EARLY LETTERS from New Zealand and Woods Cross

Abraham and the New Zealand group
April 1991, Hamilton, New Zealand

Dear Friends,

         Please accept our apologies for correspondence delays. We have sent out batches of a taped session with Abraham and Machiventa, but are still working through our list of correspondents. As finances permit, we will send out further batches. We have had a six-month break in our conversations and appointments with Abraham and Melchizedek for reassessment, assimilation of the last seven years' teachings and experiences, and to pursue personal assignments. This done, we now find we are refreshed and ready for continuance of our communications.
         We are reassessing our correspondence commitments and, thanks to our local University, now have the last seven years of our session transcripts on computer discs. Our intentions are to retrieve data on specific areas of interest much more readily and endeavor to pass on this information -- once we are more computer literate. It is not our intention to offer copies of these discs, as they contain much of our own personal trials and tribulations towards understanding.
         In the last six months we have received many positive letters, which have sustained and encouraged us. Thank you.
         We have been aware of an upsurge of interest in fearful prophesies of the next ten years, and we hope you will find the enclosed recently taped Abraham transcript interesting and an alternative, rejuvenating view.

         In love and peace,

         Ruby, Charles, Martin, Benjamin, Babs, Mac, Roy, and Ed

[Note: Some years ago we discussed the possibility of nuclear confrontation being a means of world destruction. Part of Abraham's answer was "The burning of the earth will not take place as you have feared, by nuclear war. I will be a nature attack," an accident of nature, as so often happens. Some correspondence from America led us to re-open this subject (prophesies for the next ten years].

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Abraham and the New Zealand group
April 11 and 18, 1991

ABRAHAM:    It is a time/space during which the transition from one phase to another causes upheaval, distress, tension, whether this be in the physical planet Earth or in the minds, hearts, or bodies of humankind. Think of your physical life transition one age to another, entering middle age, for example, when many physical, emotional, and mental change can be experienced, varying in time and intensity with readjustment of physical abilities and the reevaluation of morals and ethics, leading to a sense of quiet. Humankind is experiencing this readjustment and reevaluation at present. At the same time the planet Earth is also readjusting itself, as has been happening for some time, with plate shifting, realignment of the earth axis, and the effects of the solar system. This is concurrent with the Correcting Time of the spiritual values, and the God-knowing of humankind.

The earth is a living, breathing, growing, decaying entity, and there was a time when humankind had the sensitivity and awareness to sense the changes in their immediate surroundings. This sensitivity is still there, but the awareness is buried. So this sensitivity, but lack of conscious awareness, can create fear of the unknown and the unexplainable with varying degrees of disturbance. At the same time there is an awareness of God at work! Or many the conscious and sub-conscious are seemingly at war within. Somewhere where they meet is the answer, and this is within each person. The juxtaposition of the two crossing is IT.

I have previously spoken about lower mind, higher mind, and higher consciousness. God consciousness. You have within your mind, your intellect full of questions, answers. Much of your bodily functions go unnoticed, unquestioned, without your conscious knowledge. The ego thinking mind always begins with "I," always questioning, "Am I?" "Do I?" "Why should I?" etc. What hope have you to allow your higher mind, higher consciousness, through the jumble of questions? This is the discipline of shutting the ego down, removing the "I." and allowing the "we" of higher consciousness. If you allow your higher consciousness to come forth, you will find your mind is not so cluttered, so cumbersome, or so full of trivia; ego is diminished and not so self-evident. You have the tool for this and the tool is the stillness.

Question:    We have disease within ourselves. When we cure ourselves, we cure the Earth?

ABRAHAM:    When humankind finds a new way, all else is forgotten; the narrowness blots out all other knowledge. In the eagerness to use this new way, be it technology, science, medicine, or God, some destruction can occur. For example: the printed word has caused destruction of trees, forgetting the reasons for their existence. The success of the new venture clouds the view of the destruction. Now the boundaries are shifting, and the reasons are being allowed to be seen. His example is not a judgment.

Question:    We have had a letter which states, "The ten years we are living in now is the most important for changes in the last millennium." Please comment.

ABRAHAM:    Correct, and I would also qualify that remark by saying that each decade has brought its own combination of past events. It is the culmination of all that has been. In each decade there has been vast change and importance.

