loyal being trying to promote the divine plan in the best ways possible to those mortals involved? Or are they rebel entities attempting to spread confusion? An inexperienced TR? Are such phenomena strictly a psychological experience occurring in the subconscious mind? We cannot tell, but given any performance, we humans should be able to tell whether the event is sordid or not via the Spirit of Truth. The lessons we receive from our teachers through the TR's are beautiful and spiritual, not sordid.

Some members of the reserve corps of destiny are contact personalities and are conscious of their preparation for action [UB 1257:5]. The teaching mission has stated that the number of persons in the reserve corps of destiny has been steadily increasing, including most of us who have accepted this teaching ministry. Seraphim, with the assistance of the midway creatures and the physical controllers, can make actual contact with mankind, but such occurrences are very unusual [UB 1246:5]. Ardnon and his associates were contacted for the announcement of the forthcoming bestowal of Michael [UB 1317:3]. Communications with the System Sovereign and with the Most Highs are routinely performed in the morontia temples when settled in ages of light and life [UB 622:4]. Some humans have had the opportunities to observe seraphim beings prepared for transport service [UB 438:5]. The universe representative of the Infinite Spirit spoke through Father Melchizedek on the mount of transfiguration [UB 1755:3]. Just recently the archangels' circuit has functioned on Urantia [UB 1191:1]. The Paradise Trinity concept was revealed to a former individual since the times of Jesus [UB 1145:2]. Machiventa collaborated with the many prophets and seers between his incarnation and the Master's [UB 1024:7].

We know that when a Planetary Prince comes to a world, he usually takes with him a group of ascending mortals from the system capital to be the connecting link between the invisible prince and the mortals [UB 574:4]. "The sincere religionist is conscious of universe citizenship and is aware of making contact with sources of superhuman power." [UB 1100:6]. On page 570, in discussing various modified orders of ascension, in which some survivors sleep on the mansion worlds and awaken either on the system, constellation or universe level, we note that "...before any of these groups may go forward they must journey back as instructors to the worlds they missed, gaining many experiences as teachers in those realms which they passed by as students." "Beyond the third stage light and life, all ascenders are destined to receive some sort of transient assignment on a planet passing through the earlier stages of evolution" [UB 625:11]. Many of the teachers of the teaching ministry are from advanced planets settled in light and life. Throughout the entire ascending career, all beings function as students and teachers [UB 339]; the universe is one vast school [UB 412:3].

By making references to various passages of the Urantia Book on the possibilities of mortals making direct communication with celestial beings, we are not trying to prove that the teaching mission is real, but rather guide the reader in his studies of the book to ascertain what does the Urantia Book teach of this phenomenon. The readers must determine themselves from such readings and direct experience with the teachers, if such communication is possible.

"Remember that the order of progressive evolution is subjected to sudden and unexpected periodic changes in both the material and the spiritual worlds" [UB 1863:12].

The Master on Mount Olive said: " should be wise regarding the ripening of an age; you should be alert to discern the signs of the times." [UB 1915:3]

Revelation will continue throughout the ages [UB 1599; 1]. The truth can best be criticized by revelation [UB 1138]. In summary, the Master taught: "Divine truth must not be discounted because the channel of its bestowal is apparently human" [UB 1733:1].

Do the Teachers support the Urantia Book?

The teachers are all coordinated and teach a similar message. The message is essentially the Urantia Book. They define the fifth epochal revelation to be in two parts; first the Urantia Book revelation in written form, followed years later by direct contact with celestial beings on a large scale - the Teacher Corps. The only difference between the information in the Urantia Book and what they have been teaching is that the Lucifer Rebellion has been fully adjudicated (1984 - 1985), and the system circuits are to be reopened, thus ending the spiritual isolation of Urantia, and completing reconnection to the constellation circuits allowing the normal interplanetary communication as well as easy, direct communication between mortals and higher beings.

The only other change in the Urantia Book teachings is that they are revealing our spiritual names to us now, rather than as stated in the Urantia Book 538:3; 1188:6] that we are not conscience of our names until after fusion. How big a deal is this change in names? If one was misleading us, of all the concepts and ideas of the Urantia Book, why would they only change this insignificant concept, accepting all the others? Indeed, some teacher groups had trouble with this, and as a result, no names were given, while we at Salt Lake City readily accepted these new names. Various critics always point out that these names, being given before fusion violate the Urantia Book and cannot be true. What names are more spiritual than other names? Abraham changed his name from Abram [UB 1021:2], Jesus changed Simon's name to Peter [UB 1525:1]. The celestial beings know us by our spiritual names, and all records are based on these names, so it is not too surprising that since they are actively talking to us in a two-way mode, it is easier to utilize our real names. Some mortals heard their names first by hearing the teacher refer to them, using their spiritual names. Did the teacher slip and forget to translate to their given earth name? It does help with uniqueness when we have three John's in our group of 40. If you have problems with these names, forget them. They are not important to the teaching and messages received.

As with the rebellion being terminated, it has to happen sometime. Usually universal happenings are not revealed until they occur. One exception to this was Van's teaching of the coming of a Material Son, but this was based on the tradition that he was aware of, hailing from Jerusem [UB 822; 6-7]. And even Van had trouble with the exact timing of Adams' arrival which caused much trouble and disappointment [UB 824:5]. No one knew of Machiventa's coming as attested by the astonishment of Amdon [UB 1015:2-3] when Machiventa entered his tent. Likewise, the Master's coming was unannounced until the communication of celestial beings to Mary and Elizabeth [UB 1345:4; 1346:5]. Even traditional happenings in the universe do not always occur as is witnessed by the coming of our Planetary Prince almost half a million years after the appearance of human will, rather than concurrently [UB 741:1], or the Sangik races all occurring at once and in the same family, and the appearance of the Andonic race prior to the colored races [UB 735:7].

No one had pre-knowledge of the coming of the Urantia Papers; it just happened. Only a few were called to help in their transmissions, and even today, many years after their publication, only a few humans know of their existence, much less accept them as a divine revelation. The Urantia Book talks about Machiventa moving his headquarters to Urantia [UB 1025; 1-2, 1251; 2-3]. Some supernals look for Melchizedeks' appearance any day or hour [UB 1251:4]. Michael has promised to return. When will the next son come? Will he be a Magisterial or Trinity Teacher Son? Will we all know by general announcement? If so, in what form of communication? In questions like this, we do not come from fear in the possibilities of missing some planetary event, but rather remind ourselves of the story of Matadormus, the rich man seeking ordination. He failed at first to take heed of the Master's instructions, but did later and so deprived himself of that intimate planetary event [UB 1801-1803]. Do not conclude that the times of revelation (God communion) have either occurred in the past or in times to come, and to someone other than yourself.

Yes, the Teacher Corps supports and promotes the Urantia Book; indeed it is the basis of the teachings. Even though most of the groups with teachers are Urantia Book study groups, many people not familiar with the book have been drawn to the channeling meetings. Many of their questions are very basic to readers, and the celestial teachers tell them to consult the book or have readers more familiar with the book help them understand the concepts or guide them in the book in search of such understandings.

The Urantia Book states [UB 1062:1; 1048:7] that a religion cannot be so complicated that only philosophers can understand it. Have you ever had trouble in handing out the Urantia Book which comprises some 2100 pages of "heavy reading?" Most people do not like to read. In fact 13% of Americans can not read at all, to say nothing about the rest of the world. Most of us who read the Urantia Book love to read and have spent considerable time in learning its truths. Are we to become teachers of this wealth of knowledge? This is precisely what the teacher corps has in mind.

They desire us to learn and to teach others by talking mostly one-on-one. By living these truths, we become lights which will attract the interests of others when they sense that we have something that they desire. Their Thought Adjuster will help them notice such truths, goodness and beauty. At first we can share our interpretations of higher reality, followed by tapes or transcripts of lessons from Machiventa's teacher corps. If such persons are interested and receptive to further truths, then one can finally expose them to the Urantia Book. Teacher Ham has stated that he would rather have it the other way, the book first followed by his lessons. But the Urantia Book contains so much information, and is so complicated, that it brings confusion for many individuals. Many people in our teacher group have not been readers of the Urantia Book, but believed in the teachers, continued to come to hear their lessons, and eventually started to read the book. Some, because of educational limitations, have trouble reading the book but have progressed spiritually by listening and studying the teacher lessons.

The Urantia Book is the bedrock of the teaching ministry. Do not fear that the teachers will take you away from the book; rather you will find yourself reading it more than ever before!

Many of us have been seekers in the past, unhappy with traditional religion with its spiritual boundaries. With prayer and seeking, we have been lead to the Urantia Book. We believe that similar processes will occur with others so that they will be attracted to this Uplift Mission. The opening of the planet circuits will allow increased awareness for all, and many people will be responding to this increased spiritual calling and will begin to seek for higher under-standing. We who are knowledgeable of the Urantia Book are being called to help guide these multitudes.

Are we establishing a priesthood in the Urantia movement?

No, we have no plans nor have we been taught anything along the lines of an organization or church to be created. We request no money, we seek no power. We utilize our spiritual names (if you don't accept that, then code names or nicknames) so as not to draw attention to ourselves for purposes of personal aggrandizement. The teachers have stressed that they, like Michael and the Father, are no respecters of persons, loving all equally. We know from the Urantia Book that the Kingdom of Heaven will eventually be established on earth. Read the last paragraph on page 1866. Reflect also on the statement [UB 1363:1] "Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?" Machiventa, Christ Michael and the Urantia Papers did not come through any established power centers.

On page 1866:2 it states: "Sooner or later another and greater John the Baptist is due to arrive proclaiming 'the kingdom of God is at hand'." Will this John come in our lifetime? Is he part of this mission? Similarly, [UB 500:6)] states: "...some day a real musician may appear on Urantia... one such human being could forever change the course of a whole nation." In humor, some say this was Elvis, but great events are forecast for the planet in the Urantia Book. Will we recognize and support them? Or will we be indifferent and possibly resist them? Only in our hearts will we know.

Quality of the lessons

Many readers were not impressed with the prose and the quality of the written messages coming from the teachers compared to the Urantia Book. Remember that the Urantia Book was commissioned and written by many intelligent beings. They wanted an authoritative work written in the best of our twentieth century English language to be made available. They chose the method of presentation and it is silly of us to argue whether it was channeled or not. The message is important, not the messenger. The teaching ministry has stated that the Urantia Book is very accurate and is the basis of their mission. They are promoting the Urantia Book. The written word is different from the spoken word. When normal prose is read as a speech, it doesn't have the same impact.

Similarly, when a great speech is read from transcripts, it does not have the same effect as when heard from the orator. They are different mediums of communicating. Also remember that the celestial beings are not talking directly, but rather through a human medium. They are limited in their messages by the TR, and those of us who have transmitted know that it is difficult to do at times, and that it is often hard to differentiate our own thoughts from the supernals. Mistakes and errors are made. Spiritual messages come through readily; names are extremely hard and require much practice. Dates are almost impossible to obtain, as celestial beings measure things in terms of events not on our calendar.

You may say that the lessons must be simple enough to be able to read to the various mortals gathered. They are given on various levels so that beginners and less spiritually advanced humans are able to obtain information from them as well as the more advanced. Later, after advancing spiritually, when one goes back and again listens or reads the same lessons, different meanings and understandings are found. The same is true with the Urantia Book; it is written at different levels and has protection built in. The book is well written, and is for anyone wanting a lengthy, proper, intellectual description of spiritual reality and the organization of the universes. With this basic background laid, the teachers can concentrate more on the individual group's spiritual needs, and help guide them in such group and individual understanding. We have use of both forms of communication to seek the truth.

The Urantia Book states [UB 1208:5] that it would be "...better to err in rejecting an Adjuster's expression through believing it to be a purely human experience than to blunder into exalting a reaction of the mortal mind to the sphere of divine dignity." This statement does not imply that one rejects the Thought Adjuster, that you can't trust them, nor state that all dreams are devoid of any spiritual content; only that one should look at each idea, expression and word and try to determine which have spiritual meaning. During such thinking, the Monitor will (mostly unconsciously) direct you through any truths contained. Always be ready for the next thought, dream or whatever form of communication one may be experiencing. Our celestial teachers always say that we must go inside of ourselves to determine whether each word and expression being channeled is true for us. Just pick up what you need, leave the rest. Each mortal picks up different information and not all ideas are accepted. One may think in terms of what percent of the information being channeled is correct or properly transmitted. The Spirit of Truth will help you in this seeking. We doubt that you will find it at zero percent.

Transmission Errors

Transmission errors will occur as this form of communication is new to us and has to be developed by practice. Nearly all TR's in the beginning have difficulty in determining which messages are their own thoughts and which are those from the teachers. With practice, some TR's can minimize these errors in transmission, but not eliminate them completely. We have been instructed to test each word and expression to ascertain the truth contained by our own Spirit of Truth. Many errors will be corrected by subsequent messages by the same teacher and TR, or by other TR's and brother teacher groups. Many times we request separate confirmations and usually we receive them. The teacher corps knew of the problem of different TR's getting different messages, and decided before the mission began to allow them to happen. They want mortals to develop faith, to develop our own abilities to determine what is right for us. Thinking through these misunderstandings or transmission errors has helped us tremendously. We do not judge nor make fun of the TR's, as they are trying their best to do the Father's will. Some teacher groups have fragmented over various issues of who is more accurate in transmitting.

Is it Caligastia?

The teaching mission stresses Michael's rule and the love of the Father. We are taught to love each other, to seek the stillness, to commune with the Father, to seek the Spirit of Truth of Michael, that the Urantia Book is very accurate and a divine revelation. Why would Caligastia or any rebel entity teach this? Remember the Master's teaching - "a house divided must fall." Could Caligastia be up to his nefarious designs and actually be deceitful in preaching a loving Father and Michael to entrap us or program us, so that at a future date he would take off the mask and instruct us to worship him? Even if you don't believe in the Spirit of Truth protecting you, or that calling out to the Father in prayer will allow only righteous beings to communicate with you, you still have your mind to check each transmission to determine if it is Caligastia - the real Caligastia. If such were the case, we would recognize that it was Caligastia when the mask came off and would certainly not follow. If you do have this fear of being mislead, read all the transcripts and check for when Caligastia would take off his mask and proclaim his evil ways. You can then notify the teaching groups of such happenings if you feel they wouldn't be able to make this determination themselves. This teaching mission is not the work of Caligastia or any other rebel being. This mission cannot be false because it involves doing the Father's will. Doing the Father's' will can never be false.

"Neither Caligastia nor Daligastia was ever able to oppress mortals or to coerce any normal individual into doing anything against the human will" [UB 753:3]; "...he has absolutely no power to enter the minds of men, neither can he draw near to their souls to tempt or corrupt them unless they really desire to be cursed with his wicked presence" [UB 610:3]. In the beginning you could be justified in questioning us here in Utah, but now many people from many places are communicating with us, and it would be hard to assume that they are all abnormal or Satanic. Do not be afraid of this devil if you chose the Father's will.

Is it a psychological phenomenon?

We are not psychologists, so the usual explanations of subconscious mind reactions, multiple personality or mass hysteria do not have much meaning to us. Those who do understand such phenomena state that they cannot explain the transmission/receiving we have been experiencing. These alternate explanations are harder to accept than direct communication with celestial beings. One must explain why so many people, some familiar with the Urantia Book, others not, from so many different backgrounds and locations, all channel similar information of a spiritual nature. Most TR's had no desire in doing such channeling.

Even if it were a collective unconscious phenomenon, we feel it would still be worth it, as very lovely spiritual messages are given. Nearly all who have been involved have grown spiritually as never before.

Why do we need teachers?

What need do we have for teachers when we have the Urantia Book and our Thought Adjusters? True, we can find God by only responding to our prompts from the Monitor, but man is a social being; we need many contacts and interactions with others [UB 1092:3]. "Spiritual growth is naturally stimulated by intimate association with other religionists" [UB 1094:2]. The teachers are here to help us individually advance spiritually, as well as coordination of group activities for uplifting our fellows. The universe is one vast school. We have the opportunities now to become teachers and students in active mission calling. Think about it - how can we not desire higher celestial beings for both group and individual teachers? Many Urantians pay fees for seminars and workshops on all sorts of instructions for self-improvement, finding oneself, etc. Here we have the opportunity for very knowledgeable teachers, and free for the asking. One only has to have faith. "It is not the mission of the Mystery Monitor to smooth your ruffled feelings or to minister to your injured pride" [UB 1192:2]; however, the teachers help when asked. Our highest calling in this existence is to make contact with the Thought Adjuster, but only a few are able to consciously hear His voice, so --the teachers are here to help us in this limitation.

If this teaching mission is an epochal planetary revelation, then all beings in the universe would love to serve. Deity would never leave out any order of beings; all have a chance to participate in some way according to their abilities. That includes us as well as midwayers and every other type of being in the universe. To come to this backward and confused planet, Michael's planet, to participate in a great spiritual awakening, this has attracted beings from all over to volunteer for service.Bef

Not many times do such opportunities exist in the universe. Some of our teachers come from worlds settled in light and life, in which everything is in harmony and most individuals do not need much in the way of service. They point out to us how we have so many opportunities for service to our fellows, to build and develop character, that we are truly blessed.

Remember the seraphim are ministering to us whether we want them or not, even if we don't know of them or believe in them. We are very desirous of communicating with our universe brethren and to expand our understanding to higher levels of universe realities. The teachers help us and call us to action if we are willing.

How to obtain a teacher

Teachers are available for any group or individual desirous of having one. One just has to ask, prayers are always heard and the requests are sent to the appropriate authorities. Making contact with the teachers takes practice, and we would be happy to help anyone in making this contact. Each person experiences are a little different, arid we have heard of many approaches and techniques which we can explain to you to help you make contact. We plan to write future articles on this subject as we do not want this paper to be even more lengthy. Call or write us, or others. The more personal experiences of others you become familiar with, the better it helps in your own development.


We can't prove the mission is true. We can only state that we fully believe in it, and can express our personal experiences with it. We are agondonters; this is a cherished status that only a very small number of beings possess. We can believe without seeing. The teaching mission wishes to preserve that status, and still allow us to grow. They want us to develop our faith. They will not show signs nor try to prove the mission is real. They do not even tell us what the Father's will is, but require us to go inside to determine it on our own. They do teach us how to draw closer to the Father, how to search and seek a personal relationship with Him. They want us to determine the will of God for ourselves by seeking His presence inside. Only the Father and Michael give unfailing guidance, and they are always ready to give it. We just have to develop this partnership and spend the time seeking. The Master gave signs by his various miracles, but they did not hold the believers in his fold. Direct appearances by celestial beings have not been made to us as it would end our growth as agondonters. We must rely on faith [UB 1128; 3].

Look at it directly. You make the decision. Don't follow humans who you perceive as superior or spiritually more advanced. Make the decision yourself. Seek the highest source. Develop a personal relationship with Christ Michael and our Father. Honestly seek their help in determining if this new form of communication is for you. The main purpose of this correcting time mission is for mortals to look within and seek the guidance of the Father. Seeking the will of God is our highest motivation [UB 22:1].

The book has been available since 1955; many individuals gathered in many study groups are knowledgeable of the extended gospel of Michael. The celestial beings who brought forth the Urantia Book, as well as the Father, Christ Michael and Prince Machiventa would like all mankind to go the second mile as referenced on page [2084:5]. "Religion does need new leaders, spiritual men and women who will dare to depend solely on Jesus and his incomparable teachings the spiritual renaissance must await the coming of these new teachers of Jesus' religion who will be exclusively devoted to the spiritual regeneration of men. And then will these spirit-born souls quickly supply the leadership and inspiration requisite for the social, moral, economic, and political reorganization of the world." [UB 2082:10]

Come join us, and others, in this correcting time. We are all truly blessed with this opportunity to serve, to being about our Father's business.

Thern Blackburn (Joshua)
John J. Wormeck, Ph.D. (Jeremiah)

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November 1993

Having become familiar with Prince Machiventa's Correcting Time Mission, the following discussion will help one understand teacher contact -- the ability to talk to unseen celestial beings. The process through which a mortal can make contact with some "spirit," and engage in oral or written communication, is usually referred to as channeling, spiritualism or medium-ship.

The teachers themselves refer to the mortal receiving their lessons as either a receiver-transmitter, a transmitter-receiver, or just a receiver. Someone in our group first used the term "TR" as an abbreviation of transmitter-receiver. Good or bad, the term stuck, and has been utilized throughout the teaching mission even though teacher Ham used the term "contact' person" and Abraham called it "receiver-transmitter" in the beginning. The Urantia Book talks about celestial personalities interacting with "contact personalities" [UB 865:2, 1257:8] or "contact mortals" [UB 1258:1].

This paper will use the term TR as a noun to refer to any human in contact with celestial beings, and as a verb to refer to all the various ways such contact is achieved. We do not apply this concept or term to any interaction of any person with their Thought Adjuster, from respect for our Father, whose relationships with His children are unique, personal, individual, and transcend everything in existence.

Even if you do not accept the teachers, in the belief that the entire process involves your own subconscious mind or a collective sub-consciousness of humanity, we still encourage you to attempt such contact. The messages and lessons are usually good, and contain very spiritual teachings. We will refer to such an understanding as TR'ing your own thoughts, your Thought Adjuster, or from wherever you believe the information is coming. Ultimately this form of communication is to reach the supernals and God.

There have been people who learned how to TR, but later had doubts about really receiving messages from celestial beings. Some have even left the mission. Yet all have written or voiced beautiful messages, and these lessons exist regardless of their source.

New - Agers are now channeling, as have many others over the centuries. Many books today are published which claim to be transmitted. We are familiar with some of these sources and techniques, but do not really understand what is going on. We and others have asked our teachers many times about these other experiences, but they have refused to tell, stating only that since we can learn truth from any source. They say we should rely on our Spirit of Truth to discern what is true for us. Therefore, this paper is restricted to Prince Machiventa Melchizedek's Teaching Corps. His teachers are authorized to tell us if another group is part of the Teaching Mission. We must not judge others, or attempt to take away any religious or spiritual beliefs they may have.

Transcripts are available from various teacher groups that have made their lessons available for public release. Review them and see what is being TR'd. All mortals on the planet have been given the opportunity to participate. If you choose to TR, the following may help.

In the beginning of the Correcting Time, the few people who were able to start as transmitter-receivers did so by hearing words, voices or thoughts in their head, and were able to speak these words or ideas aloud. They seemed to have been specially chosen and unconsciously trained for many years for such a mission calling. Others seemed to start out by writing their thoughts, and only later, with much practice, were able to speak these words or ideas aloud.


Try the following for a few weeks or months. Have paper and pencil ready when doing stillness or meditation. Of course, one could also use a computer or typewriter. No matter how deep or successful the stillness, after finishing silence with our Father, write down on the paper any thoughts which come into your mind. Put the date on the paper for future reference. You will have thoughts that come into your mind; we know this because everybody has problems with clearing their mind when doing stillness. Chatter, etc. always seems to be present. Whatever the thought or idea, write it down. Do not analyze it before you write; this will be done after completion of the writing session. Just write the words; for example:

"Our Father sends his love. He loves all of his children." You will have no idea from where such thoughts are coming. At first, they may be mostly from your unconscious mind. These can be very beautiful and spiritual; we all have such thoughts occasionally. They can be inappropriate, gross or "off the wall", but nevertheless, still write them down. Laugh later, not when writing them down. If you try to force words or thoughts, you will probably receive bizarre statements. My own experiences when I panic and forced thoughts were something like "The red elephant jumped over the road and landed in the....". Write them down anyway. What you are doing is practicing writing down on paper what you are thinking. Later you will learn to relax and actually hear supernal messages mixed in with your own thoughts.