Question:    Yes, but I would still like to clarify that this decade is "the big one."

ABRAHAM:    Each ten years the same prophesy! For you people, yes, and in another respect because the Correcting Time has begun which, depending on humankind's freewill, could last 1000 years!

Question:    We are coming to the end of the experiment called time. Please comment.

ABRAHAM:    In the past an event in the local community was "the world." In your experience the world is now your local community. Your time frame and your perception is different. You perceive a "quickening of time." So, in one respect your statement is correct. The Correcting Time has begun. This is a time for humankind to reassess, to acknowledge all that is, to understand and accept consciousness and the simplicity which is God. So, in some respects, time as you perceive it to be shall no longer exist, because you will be in God's time.

Question:    Death?

ABRAHAM:    I have not spoken of physical death in relation to the Correcting Time or the ending of time as you perceive it to be. But we have spoken of "nature attacks," of that which is occurring and has occurred. Mankind is becoming aware of danger, damage done to the planet by mankind hurried by greed and misunderstanding. There is time for correction. There shall be some damage but, if heeded, not as great as it would otherwise be.

Question:    I don't quite understand. We know that our thought is extremely powerful and collective thought even more so. People living with their energies directed towards more positive ways of being can change or adjust some of what has been prophesied from many sources. I feel sometimes you evade prophesy when other speak more definitely of it. It is because we are not capable of understanding you?

ABRAHAM:    Not at all. I do not participate in giving fear, and fear does strike the hearts of humankind when messages of such importance are given. It would be foolish for me to give you a time frame for such an event. We have spoken of a shifting of the continents. This is a part of a living, growing, planet you inhabit. There are also other factors at play. One is the physical decaying of the planet and also, with the decay, new growth as with the sudden appearance of land mass. Another factor is that of humankind consciousness. If humankind continues to pursue the destructive methods in the search of progress, which I call greed for ulterior motives, the planet can be destroyed. This can be avoided by the majority understanding and seeing where the pathway is leading in a physical sense and by the understanding and acknowledging of God-consciousness.

There are so many things which occur outside your consciousness to your physical world, the planet, and the universe. I am not denying the possibility of a major catastrophe which could destroy many parts of the planet Earth caused by, for example, a meteorite, but I shall not give you a time reference for this. But I am saying also that it is part of life. As I have said, while your planet Earth is decaying, it is also growing. It is a change of view. Rather than looking at destruction, let us look at rejuvenation and with that thought shall bring God-consciousness. Speak of rejuvenation -- life after life! Do not speak or think in terms of death and destruction.

Question:    But is this not avoiding just what we are talking about?

ABRAHAM:    Because it may occur? Why should you live your life in fear? Why should you live life in expectation of calamity? There is no joy in this.

Question:    What of Noah's Ark?

ABRAHAM:    Being prepared. Do not allow that knowledge to dis-prepare you with negativity, for you shall speed the destruction of higher consciousness, of peace of mind, of calmness. You are forewarned that here is a possibility of some natural disaster with the planet. Forewarned but … foredoomed! I think not. Within the destruction comes rejuvenation. From your death in the physical you pass to another life. Why life after death? It is life after life. There is a difference in thought patterns. You can see this. You may prepare yourselves in any manner which you find of necessity in the likelihood such an event may occur within your physical lifetime. You must prepare yourself for rejuvenation, for life after life in the event of disaster within your physical lifetime.

Question:    It would be more important to find the stillness every day as you have taught us than it would be to store food?

ABRAHAM:    As I have said, you may prepare yourself in any manner you consider to be of necessity. If it be storing food, so be it, if it is your desire. But in the storing and preparation do not think, "This is in the event of death." Think of this as preparation for something which might occur to cause life after life. But you must prepare yourself for God-consciousness.

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Early February 1990, First Draft
Revised September 1990

Upon hearing from an old friend of alleged communications from "Abraham," supposedly occurring in New Zealand, I asked my friend to send me information, which she did. It was a form letter that had been sent to many Urantia Book student group leaders in the US from the New Zealand people. Upon reading it, I resolved to go some day. Two months later, by apparent coincidence, my sister in San Francisco, an avid world traveler, invited me to come hike the famous Milford Trail in New Zealand, and I quickly accepted. She then had a skiing accident, and I set forth alone. Thus was set in motion the journey of a lifetime, a spiritually powerful adventure, what seemed to me "an Odyssey of the Soul."

After landing, I lunched with Auckland contacts, and took a bus an hour south where I was met by the husband. I was immediately drawn to his smiling, bearded face and energetic manner. He took me home to meet his wife and their fine teenage kids. I immediately began pressing the "channel" about her experience, how she knew it was valid, whether she was conscious during the process, etc. She said the communications had been happening for six years, and that they had grown out of a meditation group. (They have only recently been introduced to the Urantia Book). She said she had doubted her sanity for a very long time, but now is convinced they are valid, and worries more about what people will think. She expects skepticism, of course, but worries also that she will be put on a pedestal. She says that she is dreamily conscious during transmission, and can stop the communications at will, but cannot otherwise control them either by substituting or inserting words.

Dinner was an ordinary family affair, warm and lovely and without prayer or pretension. Everyone seemed reassuringly normal. He owns a small printing business. She works for a government agency counseling teenagers. Their house is large, old, and homey, on a couple of acres in farm country. The following evening I was invited to sit in on a session. The channel sat comfortably in a chair, and we all quieted. The following are excerpts from the communications, especially those that might be of interest to Urantia Book readers.

Question:    Can you tell us, concerning the split between the Brotherhood and the Foundation, was this good, bad, or indifferent? And what ought we to do about it?

ABRAHAM:    [Sighing and reflective] Yes… Humankind will ever find disunity. It is a pity that this has occurred. It is to be hoped, that in time, the difference shall be… negated. Yes.

Question:    I would like to know if the [California 1983-84]1 messages were reliable.

ABRAHAM:    I am not aware of this… One moment. [Long pause] I can tell you this. These predictions you mention must be tempered somewhat. But I am unaware.

Question:    Okay… Is [a certain party in the recent dispute between the Brotherhood and Foundation] being well guided?

ABRAHAM:    One moment… As with all humankind, guidance is well, but dependent on the humankind listening, and cooperating. Are you understanding?

Question:    Yes I am. Now I would like to ask a practical question. How can we overcome our vices?

ABRAHAM:    Yes. First there must be the desire to do away with it. When there is the desire, then there is the way. And, never forgetting, your guidance can always be of assistance.

Question:    Have you any instructions for me, any light to shed, or can you tell me more about my mission, what it might be?

ABRAHAM:    I am not permitted to give specific details of humankind individual mission, assignment, path or physical life journey, for to do so would take from you some freedom of will. This path is for humankind to search within and to find within. To listen and communicate with your guidance. You see, I may give you this information, and that is to encourage you to continue in your path you have chosen. Yes… You are understanding?

Question:    [Group Leader] we received this letter today. Who now reigns as the Planetary Prince?

ABRAHAM:    Yes. The Planetary Prince of Urantia is Michael. In his absence … The governor of Urantia, Vicegerent of Urantia is Machiventa Melchizedek. One moment…. [Very long pause … 9 seconds …] I apologize. I was in conference. I have been reprimanded. [Said with what felt like a combination of surprise, embarrassment and near-amusement]. An alteration to my previous answer. Urantia is not yet ready for Michael.

Question:    Who is Norson?

ABRAHAM:    Yes. [Wistfully] Present status? Yes, difficulty. A derivative of Noah-Son. The question? I am not permitted to divulge this.

[After some personal greetings, Abraham suggests a refreshment break. Following the break, the tape recorder was not started immediately, and the transcript takes up in the middle in Abraham's answer to a request for clarification of what Abraham meant by "nature attack." Abraham had responded to a question a few years before about nuclear war, saying that war would not occur, but that there would instead be a form of "nature attack" evidently in response to mankind's negative actions upon the earth.]

ABRAHAM (continued):    …are already discovering this phenomenon, there is still time to reverse this condition. You see, at the time space you received from me concerning the nature attack, it was not yet common knowledge. And you see, the planet, indeed the Universe, must protect itself and warn humankind. Humankind in your ignorance, in your experimentation, and it is usual those who appear to be knowledgeable, intelligent, who are in control of your planet and its resources, it is these persons who must listen to those of you who can see, who can hear, yes, and it shall come to be, we pray … You see, also, the Universe can never be totally destroyed. But it can be harmed. Yes.