Some actually hear words, but most just receive thoughts. So in the beginning, just practice writing down the thoughts and ideas in your head. It does not matter at this point from where these ideas are coming. Your own thoughts are fine as we are just practicing writing down our thoughts.

Another option is to write a question on the paper. Try to still the mind as much as possible, and write "the answer to the question," that is, the first thought that enters the mind. At first just ask yes/no questions. Do not be concerned if you get obviously wrong answers. Just still the mind the best you can and try to discern either a yes or a no. Experiment.

I don't know of anyone taking longer than me (Jeremiah) to come online as a TR. It took me almost a year of hard, near - daily practice. My long struggle was perhaps due to my earlier start in the mission, my scientific oriented mind, or just being dense, etc. Most others come "on-line" in a few weeks or months. We are giving this information because people who desire to transmit want to have a time reference for the effort required to develop this form of communication. The range seems to be from several weeks to a year, with most developing satisfactorily after a month or two. Of course, such time periods assume practice at least a few times a week.

Some of what held me back was self - doubt, for even though I believed in TR'ing, and had faith in the process and in others, I did not think I could do it myself; or at least, not do it very well. It was like I belonged to a baseball team and had full faith in the team and all other individuals, but did not have faith in myself when hitting the ball. This is a common human reaction, but it does prolong the developing time, and if not transcended, can preclude your success.

I tried automatic writing by just shaking my hand with a pen on the paper and hoping the scribbling would settle down into a legible message. I read a new age book on this subject and practiced it for a few weeks, but was unsuccessful. We would not recommend this approach since we are not aware of any TR in Machiventa's Teaching Corps starting in this way. (We are familiar with about 40 - 50 TR experiences.)

By writing after stillness, you are sending a message to Deity and the teaching corps that you desire contact with the Father, or any of His teachers, have faith and are committed to action. The reason for writing after stillness is that you are most spiritually attuned at that time. Stilling the mind, seeking the Father, finding oneness with the Father, really helps you and the teachers make contact. You should also pray for teacher contact, and give thanksgiving for this wonderful opportunity to participate.

After writing for many weeks or months, it is very instructive to go back and read all the messages in the order they were received. You will be surprised at the evolution of the writing. Most people can see some progress. Do not be concerned about accuracy at this time. Focus on faithfully doing the writings and trying different techniques to improve. Try to be more comfortable. Consider if you normally write or talk in the manner these writings show. It is not important if you cannot spell the words correctly or if your grammar is flawed. (A lot of us can't avoid this in normal writing circumstances!) Even writing complete sentences is not important. Look at what idea is being manifested. Is there any spiritual or higher meaning? Do they seem beautiful? If not, do not become discouraged. It can take many months.

The time and effort it takes to develop the ability to write or speak the supernal messages are in no way a reflection on your spiritual level or worth. The age at which a child begins to walk, or the time it takes him to start talking, is not an indicator of his behavior or abilities as an adult. TR'ing only takes faith in the process, the will to do it, and the patience of developing the technique. Then enjoy the adventure of TR'ing.

If one belongs to an existent teacher group, or has access to someone else who has advanced further in TR'ing, it is a great help to have a private meeting. Another TR will be able to help you hear instructions from your own teacher, or another teacher on your progress, and give suggestions to help you master the technique. Everyone is different, and such personalized instructions are the best source of information as they are directed toward your own receptivity and personality. If you do not have access to another TR, do not wait until you do, or until you can travel to another online group -- practice on your own. Do the best you can by yourself.

Many times fear will block your communication attempts with your teachers. This fear is sometimes unconscious. In my own experience, I could not believe that I had the fear that was pointed out to me by my personal teacher through another TR. Looking back, I can see that it was true, but at that time I could not understand why I had fear when I was completely willing and desirous of making contact. Strange stuff, this TR'ing. The process of going through the development of TR'ing from the beginning till when one feels comfortable with it is indeed an adventure, a delightful adventure that is humorous in retrospect, and brings great times when sharing "sea stories" with others in the mission.

If you are isolated and do not have personal contact with others in the mission, or the opportunity to have private meetings with existent TR's, then you will probably take a longer time to come online. Don't be discouraged. Obtain transcripts from other groups, and call members of other groups to discuss ideas. If possible, try to visit another group and arrange to have a private meeting. Our Woods Cross group welcomes calls or letters from you, and we have in the past had many visitors to our meetings with teacher Ham. Most request a private meeting, and someone (usually Roland) in our group will TR a supernal to you and allow questions. Many times the visitor has been introduced to their teacher in this fashion. Other groups will also accommodate such visitors.

In my own development, I had many meetings with Ham, Abraham, and my teacher, Mullerin, through others who coached and encouraged me. I was very grateful for these instructions and suggestions, and now I would like to share them with others.


If you desire to TR aloud to others, the following suggestions may be helpful. Assuming that you have been "writing", it is just a matter of speaking the words or thought ideas rather than writing them. Easy to say, but hard to do. This step is perhaps the hardest to accomplish.

In my own experience, I sought to be by myself, either driving a car or walking along a country road by our home, sitting or lying in bed, or anywhere alone in nature. You need to find a place without distractions. One must also feel safe. For me, it seemed best to not record the messages or words at first. For teacher Mullerin, I first talked while driving to Pocatello, Idaho by myself along the wide open interstate highway. I felt safe and got over my fears and just talked aloud. The ideas and/or words that entered my mind, I just spoke and forced them to come out very loud. Of course, no other mortal heard them, and I didn't record it. I do not even remember what was transmitted; I was just pleased and happy that I did TR. Such a big deal over a supposedly simple task! I practiced this for a few weeks and kept asking teacher Rose, through my wife, Nolus, how well was I doing. Her teacher and my teacher encouraged me, said that I was doing well, to keep it up, etc. Then, a few weeks later they suggested that it was time for me to record it. I nearly freaked-out.

It is interesting that the hardest step to take in developing the TR method is different for each person. Mine was the recording of my transmission, even though I knew I was probably the only one who would ever play back the tape. It's fear. My initial writings were easier to attempt since I was told that they would largely be my own unconscious mind, so I was not worried about failure or making mistakes. Some have their great obstacle in writing, or hearing voices for the first time, the first time TR'ing to another person, to a group, the first time talking aloud, or the later concern for accuracy in groups, or in individual guidance and direction. After you feel comfortable TR'ing, you can look back over all the milestones to determine their attendant challenges, terror and fear. It is a delightful experience to review your successes. After recording my talking TR'ing for a few weeks, I went back to review and was amazed with the evolution of the messages and words. This is positive reinforcement and motivates one to continue.

For my wife, Nolus, to begin talking, I had to "heavily encourage her." I was too "chicken" to talk aloud myself, so after I encouraged her to write (and she began writing almost immediately) while on a camping trip one night on the shores of Bear Lake, I insisted that she speak the words of her teacher, Rose. She felt secure and safe, and actually transmitted a few lines. Nevertheless, it was a start. For those of you who have a supportive spouse (or significant other), attempt teacher contact while being embraced. That's the technique we used many times in the beginning, when Nolus was learning how to TR by talking. Nolus was prompted to try this embrace since her teacher is a romantic. Two in each other's arms can really help.

Many TR's, when sharing their own experiences, discuss hearing words in their mind, so beginners desirous of TR'ing sometimes will wait to "hear" such words, which never seem to occur. The process can be very subtle. It's something like a California earthquake, a new resident can be in a mild one and not feel it, even though all his friends do, since he does not know what to look for. After a large quake that you actually do feel, you become familiar with them and in the future can detect the mild ones like everyone else. You won't know what the experience is like until you experience it, but after experiencing it, you won't need a description.

If you've tried for a "long time" but haven't been able to hear any words, the following experiment may help. We will illustrate the technique by considering a diver. You are standing on a diving board and wondering what kind of dive you are going to do. You stand there in position and relax, concentrate on the dive (stillness), then start the three steps toward the end of the board and jump up to get a good spring from the board. Do a similar thing with TR'ing. Do stillness, get ready -- say any prayers, get comfortable, feel safe. Then start by saying certain words, like "Good evening, this is teacher xxx." Then continue saying whatever thoughts, words, etc. come to mind. This technique forces you to open your mouth and start talking. Don't panic or be afraid if nothing comes out, or garble comes out (you can be by yourself). Like doing a dive, you force the start, and when up in the air you will do something, whether it is a swan dive, a jack knife, flip or a belly flop. You are safe no matter what happens or which way you strike the water. The worst belly flop will only sting for a few seconds. If you never took the steps, you would be still standing on the board. Similarly, if you do not start talking, you will continue sitting in silence. The teachers need a mouth, a mouth that talks, so experiment. Continue doing this exercise. This technique worked well with me, since I never knew when to start. I wouldn't hear a teacher telling me to start. I would just start, would actually relax after saying a few (forced) words, and "they" would grab hold of my thoughts. Using your own words to start a transmission is fine since we are only interested in developing the techniques at this point. Actually, it can also be used in TR'ing to a group, as discussed below.

Peter, in Indiana, has been very successful with what is basically a guided mediation. Talk with the individual first and finds out where or what is their most peaceful setting; for example, a valley, a mountain, a desert, an ocean, etc. Explain to him or her that energy follows conscious thought, and that you are what you think you are. Next, help them learn to breathe: Very deep, long and slow breaths. Feel the air fill the lungs. This will facilitate the flow of energy and help them to focus on the now (all things and all time are happening now). Continue practicing the slow, deep, relaxed, breathing.

When you start the meditation, help the individual to visualize the energy coming up from the feet and down from the crown of the head. Centralize the energy in the area of the solar plexus (just below the navel). Allow the energy to flow in a clock-wise motion, as if your body was the clock and your arms were the hands of the clock. Move the energy from the solar plexus to the bottom of the spine. Then move the energy up the spine to the back of the head, then out the third eye, which is located in the middle of the forehead. As the energy flows out, allow it to spiral clockwise around your body. This will act to reinforce the energy within.

At this point, the person guiding the meditation should offer a prayer to the Father for love, guidance and protection. The individual may also make a prayer if he or she feels led to do so. These prayers should also be directed to help clear the individual's mind. Now, help the individual to visualize his or her special place of peace and quite - their inner sanctuary. Once in the sanctuary, guide him or her to visualize their teacher walking forth and making a greeting. Have him or her ask the teacher to speak. At this time, it is very important that you encourage the person to speak any words that comes into their mind, even if it seems like their own thoughts. From this point on, it is only a matter of listening, encouraging and responding to them as they begin to transmit.

When the transmission is concluded, which is usually won't take long the first time, help the individual to come down by making real short, explosive breaths. Tell him or her that when they awaken, that he or she will be fully awake and full of energy. Finally, talk about the experience. Reassure them that what they have experienced is real and encourage them to practice. It is helpful to have an experienced transmitter discuss their own feelings as well. Note that this technique has one talk first; writing can be developed later.

Rebel beings

If you are afraid of unrighteous beings making contact with you or entering at times into your attempts to TR, you can ask the Father to protect you, to allow only righteous entities to interact with you.

We know from the Urantia Book [610:3], that all rebel personalities save Caligastia and Daligastia have been taken off of the planet. Further, the Correcting Time mission has taught us that the Lucifer rebellion was fully adjudicated around 1984-85, and that Caligastia and Daligastia are no more. If you feel the slightest worry about this, or the possibility of further beings going astray, then by all means do call out to our Father to protect you. Many of us have done so, especially in the beginning process of learning how to TR. You know that if you ask the Universal Father or Christ Michael to protect you and to allow only righteous beings to enter your mental faculties, they will do so. So eliminate this fear by prayer.

How do you tell your thoughts from the teacher's?