Question:    [A channel in the US] said that the earth would not ever be destroyed, that other giving forms are also using it, that they would never allow that stupidity.

ABRAHAM:    Correct! You see, again I stress, humankind has the freedom of will to heed or not to heed cautionary advice. The watchers cannot intervene to that extreme you mention, but the Universe will never be totally destroyed. It is not possible for this to occur. Damaged? Yes. Obliterated, never to be again? No. [Whispered.] You are understanding?

Urantia is a planet within the Universe. Of course it is a living … entity. [Shrugging as if that word is a poor approximation] Entity? It ages and will perhaps at some time, space, no longer have the requirements for living beings, but this is beyond your time space comprehension.

Question:    Will [ozone hole, greenhouse effect] be of death-causing seriousness, of being holocaustic in parts of the world?

ABRAHAM:    It is possible. You see this effect is occurring. Extremes of temperature both high and low are occurring. The earth's atmosphere is experiencing sudden changes, and forcing deaths for humankind. To what extent this shall continue depends again on humankind. Yes. It all depends on humankind. You are the makers of your own destiny. Yes.

Question:    What can an individual do to reverse these trends?

ABRAHAM:    Anything an individual can do to share your information, your feelings, your thoughts … to another, who may share with another, and on and on, until the awareness grows and all become more concerned with the health and well-being of Urantia. You see, persons often bemoan the fact. I am only one. I can do nothing. But for every pail of water there are many drops. Without each drop the vessel shall remain empty. Yes? And you see, there is also the fact that, just as, for example, a child grows, here is the condition called growing pains. So Urantia is experiencing such as a planet. This also causes disruption in your planetary atmosphere, and it is similar to the aging process. A tired body tosses, turns… Yes? So we must not point to just scientists and lay all blame at their feet. Yes?

Question:    Do individual personalities, such as we and such as you, as we grow to infinity, eventually merge with the I AM, with the infinite, and become as drops in an ocean, or do we, throughout eternity, retain our individuality?

ABRAHAM:    Good query. The choice is always for the individual. In conjunction with advisors, I am aware that I continue to stress the importance of humankind choice, freedom of will, but it is of importance and some of my answers may appear to be non-answers.

*  *  *

  After three days with this family, I toured the rest of New Zealand, its glaciers, plains, vast ranches and beaches, lovely Christchurch, sparkling Queenstown, and the awesome Milford Track, a day backpacking adventure ending at Milford Sound. I then toured eastern Australia, staying with Urantia Book readers in Sydney, Brisbane and Noosa. I hitchhiked frequently. I had been deeply touched by my experiences in New Zealand. I was in tears of joy and spiritual release on many occasions. I arranged to leave Australia early, so that I could return to New Zealand for another session with Abraham. I arrived just when they were about to start the second half of a session:

*  *  *

Question:    Should I seek to channel?

ABRAHAM:    You will have all you desire if you have the desire. Yes. Use your knowledge of yourself. Yes. You choose wisely, and you shall receive that which you desire… but it may not be as you imagine it.

Question:    What about other channels? There are many in California who claim to channel. In general, is this a legitimate phenomenon?

ABRAHAM:    It is of difficulty to give a clear answer in general terms. There are those, you are aware, who are misguided. There are those who are not. Your own wisdom should be operational for you to discern which of these is which.

Question:    What regimes for myself are most important right now? I'm thinking of diet, including vegetarianism, exercise, meditation, and study.It

ABRAHAM:    The stillness. And as for your diet, intake, there is some thought that a diet consisting of a light-ness such as you say, for those of you used to denser materials, can alter, and does alter, the physical matrix, therefore can cause some alteration in perception. So be aware of this. Be careful for yourself in this. It takes some time, space, for a body to assimilate a complete change as you describe.

Question:    What about celibacy? Does it enhance spiritual power?

ABRAHAM:    There are those who believe this to be true. But, again a word of caution. The energy stored must release in some form. In an unskilled person, this can cause some difficulty. It is not a necessity for knowing God. It is a matter of personal choice. Yes?

Question:    Please discuss pearls before swine. How do we know when to veil our light and when to let it shine? What about witnessing? Where do we find the courage to share the divine with those we know want to hear.