At first you can't! My own experience was as follows: Before we knew of everyone having private teachers, I asked Fathers Ham and Abraham through another TR if I could write like the woman I will refer to later in this paper. They said if I desired this form of communication and picturization, I should practice by just writing, as discussed above. Abraham said that it would be mostly my own unconscious mind expressing itself but to not give up, keep trying. After a few months, I felt that one of my writings was real, that indeed it was Ham. I couldn't wait to have another private meeting with Abraham to confirm it. Abraham stated (through another TR during a private session) that three different writings were in fact Ham! Wow! Such joy and excitement makes all the effort and practice worthwhile, and inspires one to continue pursuing such goals.

Next starts a phase of constantly seeking confirmation on whether it was a "real" transmission, if the message was correctly received, how well am I doing, etc. You can easily drive all the group's TR's crazy wanting private meetings for confirmation. It has been our experience that the teachers show much tolerance for beginning TR's and will answer questions on one's development, confirming certain messages, offering advice on improving the technique, and line tuning the method to the individual. However, a time is reached when you'll hear through another TR in answer to a request for confirmation: "Come on, you know you got it right"; "You don't need to confirm such things anymore"; or "You know that you know"; "You are doing better than you give yourself credit for," etc. It's like instructing a small child or student. You teach, help and guide until they can master the task on their own, and then they are on their own. Just like a small child, one can get too much support or not enough, but either way, the task is eventually mastered on your own. You do know that you are capable of TR'ing.

The best advice that we can give you to get started TR'ing is to experiment. Try various methods and see the effects. Try some of the approaches discussed in this paper. Talk to others whenever you get a chance. Most TR's will be glad to discuss their own experiences and the experiences of others.

Always be open in your mind to ideas that just enter. They may be thoughts implanted in your mind by your Thought Adjuster, teacher or angels. They know what is best for you so they will definitely help you along if you desire. All you really need is faith and action - practice and patience. The best approach is to choose any of the various techniques and try them out. This demonstrates to Deity that you have faith in such communication, have the will to perfect it, and are actively pursuing it. "He who seeks shall find." It must evolve as does all growth in the grand universe: will, action, practice and patience. But it will happen.

Remember, if you have desired to have a private teacher, or to transmit a group teacher to a group, and have prayed to have such a teacher and to be able to make contact, a teacher will be assigned to work with you. This teacher also desires to make contact with you. This is their mission, for which they volunteered. They have interrupted their ascension to perform a mission on Urantia in the Correcting Time and have been trained in making such contact with mortals of this realm. You can bet that they are very interested in making such contact; however, they must allow your free will so you must desire to do it. If you have doubts or fear, it will be harder to work with the teachers. In the beginning of the mission, it was much harder to make teacher contact. Now, from long experience with man - willing mortals - Machiventa's teaching corps has learned to perfect the technique.

Many of the new teachers have experience of actually making contact with mortals before they are assigned to an individual. Some groups have practice sessions or practice TR meetings in which they allow new teachers to make contact and develop the technique, or at least experience it. One can almost see all these teachers being in classes to learn of Urantia, the Correcting Time mission, what can be told and what can not, how the communication process works and the particular problems facing Urantians. After many instructions and, perhaps, simulations, they get to watch others actually making contact with mortals. After a while when ready, they will finally get the chance to make contact on their own with a willing mortal TR. They probably have follow up instructions from their teachers on this experience After assignment to an individual they can get a profile on that particular individual and then start to understand the best possible approach to reaching that individual. This is why it is important to pray and meditate on developing the technique. The teacher will be able at times to give you ideas (unconsciously) to help you along in the process. All your other celestial helpers will also be helping you on your unique path to this form of communicating with all celestial beings.

All TR'ing is not Perfect

At first, most people who accept the TR'ing as real, accept it as 100% correct, the word of God, the gospel. Indeed, the spiritual messages are consistent with the Urantia Book and these messages strike deep inside; they touch the soul. The Spirit of Truth testifies to each one in their own special way that these messages are true and will lead to spiritual awakening and growth. After awhile nearly everyone touched by such communications sees his own growth and the growth of his peers in the group. Why wouldn't they be perfect communications? The Urantia Book is near perfect; one cannot find any inconsistencies or mistakes.

Thus, it comes as a shock when each person finds out that all that a TR says is not correct, that errors can be made. This experience can be very destabilizing and can upset the balance of any individual. If one has been involved with the teaching mission for awhile, his roots are more stable and strongly planted, so he's able to survive such a shock easier than a newcomer to such phenomena. Many people have rejected the teaching mission upon hearing what they believe to be errors. Those who have had longer experiences with the method, have been exposed to different TR's, and are aware of the possibilities of errors and mistakes being made, can transcend such shocking awareness of transmissions made in error.

My own experience was as follows: When I was single, the dating service that I belonged to had many women, more than I had time to date. So seeing one who described herself as a "New Ager" who does spiritual writings, I asked her out. New Agers, I found out, are usually quite open to new ideas (i.e., the Urantia Book). At the end of our date, she showed me her automatic writing. She had been doing it for a few years and claims her hand automatically moves at the same time ideas come into her mind. I thought at first it would be like going to a fortune teller, however, her answers to my questions were quite accurate so much so that I turned on to it, and asked questions for many hours during numerous "dates." (She did ask me if I would have gone out for a second date if she didn't do any writing!) It was amazing how accurate she was on things beyond her knowledge and understanding, how fast she was and the amount of material she could write. In those days the Teaching Mission was just getting started. There were not any transcripts to read. I had lots of questions.

However, she did come off with two subject matters which I found inconsistent with the Urantia Book. (She did not know of the Correcting Time, nor of the Urantia Book.) I challenged these and had a dialogue back and forth on these subjects with the entity with whom she was in contact. Her writing eventually told me to keep an open mind. My understanding up to that time was that all people channeling or talking to celestial beings were accurate and complete.

We had three TR's in our group, plus two other-group TR's which I had the good fortune to have an audience. Confused, I asked a member in our group who could speak with his Thought Adjuster whether these two new age subjects were correct. (I could not arrange a private meeting with one of our group TR's.) He got the reply: "Stop this foolishness." Confused and shocked, I finally had a private meeting with Father Abraham through another TR. He explained that she was an inexperienced TR, and that the foolishness to which our Father referred to was my seeking for outside confirmations on such things. I should trust my own inner feelings, knowing, and the Spirit of Truth to determine whether such things were true for me or not.

This whole process put a great strain on my guardian angel, Abraham said. He decided to allow me to go on my own, rather than step in to give me instructions and counsel. It was a great learning experience for me. When one gets off track and desires to pursue something, the Thought Adjuster has to allow it to take place; human will is supreme. I fell and then asked for help and was led back. I am sharing this experience to illustrate how one can wander, since our free will is honored. I am also sharing the shock and confusion that I went through in realizing that mistakes can be made with any form of communication with the supernals. Such obstacles and setbacks can lead to growth.

Many others have had similar destabilizing experiences when they first experience the transmission of errors. It often occurs when they hear another group's TR for the first time, since they will be a little different than the usual home-group TR. The safeguards seem to be to realize that such errors are going to happen, to have faith that really important errors will be corrected in time, and to rely on yourself to access the truth in any communication. If you seek inside, free from any jealousy, hate, anger, or resentment, you will know what is true for you at that time. It may take weeks or months, different TR's or a different group TR, but major errors will be corrected.

Before the teaching mission began, Prince Machiventa and his teachers knew there would be errors made in this form of communication. They decided to allow such errors to be made and allow people to discern truth on their own. They wanted to develop our faith. Much growth and further insight and understanding can be had by pondering and thinking on transmissions. Really important misunderstandings will be corrected. Usually they allow time for us to ponder such concepts before correcting them. Our experiences now show that this is correct and wise, but it is upsetting at first. After all, we lived many years believing in hell, original sin, etc. before being corrected by the Urantia Book. We believe that our entire journey to Paradise will involve corrections to existent beliefs, increasing awareness, and deeper meanings and values.

Group TR

Many people develop the ability to TR but do not want to become a group TA. Others seek it out.

A Urantia Book study group, upon hearing of the Teaching Mission, will usually decide if they want a teacher. When a group wants a teacher, the first step is to obtain a so-called group TA. A group teacher is assigned and he/she will visit and interact with the group members. This interaction usually occurs without your knowledge, similar to the work performed by your angels. Someone in the group must come online as a TA and start to transmit lessons to the group. This process of obtaining a group TA will vary from the smooth to the problematical. Perhaps a discussion of some of these developments may help new groups, and allow others to be considerate and tolerant of those who accept such mission calling. The first thing to make clear is that all are invited to TA and to become group TR's. The following are specific examples of groups coming online with certain problems, offered to illustrate what you may encounter.

Many times when a new group desires a teacher, pressure is exerted to obtain a group TA. Sometimes the group TA is selected by another teacher-group, through their TA, when the new group visits them. Although most who have been asked to become a group TR have developed very well in a supporting group, there have been a few examples of undue pressure exerted on such selected individuals to "start to TA." Some individuals do not like pressure and their resistance to it causes them to fail to "come on line" as a TA. Doubt and fear enters also. One can understand the desire of a new group to become active and hear their teacher, but pressure should never be applied to potential TR's. Some groups have waited over half a year for someone to become the group TA. Remember that the Father and the celestial beings never make anyone go against their will, or do anything with which they would feel uncomfortable. Therefore, we should not do so either.

It takes time to develop into a TA. Some groups expect the TR to come on line very fast, to be accurate, to go for a long time, to give deep and meaningful lessons, and to take questions. This all takes development time. Rebecca started out at Woods Cross in short, difficult, messages from teacher Ham. With time she developed into a good TR. The group was new to such phenomena yet allowed her to develop the technique. Like playing the piano, time is needed to develop technique before one can play well. Groups often do not allow the TA to develop. This is especially true with new TAs coming online as backups, or to replace a TR. The problem is that some people hear other TR's, and/or read transcripts from other groups, and expect their own beginning TR to match the performance. All must be given ample time to master the technique, and different people require different amounts of time to develop.

Most new groups contain many people who are skeptical about the whole process of teacher contact, so a new TR often confronts an audience which can be very negative. Problems have arisen with inexperienced TR's in such situations. There will always be people who will not believe, and they can spell disaster for a beginning TR. It is bad enough for an experienced TA to transmit with such negative energies present. Lots of people in new groups will ask questions to "check out the TA." It is sabotage for someone to start to transmit and then be asked all sorts of trick questions. It is most unfortunate, but many groups have experienced these problems, have lost members, and rejected the Teaching Mission, or resulted in fights and arguments in which very abrasive language has been used. Some groups have fractured into smaller groups.

It is easy to say that people should reserve judgment or assessment until after the group TR has been allowed to develop. This can take many months or a year, so is contrary to the temperament of most people. Fortunately, there are now many transcripts available to illustrate what the Teaching Mission is capable of. One should realize the differences in the abilities of a beginning TR compared to experienced ones. Harder questions should be directed to an experienced TR in another group if none are available locally. Remember, the TR can tell by the questions if there is doubt about the teacher, or his/her ability to transmit.

Another problem occurs with transmitting when an individual who has been TR'ing for awhile desires new information and cannot receive it. This usually happens when a person doubts the teachers and mission and wants proof. Such proof would be something transmitted to themselves that would be earth shattering, something new to them - not in their own mind already. Of course the spiritual plane would never accommodate such requests of "show me a sign." You must have faith first. Many who have TR'ed never received anything that they did not already know, whether a Urantia Book concept or other teaching mission information, became discouraged, lost faith and left the mission. Most just stop or curtail their teacher contact. Have faith and remember that it is Michael's and our Father's will we are doing, not our own. Thinking of our school days may help. You must develop study habits first, followed by background learning, before you reach the state-of-the-art where new information is given.

Unsuitable TR's

Transmitting is exciting and very rewarding, but it can also lead to many problems. Mechanisms are stable, and humans desire the comfort of stability However, we are endowed with free will, mind and spirit, and can evolve by our own choosing. Evolving with out being attuned to the Spirit will cause problems.