ABRAHAM:    Pearls before swine, veiling the light, same query. Use your wisdom to discern what to share… your knowledge, your light. Courage is needed to use your wisdom to share. Too often you seek answers from outside of self. Use courage. Yes.

Question:    What about physical expressions of love? How do we know where to draw the line? Shall I elaborate?

ABRAHAM:    It is not necessary. Again, we encourage you to seek answers from within, and use your wisdom. You should, as all should, set for yourself reasonable boundaries, having regard for society's rules, as in all manner of life experience.

Question:    What about money? How do we get the money we feel we need?

ABRAHAM:    Your trading currency. Yes. This is an ethical question, moral question. And as with other conditions, this question is answered: If humankind will strive to give, you shall receive. The more giving, the more receiving. So if you do not give, why should you receive? There is but one commodity, if you wish, which you are receiving but you don't have to give to receive, and that is the love which is God. Giving love to God. Giving of yourself in the stillness for God. There is no currency involved. You do not need… One moment… In some religious beliefs it is a condition expected to pay tithes to a church body. In doing so they are paving their future life. This is not necessary. The only tithe expected is commitment to God.

Question:    Is there any value in knowing our life plan?

ABRAHAM:    If you were to know your full life now, how much effort would you make?

Question:    There is value in effort?

ABRAHAM:    Value in effort… Value in endeavor, merit in courage, and honor at your end.

Question:    [Writing] There's what in courage? [Everyone at once tries to reconstruct what was said, and Abraham breaks in authoritatively.]

ABRAHAM:    Value in endeavor, merit in courage, and honor at your end. A blueprint choice occurs before. During your bodily journey, guidance is available. You may consult. Your guidance, however, is unable to decide for you. Guidance will prod, entreat. But if you do not decide to heed, guidance can do nothing but watch your progress as you fall and stumble, ever at your side, not leaving. When you are fully aware of yourself and the fact of soul existence, then you become aware of your Thought Adjuster, the peace of God within. [I write "piece" -- and Abraham, with the channel's eyes closed, and unable to see what I have written, emphatically spells …]

Question:    In the Urantia Book it says this is our personality's first existence. Is this true?

ABRAHAM:    No… Yes… "Yes" because to all intents and purposes this is your first journey. "No" because it is not. Although the soul is in fact never changing, it is ever growing. In this growth the personality is becoming way brighter, more knowing of God. So each journey can be considered as the first. Because in each journey there are new elements of the personality, of the soul.

Question:    Abraham, I have a request. I have come a long way and I may not be this way again for some time, so I would like, if it would be appropriate, to hear from Machiventa.

ABRAHAM:    A reasonable request. [Machiventa announces his presence.]

Question:    It occurred to me during the break, as I was walking in the garden, to ask you about what might be done to assist in the reunification of the Urantia organizations.

MACHIVENTA:    Distressful. Yes. The need to withhold information, the need to withhold knowledge, this is the motivation. To see something such as the Fifth Epochal Revelation embodied within the Urantia Book as final and complete is immature. It is likened to the early Christians who in their wisdom saw fit, and indeed the Roman Catholics still do this, to keep within their own confines, knowledge for the betterment of humankind.

Question:    But were there no instructions concerning the spread of the book that were not written in the book?

MACHIVENTA:    There must be abridgment of this. Unfortunate it is. Limitations have been set. But as you are experiencing, your planet is taking down walls, between persons, between ideologies, between philosophies, between religious beliefs. It is occurring. Brick by brick. Yes. Yes. You can assist in gentle persuasion. To meet their resistance with resistance does not serve good, does not serve God. So in the manner to which we here operate in God's name, gentle persuasion always operates well. Even though to your human understanding it may take a long time, in our terms it is no time at all.

Question:    Are you suggesting that there is withholding of information on both sides?

MACHIVENTA:    There is always both sides. It is never the responsibility of one only in any dispute, any disagree-ment, but each seek to put complete responsibility in the other, each denying their own responsibility, yes.

Question:    Were the rules for dissemination exceeded?

MACHIVENTA:    As with many, they have been rather over-zealous. I am not offering condemnation but understanding of the human workings. Then, due to caring for the subject, I leave you. Blessings, travelers in time and space.