The same is true with TR'ing. The process of communicating with supernals can result in growth, and allow those who TR as well as those who hear the messages to advance, to become something higher than at present. However, if one utilizes this gift for selfish means, it will cause problems. A conspicuous example follows: A person who was transmitting in the early 80's, for the so called Toronto Papers, came to California to TR for another group of Urantia Book readers. Upon sitting down, and before TR'ing, he asked for money --"I don't do this stuff for free!" They didn't pay him, and, of course, he lost the ability to TR. We were not eyewitnesses to this event but heard about it through another person who was there. We did hear from teacher Ham that the Toronto Papers were legitimate communications, a pre-Teacher Mission contact. Ham also stated to our group that if a TR becomes "unsuited," he seeks another. "Unsuited" means - seeking monetary gain, professional status, glory, prestige, etc. Some TR's in the mission think of themselves as better than others. Upon meeting you, they will ask if you are a TR; if you're not, they will minimize the time spent with you or not sit next to you during mealtime. This is also most inappropriate behavior. Such unsuitability for receiving transmissions is understandable, but some poisons of the spiritual world are less clear. The best advice is to turn inward, seek the Father's will and direction, and then determine it for yourself.

Any Physical Harm?

As is true with most endeavors, there are always some who will be hurt by the experience. We know of one individual who was very spiritual. After TR'ing, she questioned the reality of it upon hearing Christ Michael talk through another TR at his birthday celebration (the first time we heard from him directly). Disturbed by a dream of a serpent biting her head off, she left the mission, burned her Urantia Book and started passing out books to others on devils, demons etc. This is undoubtedly a result of her own fears.

Another woman became unbalanced after TR'ing some, and began transmitting everything, every being all the time. She broke down and stopped. She did have a history of chemical imbalances and related problems, and a husband who did not support her in any religion. She was new to the Urantia Book. Some of us believe that the negative attitudes shown by some toward her earlier transmissions of Christ Michael played a part.

Other than these examples, we have only heard of some people experiencing headaches after TR'ing. They usually go away soon. One person has experienced many headaches and has stopped TR'ing for now. All of us have experienced slight headaches every once in awhile, but not during TR'ing. We seem to have more headaches than normal, but the teachers and Thought Adjusters have told us that the spiritual changes and growth we have been experiencing sometimes causes headaches. I am reminded of those highway signs during road construction: "Temporary inconvenience, Permanent improvement."

TR'ing can be tiring, especially a long deep session of it. Some have experienced this tiring, others not. It is not advisable to TR if one is sick, as the TR'ing process can take away energies which are needed for healing. This is more true for some than for others.

We can safely say that the only unpleasant thing associated with the TR experience is the negativity expressed by others - not so much from the new people in the mission or other groups, as from those so-called loving associates in your own group who doubt or question the accuracy, or even the ability to transmit at all. This is why criticizing a TR is a delicate issue.

Some people have reported waking up a few hours before normal and then going back to sleep. We have been told that sometimes the teachers, during our sleep, as they "work on your circuits," will "touch a part of your brains" which wakes you up. Others state that their teachers sometimes wake them up in the middle of the night to talk to them, to give them a lesson. Of course, you can request them not to do this. We have never heard of a person complaining about loss of sleep from such encounters. True, they sleep less, but probably more soundly. I have prayed for reversion directors or others to help me sleep better when limited to a shortened amount of time. It works. However, I only call on them for mission work. Simple prayer from teacher Samuel: "May the sleep I get tonight be sufficient unto my need tomorrow."

The teachers have stated that they would never do anything which would harm us. Indeed, the Correcting Time Mission has effective healing available, which we can attest to; but that is the subject of another paper.

Practice TR Sessions

Normally, people make initial teacher contact by themselves. Practicing with either a spouse or a small group helps one to develop. To TR to a group, it is wise to keep the group small at first, until the TR feels comfortable with the process. After the group comes online and most everyone feels comfortable with the channeling phenomenon, we recommend that you hold practice sessions so that others can practice and develop the TR technique. Some groups hold weekly gatherings, others every two weeks, monthly or whenever a small number of people gather to practice and share ideas. Such practice sessions allow you to advance from TR'ing for one or two persons, then to a small group of people before attempting to transmit to the larger group. You want to have loving, supportive people at such practice sessions. Sometimes an individual will first make teacher contact in such practice sessions. Teachers are always available to work with all who are willing to try. Many ideas and techniques can be shared at such meetings, and the more advanced can help the beginners. Seeing friends get the courage, make the struggle and finally succeed, reassures others. New, unassigned teachers may speak at these practice sessions, as they need practice on their side as well. After everyone who is willing to learn how to TR has developed, these practice sessions can be discontinued.

We highly recommend them, even if just two people get together after work once in awhile. They do allow more contact with the teachers. Bear in mind that if one does not like public gatherings, or transmitting to others, they can have a personal relationship with their private teacher, or make personal one-on-one appointments with almost any teacher in the teaching mission.

Another approach is to sit around in a circle. Have one start to TR and then each can take a turn in order. This way you know when it is your turn, you can concentrate more, and others can offer love and prayers. If you are not ready, you can just say "pass," and the next person takes his turn. Or, instead of passing, you can offer a prayer aloud, from your own mind or perhaps even getting some help from supernals without knowing. Knowing when to start transmitting was a great help to me in developing the technique, yet even now, I sometimes have difficulty knowing when to start. Of course, a group could just do spontaneous TR'ing, which is also delightful, but sometimes such spontaneity does not encourage new TR's or ones who are reserved, timid or fearful. Spontaneous sessions can result in the same one or two TR's dominating, rather then letting others develop.

Try also the so-called double or dual TR's. This is where one teacher will "bounce" back and forth between two or more TR's. Usually only a few seconds is required between "jumps." Besides being fun to do, the technique illustrates how the same teacher sounds different from different TR's. The teacher must utilize your word forms, vocabulary and expressions. It also allows one to ask questions to the teacher when coming through the other person This is a great learning tool for new TR's as the teacher can ask the beginner if he is willing, then give him a few minutes to try to make contact. If not successful, the teacher can ask through the other person again what he felt. Some suggestions can be given and the attempt made again.

This double TR'ing also allows one to feel the changes in the mind from teacher contact as one is alternately connected and disconnected. Deeper and longer lessons can be given in this fashion. No matter how good a TR, or any speaker for that matter, the audience can get tired, and their minds will wander if the session goes too long. By jumping around to different TR's, the audience is kept more alert, and the teacher can utilize more mindset and give a better, deeper, longer and more advanced lesson.


Names seem to be the hardest information to obtain. In the beginning, do not worry about getting names. The teachers will talk without giving a name. Later they will ask you to do stillness and attempt to hear a name. With practice, one can usually receive a few names. Some TR's are very good with names. Some times if a person is prejudiced on a certain subject, it is hard to transmit information on that subject. Examples include, health related problems, previous strong beliefs, and new age topics. Another paper, entitled "Group Dynamics," by the present authors discusses accuracy with respect to transmitting.

Who are the teachers?

Most teachers are ascending sons hailing from Edentia and Jerusem. However most celestial beings are capable of being contacted. The Melchizedeks teach some groups; one group has a pair of seraphim angels for its group teacher; and even the Master teaches some groups. Most groups have heard from Christ Michael, Gabriel, Abraham and many others. Contact is also possible with Life Carriers, angels, Brilliant Evening Stars, Vorondadek sons, Mighty Messengers, Celestial Artisans, midway creatures and the Divine Minister, the local Creative Spirit. Some have reported TR'ing the Universal Father, being different than Thought Adjuster communication. Some teachers are of orders not revealed in the Urantia Book.

Your own personal teachers are the easiest to make contact with. Angels and Life Carriers seem the hardest. Do not become discouraged if you cannot contact certain orders of beings. What some find difficult, others do quite easily.


Remember that the most important thing to do is to develop a relationship with your Thought Adjuster. Try to seek the stillness at least daily. The Urantia Book should also be read and understood. The Urantia Book can stand on its own, TR'ing cannot. Teacher contact can help us understand the Urantia Book better and develop a more meaningful relationship with our Father.

Many people claim the teachers help them with personal problems. They definitely awaken your spirituality and help you grow spiritually. The Thought Adjuster is most interested in your next life-the morontia existence [UB 1191:7, 1195:1]. For those who choose to serve humanity in future mission calling, the teachers will be a tremendous asset. The teachers bring you more awareness of cosmic citizenship, that indeed the universe is friendly and that you belong in it. They allow your circle of loved ones to increase beyond just mortals. Every personality in the universe serves as a teacher and as a student. The universe is one vast school. In our ascent to Paradise, we will be learning all the time.

One of the great truths which I learned from the mission was to live my life as if I were in the presence of God, for indeed He is constantly present. I knew this intellectually from the Urantia Book, but it struck home spiritually when I heard teacher Ham teach it. I became aware of living my life under the observation of the teachers, in particular teacher Rose, as my wife and I would take turns TR'ing our personal teachers to each other. Interacting with teacher Rose has enhanced my love toward her, and I conduct my life in such a way as not to be embarrassing to her, that is, to live it the best I can. Hence I feel that I am living a better life, a more spiritual life. Most TR's will give you the particulars of how the teachers have changed, improved and enriched their lives. Some will resent being watched by teachers or any beings, or sharing with anyone other than their Thought Adjuster.

With further development of TR'ing, some people can sense the otherness of supernal contact. Many, myself included, cannot tell one teacher from another; we must rely on the provision of the teacher name or order of being. Those who do feel the otherness enjoy it very much and state that that alone would be grounds for TR'ing. It is a wonderful feeling of love that lingers for awhile. These people can tell the difference between the teachers, a personal touch. Nearly all eventually feel peace, the gasp for air, the heart jumping up and out of the chest. At times, sense a flash of what seems like a physical light, but in reality it is the spiritual luminosity of certain teachers, usually the Master or Gabriel.

When we talk to Deity or celestial beings, society calls it prayer; when celestial beings talk to us, society calls us schizophrenic. Good luck in TR'ing and we wish you the best in developing a good personal relationship with your personal teacher, so that you can join the growing number of beings, both mortals and supernals, that are servicing Michael and our Father in Correcting Time.


We hope that this paper is a help to you in making teacher contact. Many people today on the planet will admit that they get help from somewhere when in need. Many times it is celestial beings even though they're not recognized. Making contact with them will allow us to actively work with them in doing the Father's will. We have this opportunity to communicate with celestial beings now that the system circuitry is open and the isolation status of Urantia is being lifted. Christ Michael has called us:

"Many are called, few are chosen." Remember that you and only you determine if you are chosen. Michael has given all of us the opportunity for private and group teachers. We are being positioned and trained for the great spiritual work soon to unfold on Urantia.

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Abraham and Prince Machiventa asked us [Jeremiah, Nolus, Jason, and Honoray] to write a paper on group dynamics because some people have been dropping out of the Mission or becoming inactive because of human interaction problems. Our goal is to examine some of the problems that have occurred, so that people will have an increased awareness of potential problems that can hinder their own spiritual growth and that of the group, and thereby either eliminate them or lessen their impact. It is difficult to advance spiritually under the best of circumstances. Our animalistic tendencies are an impediment that we must constantly strive to overcome. We hope this discussion of group dynamics can aid you in your own growth and that of your group.

Let us first address the criticizing of TR's and the fracturing of groups into splinter groups.

Relating Within the Group

There are always human problems that interfere with TR'ing, just as they do in other forms of human associations. Personality conflicts for example, are familiar to us all. Certain people just don't get along; they dislike each other or feel uncomfortable being around each other. The Master never showed such behavior, but most of us do, because we are incomplete and not perfect in our present state. We can avoid the problem by running away, or we can try to understand it, be tolerant of it when we experience it or, better yet, try to transcend it. It is not required that we transcend it and become perfect, but rather that we think through the problem and its effects, and strive or desire to transcend it.

If a group has people who feel uncomfortable with each other, you can see the problem if one of them starts to TR. This has happened many times and is a very difficult problem facing those who accept the Teaching Mission. It is easy for others to just state that we must be loving and tolerant of each other. It often doesn't work. In fact, this human dislike of certain people can lead to very harsh arguments, etc. even between "those who read and follow the Urantia Book"

Teacher Ham has told our group "that one cannot love everyone. Some people you must love at a distance." Do not judge them. Sometimes it is best to discuss such feelings in your group rather than harbor them in silence and allow such misunderstandings to grow.

Always remember that even though you cannot relate to an individual, you can relate with his or her Thought Adjuster. Just send pleasant or positive thoughts or love to that person's Thought Adjuster and He will record such thoughts, to be made available at future times of his mortal indwelling. Love and understanding sent to the Thought Adjuster of a person doing ungodly behavior will be stored and made available to that person sometime, even if one has to wait until on high. This is all we can do.

Personality conflicts are a lack of love, and a lack of the ability to understand human nature. It can also be a lack of the desire to understand. At the very heart of this human behavior is the inability to accept the fact that God dwells in each and every one of us.

A very simple and helpful exercise to overcome this failing is to look at a person to whom you relate with difficulty, and say in your mind, "I am you and you are me." Within three days your thinking will begin to change!

It is interesting to see what happens when this exercise is practiced on strangers. Go to a shopping mall three days in a row and try it. We guarantee that your ability to accept and understand people will begin to change. This exercise was lovingly offered by Sarah of Indiana.

Group Fracturing

The biggest cause of group splitting seems to be a loss of faith in a TR, at least in the beginning. We have heard of various groups that have splintered, with each side talking about what has occurred. Usually the reasons seem trivial to outsiders, although not trivial to those involved. Basically they all can be generalized to a loss of confidence in the group TR. Regardless of the apparent source of conflict - conduct, age, ego, beliefs, gossip, etc. - the result is the same, a loss of confidence in that person's ability to transmit correctly. Once this confidence is lost, it is extremely hard to listen to or read transmissions from that individual. Spiritual lessons seem okay, but any factual or personal information or guidance would be questionable in the eyes of those losing confidence. The end result is that members are lost, they stop coming to meetings, or the group splits into two or more groups.

Sometimes other TR's are available to transmit for newly-formed, split-away groups, other times they must await the development of a new TR. The original group teacher is "in a fix." He or she will usually stay with the original group TR, and another teacher is assigned to the newly-formed group or groups. Note that the circuitry is better established between a teacher and mortal with practice, and thus teachers usually stay with those whom they match in energy levels or frequency. It is hard for some to give up a group teacher whom they have learned to love. We have also heard of mortals rejecting their assigned teacher and requesting a new one, usually of a different gender. However, to our knowledge, this has only occurred with personal teachers. Poor Abraham, it is his job to assign teachers!

It should be made clear that splitting the group or not is strictly a human decision, and the teacher corps will accommodate any arrangement. Neither they nor God will ever abandon us; they love us all equally and will work with whatever they have and honor our free will. Sometimes it is best to split, other times it is not. They will always work with everyone who wishes to receive messages and perform future Mission callings. The only way an individual will be left out of the Mission is by their own choosing. Such group fracturing can occur peacefully or result in very harsh feelings towards each other.

Since even long-term Urantia Book readers who have read together for many years can be divided in this way, it is important to review the reasons why it happens. Hopefully, future groups may avoid these sorts of problems.

Criticizing a TR

Sometimes people have been critical of those transmitting. The reasons vary from dislike of the TR, jealousy, doubt of the transmission process, negative attitudes and life styles that some people have, to the quest for truth and accurate transmissions. Some people feel that if you point out mistakes and other problems with a TR you can help them grow and become more accurate, or help them better handle future problems in transmitting to a hostile outside world. We, however, are strongly opposed to such practices, because such criticism has destroyed many TR's. If such a technique were truly helpful, then children from abusive and negative households would best be able to deal with the outside world. The proper way to raise children is in a loving, supportive, positive home. We feel the same is true in the world of TR'ing.

We will consider these problems separately. One must bear in mind that there is a difference to transmitting in a group one is visiting as opposed to one's own. For those who have had mission callings to go visit other groups or to TR to new groups, know that the new and unknown audience can contain all sorts of negativity, doubters and critics. This is to be expected and can usually be handled. However, one's own group is a different story, and we have seen and heard of problems. The Master said: "of all the sorrows of a trusting man, none is so terrible as to be 'wounded in the house of a trusted friend"' [UB 677:2].

We feel that people attending a TR session have certain obligations with respect to the TR. We must remember that they are fulfilling a Mission calling, doing their best to serve our Father.

It is hard to TR when doubters are present. If they ask hostile questions during the TR session, or are obstructive or critical to a TR afterwards, the results are very destructive to the TR. Some instances have occurred in which persons question the accuracy of transmissions. Such criticism is nearly always harmful to beginning TR's. People need support, encouragement and love in everything they attempt to do. This is especially true with TR'ing. People need time to develop the process. If a neighborhood child comes up to you with his latest art work from school and you are critical, perhaps pointing out how you did better when in school, or that the other children are more advanced, you can imagine the results. However, if you take time to show interest, and compliment him on his drawings, etc., he will come running to you in the future with his work. This is the supportive atmosphere we should cultivate in our groups.

We must not focus on "who is the best TR" or "which group has the best information." The Mission needs as many TR's as possible for future Mission unfoldings. We must support everyone in the Mission who desires to transmit, while continuing to show careful discernment in our evaluation of the material transmitted.

Often the rationale for criticizing a TR conceals a negative judgment or attitude. Notice how many times people who are negative or dislike each other are critical of each other. They like to point out problems and mistakes, to ridicule, and dwell on the negative, yet rarely accept what may be inspirational. Some people will criticize one TR while not another TR, to whom they feel more friendly, who has obviously transmitted less effectively. Such criticism is not consistent. Some people are just negative; they can never find anything good in others or their own station in life. We must remember that the divine way is positive, not negative. We must all learn to look for the good in things and people and transcend our impulse to look for problems and misunderstandings.

What about those of us who feel our criticism is "constructive"? Why shouldn't we point out the mistakes? After all, isn't this the way we always do things? Traditionally haven't such techniques always been used to help people grow, to face the "real world"? We must remember that our planet is in disarray and darkness, that past planetary mismanagement has caused all sorts of erroneous ideas. Feminist and minority groups understand this well, and point out that the old ways are not necessarily correct. The Correcting Time has been established to correct such things. The Brotherhood of Man is to be established. We must learn to support each other, to help others realize their potential, to be positive and promote the good in all, and not to criticize or put people down. Instead, we should strive to elevate each other in our search for joy, love and peace.

Why is everyone so concerned that the transmissions are "correct"? You would think we would be interested in getting everyone transmitting first, before worrying about the level of accuracy. Accuracy becomes a problem only when factual information or direction and guidance are given. It is usually not a problem with spiritual lessons, and spiritual lessons are the backbone of the Teaching Mission. If ten TR's were to transmit a lesson on love or tolerance, what do you think the result would be? Ten different, but beautiful lessons on these subjects. Actually the total would be better than any individual transmission. If these ten were to transmit factual information - say the date that such and such will occur - they would probably give dates that vary throughout the century.

We feel that if you are going to say anything about a person, it should focus on the good. Negative comments should be avoided. What if a TR transmits some thing you feel is truly wrong? How do you know it is in error? There are two types of errors: those that are wrong by proof, and those that you just think are wrong. Consider the following two simple examples: (1) Last Wednesday it rained, (2) Next Wednesday it will rain. If it did not rain last Wednesday, the first statement would be an obvious error in transmission. Should we tell the TR he made an error? That depends. The second statement, you cannot know at all (unless you live in Seattle, where it rains most all of the time).

Even though you think a statement is false, it may be true to someone else. If a traditional Christian received a transmission, it could involve concepts in Genesis on floods, atonement, etc. which we Urantia Book readers would view as false. However, the traditionalist would accept it as truth, and it is truth for him. We must remember that truths are relative. Truths are complete only on absolute levels, as soon as they are expressed in time and space; they are limited to that time and space [UB 1297:5]. Thus we must be careful in judging transmissions of others. Our own Spirit of Truth will ascertain what is true for us, not what is true for others. And it is limited by our level and awareness. We have heard of many transmissions which were rejected by others, only to have more information in the future confirm them.

Some people are less open to new ideas than others. It will just take them more time to understand and accept any new teachings. If a person is afraid of change, he will most likely reject any new teachings that will cause change. An interesting experiment that teacher Ham had us do was as follows: He was having trouble with one person with a new idea. This person rejected the idea when presented by another, but would believe his own transmissions. So Ham asked one of us to ask him (Ham) a question on this subject through that person when he was transmitting Ham. Again the TR did not get the idea, but rejected the new idea in his own transmission of Ham. Later after much more time and others talking about the subject, that person picked up on the new idea. Teacher Ham did not care how it got there, just that the message finally got through.

The best approach, we feel, is to believe every transmission except the ones you feel very clearly are "wrong." And these just keep to yourself. Perhaps you could discuss these errors with your close friends, but not the TR who transmitted them. We never comment on a TR unless he asks us directly how well he is doing. And even under these conditions, there are two possibilities. If he is a beginning TR, only positive support is rendered; no mention of errors is made. The purpose is to help him improve, not tear him down so that he gives up. If he is established, then we are careful in pointing out any errors or areas for improvement. The motivation should be to help him, really help him. Again, if the TR doesn't ask for input, nothing on the errors should be said. What about major information for the group; for example, new direction or mission assignments? Such transmissions are harder to do, and usually the TR is open to discussion of the transmissions and will say so.

Teacher Ham and others have told our group that if we do not accept a certain transmission, we should get together in a small group with other transmitters with whom we feel more comfortable, and ask either Ham or other teachers for clarification.

Some people feel that a TR should not be so sensitive to criticism, that they should become more "thick-skinned," that this is part of the challenge of being a TR. Such reasoning may be partially true in other areas of life, but we feel the spiritual challenge of TR'ing is different. It takes a sensitive and open person to TR well. Such people are often the ones who doubt their own ability the most. Negative criticism only feeds their doubt. This is unfortunate, as many people with the ability to be truly great TR's will not TR because of this doubt. Because these people are open, negative criticism really unsettles them.

If such people become "thick skinned," they lose their sensitivity and openness. Concurrently, they also lose their ability to be a truly effective TR.

On Urantia, we don't understand much about the spiritual life and this TR'ing is very new to us. Humans apply their experiences from the past to new endeavors. However, we feel that TR'ing, which involves the celestial and spiritual worlds, involves techniques and effects on our own being which are not as yet well-understood and cannot be easily analyze according to familiar experiences. After observing many others, as well as ourselves, we concluded that criticism is much more devastating to TR'ing than other more familiar experiences. TR's are very vulnerable in their role. We understand that many do not accept this reasoning, but it is our understanding and we invite you to ponder this subject. We caution groups to be very supportive and kind in their evaluation of a TR's performance. Our goal is to encourage higher principles, such as positiveness, gentleness, love and trust.

Another of our observations is that the vast majority of those who are inclined to criticize TR'ing, do not TR themselves, or at least do not TR new ideas and information, which are harder to transmit. Those who have TR'ed know how difficult it can be at times to TR accurately, especially when important information and new directions are given, and thus are more sensitive to the challenge faced by other TR's.

With a well-established and comfortable TR, we will sometimes ask, after a TR session, for further information on the subject. This is not intended as criticism, but just a request for amplification of the insights the TR has received. Sometimes the TR can explain in their own words what the celestial teacher was saying. This can better clarify a transmission. Other times they may state that the teacher was trying to convey a certain idea or concept, but they were unable to TR it, or they did not feel comfortable with or clear about the topic. When asked, some TR's will explain whether the information was strongly received or felt unclear. Occasionally, a TR will ask another TR to confirm a received message with their own transmission. Many times in TR'ing, a strong feeling or visualization is received by the TR, and we feel it appropriate to ask the TR for a description of this experience. They will tell you if they do not want to share such things or do not feel that they can adequately explain it. As a scientist, I have had experiences of others TR'ing scientific information beyond their own understanding, after which I was allowed an opportunity for discussion with the TR for more information. After I have stated various scientific interpretations or concepts, they have responded," Yes that was what the teacher was trying to explain." Such questioning is similar to asking a person for their impression of an event. It is not a criticism of their ability to remember, but only a request for more light or knowledge on the subject. Sometimes a message from a teacher is not that clearly conveyed. Asking the TR afterwards, in a loving discussion, to try to amplify and expand information on what was given is fine. But we caution you not to imply that the TR did a poor job of transmitting, that they failed to get a full message or understanding, or that they cut the teachers off or blocked them.


One may ask, "If one transmits something important which is difficult to accept, should we not discuss this with the TR"? Yes, but only in a positive and supportive sense. A caution here, what is positive to one individual may not be positive to another. Note how when one group reports astonishing news, others always ask their group or personal teachers for confirmation or clarification. This is good, provided that one focuses on the material transmitted and not the personalities and character of the TR's.

How can Deity or the teachers get new ideas or advanced understanding and awareness to us if we are not open, if we dismiss such ideas as transmission errors? Do not have fears that you may accept some transmission that is in error. Be open to new ideas and understanding, and at the same time, strive for effective discernment.

Let us give you an example. We had a transmission that Manitoba, Canada, was the spiritual center of the planet, and for over a year we believed it was. What harm did it cause us? We had no reason to doubt the location of this center, so we just accepted it. Later the teachers corrected this to the Mariposa Grove in Yosemite. We know of people who rejected the entire Teaching Mission because of this error. What a loss for them because they didn't just suspend judgment of this one issue. What does it matter where the spiritual center of the planet is? As long as I know the God within, and live by the highest concept I can, then my spiritual center is me. It is within myself; and, that is what is important. Such factual information as this has really no effect on one's spiritual growth, so why focus so much evaluation on it? Such an example illustrates how some people can be overly critical, so that they lose track of the bigger picture, as well as how the teachers will eventually correct transmission mistakes. In this case, the teachers took some time before correcting the error since, in their view, it was not really that important.

Non Events

Many people in the Mission have gotten upset because of projected events which were transmitted and did not take place. These events, be they materializations or incarnations, were transmitted by many different TR's. What is going on here? Are they mistakes on the part of the TR's, or are they mistakes of our teachers? Teachers have admitted making errors; other times there have been errors in transmitting. We view this as the testing and trials that we were told would take place. In our understanding, if the teachers wanted to suggest some amazing material event, they would have three choices: they could announce it and do it, they could do something without any announcement at all, or they could just announce it and not do it to see how our faith was affected by failure to have the event take place. Remember they want us to develop our faith. If they always performed the event, it would amount to answering a demand to "show me a sign."

We do not believe that it is the intention of the celestial teachers to lead us astray or give us false hopes, but humans desire miraculous events and a specified time when they will occur! These events may occur, but not when we necessarily expect them. Perhaps the teachers are monitoring our faith; those that can stand steadfast during such times will be better-suited when greater challenges come in this Correcting Time. Such a procedure is not that far out; humans do it all the time. Many computer software houses will announce a new product and then study the public's response to the announcement, even though they have not yet produced the product. If the response is favorable, they will build the product, otherwise they will not. We believe the mission is utilizing similar tactics. What a way to test us, to force us to make decisions, to determine what kind of faith we have in accepting spiritual events that we do not understand. If you were a Melchizedek, wouldn't you rather wait to a future time and appear to those who had faith in your appearance all along? It is a way of separating the wheat from the chaff! To grow, we must think, make decisions and act on them. We view all these projected material events in this light. We are being tested on our understanding and acceptance of new ideas. We feel the future will reveal to us the wisdom of such action. In the meantime, this issue does make for interesting conversations, as everyone has a different interpretation of these so-called non-events.

Let us remember that the Urantia Book states that the Master "...subjected his chosen messengers to repeated rehearsals in disappointment and provided them with frequent and testing opportunities for choosing between the right and the wrong way of meeting spiritual trials" [UB 1708:3].

Finally, we observe that most messages from the celestials are spiritual and can be heard on many different levels. Just like the parables the Master taught, they can hold up under many different ways of thinking. They contain many levels of lessons depending on the individual's ability to grasp any and all higher meanings and values. Just as one can never be sure when one has exhausted all possible meanings from the parables, the same can be true with TR'ing at its best.

We also believe that the Mission Teachers, at present, are not just interested in giving us beautiful lessons for our own enjoyment, but also wish to mobilize us to a great mission calling, which will affect the entire planet. We believe that in the very early stages of the Mission, some very good TR's were available to initially transmit lessons to attract and hold many of us to the Mission. After we came to believe in the Mission, had faith in our callings and became stabilized, the teachers then developed a plan to have more of us develop this ability of TR'ing, if we so desired. At that time, they introduced the concept of having personal teachers.

Therefore, one can look at the Mission's current objective as the intention to prepare as many people as possible to communicate with the supernals for some unknown future purpose. We must show patience as the teachers develop the goals of this Mission. Let us focus on helping and supporting each other to do the best we can. Let us leave the rest to the teachers and our Father!

Teacher Ham said: "Man is unable to grasp the simple phrase of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man, particularly the latter. Socialized religion is so focused on being the only true church to the point of defocus on the important issue of man loving his neighbor. Man's animal tendencies keep him in conflict with his brothers; proving who is the most correct. The Correction Time group is likewise focused on the issue of 'who's the best TR.' Who is the greatest and which group has the best information. The importance of each individual is devalued. As members pull away, those left say 'Oh we're the chosen ones, those poor others have fallen away,' precisely as do organized religions. It is my hope to transcend the errors of man and reach an equality and ability within the groups to recognize the worth of each individual."

We would like to add this point from the Urantia Book. "The higher you ascend in the scale of life, the more attention must be paid to universe ethics" [UB 300: 4].

Group Size

The teachers on numerous occasions have restricted the group to a small number of people, especially at first. In large groups it is harder to get a consensus and many people will not open up and share. In large groups, there seems to be more of a tendency toward distrust and suspicion, and leadership and power problems occur more often. Thus it is wise to allow the group to grow slowly. In some groups, the teacher will assign a "gatekeeper" to interview new members and decide by discernment if the new member is spiritually ready and motivated to attend a TR session. To help understand the concept of "gatekeeper," we have been told to imagine a person with a bouquet of flowers, rather than a Marine, at the gate. Some feel that it would take a totally pure person to be unbiased and nonjudgmental in this role as "gatekeeper." Many don't think that humans have reached this point yet in our development. We suggest your group seek an individual who demonstrates strong powers of discernment, and can also get teacher help and guidance. Many times utilizing a "gatekeeper" depends on if the TR wants to transmit in front of many new people. This decision of how to admit people to your group must be made by the group, the TR and celestial teacher.

Perhaps it would be wiser to only permit new people to attend group sessions with an experienced TR. It is our experience that some skeptical people come, and then stay because their consciousness is awakened and they begin to have faith.

Most groups in the beginning do not want to make their transcripts publicly available. Later they will release them without names, and finally, when more comfortable with the Mission, will allow names, etc.

With new members, groups can grow to a large size that can cause logistic problems. Solutions are either to obtain a larger meeting place to accommodate all, or to form separate groups to keep the groups to a reasonable size.

Some groups hold their Urantia Book study group first, followed by teacher contact. Such meetings are usually longer than holding a study group and teacher contact on separate days, as other groups do. In areas where only a few people are involved and they all accept the Teaching Mission, the two types of meetings can be combined. However, there are often people who do not accept the teachers, so you will have to hold separate meetings for studying the Urantia Book. The study of the Urantia Book is most important, and all should be encouraged to study it, either at home or in the study groups. If the meetings are separate, then newcomers can be exposed to the Urantia Book without the extra information of the Teaching Mission. Remember, "A little light is illuminating, too much light is blinding."

From a Spokane meeting, Prince Machiventa said the following when asked what part criticism plays in the dynamics of a group: "Criticism on its own is neutral; however, as it gets applied becomes polarized rather immediately. A good critic is one who can discern the flaws or frailties of a situation and guide those involved toward building and strengthening and achieving a good result, much like your skilled art and music critics. Yet, as you are aware, there is a form of criticism that drives wedges, splits and cleaves, destroys, halts the momentum underway. You have in your culture many an artist who sits with uncompleted projects due to careless criticism. Criticism can shine light on a situation if extended with the eye of help, with the arm of upholding. Perhaps a better word is needed to differentiate. As you recall this evening the phrase 'wise as serpents, harmless as doves.' That applied to criticism would be bonding and building."

When traveling to different teacher groups, one can experience various feelings. Some groups are very positive, open, and have a high level of energy and love, which can be felt but difficult to explain. Other groups, sadly, do not yet feel this way. One can feel the doubt, the suspicion, the negativity, the resentment, hostilities and elitism. Participation in such a group can be very troubling. The same group can even show all the gamut of such feelings - sometimes loving and supportive, other times negative and downcasting. What causes such differences?

B-Team TR's

Janice J. and Bill K. have commented in the T/R Newsletter on problems associated with some individuals or groups perceiving others as low grade or "B-Team" transmitters and groups. Such thinking is most unacceptable as it discourages new TR's and groups from developing on their own. Those who would get up and leave when certain TR's are transmitting, or do not attend sessions when certain people are transmitting, are not showing brotherly love. (And, they are rarely TR's themselves.)

Some groups will readily accept messages from other groups rather than those from their own group. Perhaps they feel that somehow if a message comes from elsewhere it must be more important. Reflect on the Master who was not accepted by his own people, but was accepted by others outside his village. After a group gets going, it is no longer necessary to reach to TR's outside for direction and information. Trust in group member's abilities must be developed. Patience is essential.

Another practice that is very problematical is recording or transcribing some TR's but not others. Whatever approach a group utilizes to record or store its messages should be extended to everyone doing transmissions (if they want to be recorded). Otherwise, certain individuals can be hurt since they will feel that others do not put much value on their transmissions. With time, all will be able to TR messages which will be worth conserving, but premature judging in this matter will cause many people to shut down and never reach this potential level of achievement.

The question of who has the authority to TR for a certain teacher is also misguided. Teachers speak through certain individuals because they have developed this relationship over time and their minds are more compatible, not because an individual has claim to them, or that they are the only one authorized to TR them, or that they TR that teacher the best. Most teachers can be transmitted by any TR. Of course each TR will sound different, but that is because the teachers must use the wordform and understandings of the TR.

Some groups come online with a TR who has no background in the Urantia Book. This should not cause any problems, as beautiful lessons can be given without reference to concepts in the Urantia Book. TR's should not be dismissed because they do not have a solid background in the Urantia Book.

It may be difficult for a TR to attempt communication when they are upset because of illness, emotional upheaval or excitement. People can transmit best when they are calm, relaxed, and feel supported.

Different Levels

One must bear in mind that everyone is at different spiritual levels. These differences become more pronounced as the group grows in spirit with more teacher contact. Respect and tolerance must be shown for all people at all levels. We have all struggled with learning the book, but not living it empirically or experientially, not feeling we are yet born of the spirit.


The Master stated: "In my universe and in my Father's universe of universes, our brethren-sons are dealt with as individuals in all their spiritual relations, but in all group relationships we unfailingly provide for definitive leadership. Our kingdom is a realm of order, and where two or more will creatures act in cooperation, there is always provided the authority of leadership" [UB 1959:1). Based on this concept, we believe our Teaching Mission groups should have a well-defined leader. Many don't want to hear this; they seek an equality of all individuals that may only lead to disharmony in the teacher groups. How does one choose a leader? Often, the leader of the teacher group was the leader or organizer of the study group from which it grew. From model of the Urantia Book, most leaders are either the first created, like Father Melchizedek as leader of his order [UB 385:2], or first to achieve some goal, as Grandfanda was first to reach the Corps of Finality, and hence is its leader [UB 354:6]. If people do not like the leader or his or her style and direction, perhaps they should form another group. Of course, a leader has important responsibilities, and their efforts should be complimented and respected.

Some groups have problems with someone in a leadership role, so they prefer to allow meetings to evolve or just take place. They often have difficulty getting started or implementing new ideas, and thus can waste valuable time. For groups without a well-defined leader, we would recommend that the group decide on a leader, and that chosen individual act in a leadership role.

For those groups that have problems with a leader, perhaps a group conductor can be defined each time to run the meeting. Each person in the group can take a turn being the conductor. You will still need a group leader, but each meeting is organized, planned and run by the conductor. Besides allowing all a chance of acting as a leader to develop such skills, it can bring new ideas or formats with which to experiment, as each can be prompted by their Thought Adjusters or have input from their teachers on suggestions for group direction. If the group is small and in harmony, with similar types of people, new direction and ideas can be discussed and voted upon to obtain a group consensus. The leader then can implement those items obtained by such action. For large groups, it is almost impossible to reach a consensus of opinion, and therefore it can be counterproductive to discuss and vote on new ideas and direction, as chaos and discord will likely occur. In such situations, various conductors can hold meetings with different agenda to present examples of how to organize group meetings. If the format is well received, others (conductors) could follow the example.


On occasion certain individuals will engage in powerplays and attempts to control, which brings disharmony to the groups. As stated above, a group should have a well-defined leader and others should not try to control this leader or group. Playing politics, spreading rumors, backbiting, etc. are inappropriate behavior in a spiritual organization. Instead of pulling people down and elevating ourselves, we should all be striving to elevate everyone else. In the brotherhood of man, there is no place for powerplays. Recognize, however, that some individuals may need time to change their behavior to a more loving, brotherly nature.


Some people may use the groups for self-admiration. Such behavior is resisted in most human associations; however, in our teacher groups, most will not judge or condemn the individual since we are all trying to be loving. Lack of resistance in such groups may reinforce the tendency of individuals to attempt more exaltation of themselves. Correction of such conduct can be a difficult task in these spiritual teacher groups since attacks on, or disregard of, these individuals will hurt their already low self-esteem and again cause them to persist. Often times, the celestial teacher will provide gentle support in resolving this problem.


Teacher Ham said: "Elitism is the downfall of many involved with revelatory experience." We must not think that some groups are higher or better than others. All are equally important to this Mission. The same is true with individuals; all are loved equally by our Father and the teachers. True, each person and each group is on a different path, but no path is better than another, just different. The teachers have used allegories: each person or group is like a different instrument in a symphony; all are needed to play a beautiful piece of music. Similarly, a flower, to be beautiful, must have all its petals. All are important in the Mission. There have been problems at both extremes: some people and groups feel they are better than others, while some individuals think so poorly of themselves, they believe they do not belong in the Mission. All are equal and all must be heard. It is amazing and humbling to watch those whom some would call undesirable or ineffective make great spiritual contributions. The Mission is to reach all mankind. All humans are dwelt by our Father and hence have value. We must appreciate the fact that there is a greater reality out there; that we are all one. Realize that our Mission activities may attract people on power trips, or people who may try to take control. Just like the early church, you will always have them.

"The work is important, the self is not" [UB 555:6]. Also note [UB 435:7]: "...the work of this world, paramount though it is, is not nearly as important as the way in which you do this work." "Pride goes before a fall" [UB 1223:2].

Should a Group Split Up?

This is a hard question to answer as it depends on the circumstances. We know of groups that have split, forming separate groups in which people of like mind matched up. We observed an increase of spirituality and an increase of TR'ing with a cooperative, positive spirit. A comfortable and positive atmosphere developed, with most individuals feeling free to TR. They found their efforts accepted by their group and their messages were valued. Such splintering is constructive. Other times it may be better to stay together and attempt to resolve any differences that develop. However, this may result in people dropping out one by one.

Some groups initially consist of many diverse people and it seems impossible to stay together. One must recall that individuals will grow in spirituality and the group dynamics will change with time. Individuals will grow at different rates. Thus members will differentiate according to their faith, dedication and commitment. So groups that seem unified in the beginning can change and also find it difficult to obtain a group consensus. Such circumstances will either result in the forming of different groups, or smaller groups meeting separately for increased growth.

We have been told that the level and depth of transmissions from Prince Machiventa and the Master are affected if doubters are present. We have had experiments conducted by teacher Ham and others in which a few believers were taking turns TR'ing, then some doubters entered the room and joined in. The result was a definite drop in the level of lessons, and some people were not able to continue to TR. For more demanding lessons, it would seem best to meet with committed, positive people.

Usually in the beginning, the group advances as a group, all together. The lessons are prepared to appeal to many different spiritual levels. Thus new members can absorb something as well as older members. This is easy to prove by going back and re-reading earlier transmissions periodically. New meanings and higher understandings usually occur during these re-readings. However, after a certain amount of time (perhaps a couple of years), individuals in a group need not be held back by the group's slower advancement.

Teacher Ham stated that individuals can move out on their own or in small groups like spokes on a wheel. Those that do not want to advance will be left at their own chosen level. This is another reason for all to develop the TR ability. This is especially true in groups in which certain people seem to hold back the progress of the group. We call it going to the lowest common denominator. How do certain individuals hold back a group? - by negativity, doubting, fighting, power plays, not desiring to advance, fear, lack of time or commitment, dismissal of teacher suggestions and all the poisons blocking the spiritual world. You have the right to doubt, and many grow in this way, but there are always consequences to one's actions and decisions. Doubt is best used in private, and applied as open-minded, but careful discernment.

The main objective is not to lose members. If members are falling away because of such problems, it may be desirable to form separate groups. Remember, each person chooses what level they are on in the Correcting Time. It is sad to see people become inactive because of group negativity and other human problems. Over the years, study groups and teacher groups going through growth have also split up. It is probably a morontia action; "welcome to change" as teacher Ham has said. Not to change is to stagnate. And, stagnation is death.

The following is Prince Machiventa's response, from a Spokane meeting, to our question on guidelines for whether a group should split up or not:

"In a word, flexibility. At greater length, the ideal is for the entire group to come to a consensus. However, you have done well in expressing some of the avenues of approach when consensus is not attainable. The Master would often draw the apostles off by themselves for private consultation and group strengthening before engaging even with the disciples or evangelists who traveled with them. These were a circle within a circle. You do need to take into confidence your trusted friends. And through the seeking of group wisdom, come to a decision as to how to approach the larger mass, but it is the path you must traverse on your own.

"You must be flexible. Try all avenues, since this planet has been disrupted in the normal progress of evolution and much of society's skills are lacking in co-operation. You may need at some point to simply 'kick off the dust' and begin anew. But I would encourage you to seek to bend and flex with all in an attempt to provide the grounds for everyone to be nourished. Use your discernment in what may be simply personality hunger for power and manipulation. This need not be tolerated. This has gone on too long here. Always provide the counter truth of co-operation, of harmony, and of placing truth high above any gain toward self."

After a group has been online for awhile (a year or two), the group should be progressing beyond everyone listening to one TR transmit a beautiful lesson each meeting. The time arrives when all should participate in the transmission of lessons. Teacher Ham temporally left our group because many were completely relying on Rebecca to transmit Ham. He wanted us to all develop teacher and Thought Adjuster contact and to determine what we wanted out of the mission. The transition from one TR to many transmitting various teachers has been most difficult to do in our Woods Cross group. Lots of problems of group dynamics did not appear until going through such a transformation. We recommend that all groups start to ponder what they want, their purpose, both individually and as a group, and to allow all to grow and realize any and all potentials. An exception to this pattern is the Pocatello, Idaho group, which has had teacher Daniel through a single transmitter with them for an extended period of time; however, individual members of this group are actively developing personal teacher contact and frequently assist with group transmissions.

We think many people are afraid another teacher might contradict the first. Also, elitism rears its ugly head if a teacher gains nationwide attention.

Some people are too narrow-minded to realize the wonderful learning potential from the experiences of many different teachers.

Some individuals see the first to TR in a group as the chosen one, spiritually better than the rest. It can be difficult to try and guide such individuals to a more loving acceptance of other TR's. They can be openly hostile and skeptical of any TR except the first TR. Again such behavior has caused some to drop out of the group, and others to stop TR'ing.

"Each member of a family profits by the righteous conduct of every other member; likewise must each member suffer the immediate time-consequences of the misconduct of every other member" [UB 619:1]. Our only guidance is to follow the Master's example. Try to understand what he would do if he were you, with all your strengths and weaknesses. "If your own mind does not serve you well, you can exchange it for the mind of Jesus of Nazareth, who always serves you well" [UB 553:7]. Just ask, the Urantia Book gives much information on these lines, and should give us more awareness and insight to call upon when interacting with our teachers and our Father to determine the best course of action.

Those who do not want to TR

What about those who don't want to TR? Their will must be accepted and accommodated. Separate Urantia Book study groups must be developed for those who do not accept TR'ing, or later reject it. For those who believe in TR'ing but choose not to do it themselves, group meetings, in which others do the transmitting, will satisfy their needs. When a group progresses to the point of having multiple transmitters, a problem can develop if those who do not want to transmit resist the efforts of others who do. Perhaps the best solution is to have the TR session at the end of the meeting, after an announcement that the group will be having volunteer transmissions, and those who do not wish to participate may leave. You can use the circle technique in your meetings, where those who desire to transmit sit in a circle and then progress in a sequence. Individuals will not be put on the line. This may be one way to prevent anger and doubt among transmitting individuals. Discuss it.


Sharing experiences and understanding is very important in this Mission, whether for individuals or group. The groups need to strive to be more open and allow individuals to express themselves, their concerns, misunderstandings, as well as their triumphs and growth. After a group gets established, many have a so-called sharing time as part of the agenda. One option is to go around the circle and allow people to share their spiritual experiences of the past week. Those who want to pass, can, but will have another chance in the second go-around. It would be wise to put a time limit (perhaps 3 minutes) on each sharing and to not allow comments or discussion, which keeps the discussion from merely becoming advice giving. Such shared interactions not only allow people to develop the ability to talk in a group, but also allow people to get to know each other better and motivate all to seek and share uplifting spiritual experiences.

An excellent format has been developed by the T/R News Network [Allene Vick, Editor] to allow nationwide discussion and sharing of the Teaching Mission. We recommend that all groups get on this newsletter mailing list, and to also contribute your thoughts and observations of vour experiences for the benefit of others in the mission. There have been excellent articles by Janice J. Bill K. and Patije M. on problems associated with group behavior towards TR's. This newsletter will also explain computer networking opportunities.


All those who want to be in the Correcting Time will have missions to perform. Such missions will be individual as well as for groups. No general rules or procedures can be given for all these mission assignments; they depend on the individuals and the group. People must seek what is best for them from either prompts from their Thought Adjuster or assignments from their teachers. You will know which group you should belong to, and which individuals to join with for collective action. Like beings attract each other. Group dynamics will change in time as well as with future Mission developments. If we are more aware of the dynamics of groups, and of the possibilities to act together in harmony and purpose, we will be better able to seek the stillness with our Father to determine what is best for us. To this end, this paper has presented a number of options to consider. We hope this discussion of group dynamics has been helpful to you in discovering how to form and develop your group, and thereby trust it will assist the Mission's efforts to focus on the true aspects of the Brotherhood of Man and doing the Father's will.

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