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Hamilton, New Zealand
April 22, 1990

Babs:    I am known to Abraham as "Ruby." In 1984, during meditation with my husband Mac, we were contacted by Bertha, a celestial who introduced us to Abraham. Since then we have met on a regular basis. Our usual practice is to begin our appointment with the following prayer which allows us to open ourselves to the stillness where we meet with our teacher.

The Light Of God Surrounds Us.
The Love Of God Enfolds Us.
The Power Of God Protects Us.
The Presence Of God Watches Over Us.
Wherever We Are, God Is.

We welcome you to share this appointment with us and our teacher Abraham.

ABRAHAM:    I am Abraham. I am your teacher.

Charles:    Greetings. I have a question for you this evening. You use the name Abraham from the Old Testament, our early Bible. Can you tell us why you use this name?

ABRAHAM:    Yes. I am the soul-consciousness, the higher consciousness that was and is Abraham. Yes. It is the name you can easily identify me with.

Martin:    Would you please tell us what is the relationship of Bertha and Ruby [Bab's soul name]?

ABRAHAM:    Yes. Bertha is the guidance of Ruby. Bertha was used as preliminary for Ruby's comfort and acceptance of her role as a vehicle for these communications. Bertha is the door-keeper, gate-keeper, whichever you prefer, for Ruby. She is always present in our communication.

Martin:    Abraham, I would like to ask you more of yourself, please. I would like to know more of Abraham. Why Abraham is so predominate in the Bible and also....

ABRAHAM:    Why Abraham now in your time-space? (Yes.) Yes, in my last physical life-journey to which you refer, I was the first to perceive the one God. There were, as you can imagine, many gods worshiped: the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, the rain, etc. Persons in their ignorance of the one God worshiped many. In the beginning my earthly name was Abraham. When I had acknowledged, accepted, and understood the God within I became known as Abraham. I still am Abraham. I always shall be Abraham. Why Abraham now in your time-space? There is much to impart humankind. I have been given the task of bringing this information to humankind. You wish to discuss this?

Martin:    I think you covered most things for now on that subject, Abraham. I thank you very much.

ABRAHAM:    You are welcome.

Benjamin:    Where are you in this time-space?

ABRAHAM:    I am where you have been, where you are, and where you shall be. I am not in your physical time-space. I am in time-space infinite. Yes. You see, past, present, future all exist as the one time-space.

Benjamin:    You have mentioned your mission at this time. May I ask you who assigned you the task you have taken on?

ABRAHAM:    Yes. During my past physical life-journey, I had the greatest of pleasure to be assisted in my understanding of the idea, thought, feeling, and understanding of the one God by one who you would call the Prince of Salem, Melchizedek. During this time-space he helped me to understand the one God. He helped me to explain the one God to my family and friends. My friend, teacher, is now, to use your word, on a mission to teach humankind in your time-space of the simplicity which is God. It is my pleasure to have been given the task of assisting in this mission. God has decided that I should return in this manner of communication in your time-space for this particular time-space.

Martin:    You have given us soul names. What is the purpose of these?

ABRAHAM:    Your soul - spirit, some may call it - has a sound wavelength, a vibration energy. The name you have been, given, Martin, is as close in your language form as can describe this sound wavelength, vibration energy. This is the name by which you are recognized by myself, by God. Just as in your physical, you are recognized by your physical appearance and your physical name, yes? This is clear for you?

Martin:    Yes, Abraham. Will we carry that name always?

ABRAHAM:    The sound vibration wavelength energy is unchanging, but ever-growing. Yes.

Martin:    Would you speak to us of the stillness, please?

ABRAHAM:    Yes, the stillness is the calm, quiet peace within your heart wherein God resides. You may only spend two minutes of your twenty four hours with the stillness. It is of great benefit for humankind. Within the stillness all answers lie. You may not be aware of your answer immedi-ately. It may be a day, a week, a month, a year before you understand your answer.

Martin:    When we achieve this meditation and given ourselves this calmness... [inaudible]

ABRAHAM:    Correct. Do not look too hard for the stillness. In the searching you may not find. It is reached through quiet and calm, peaceful acceptance and understanding. This is clear to you?

Martin:    Yes. Abraham, would you speak to us of your friend/teacher?

ABRAHAM:    Yes. What would you know of my friend/teacher? Just as I know friend/teacher, as I see, as I hear, as I feel, you cannot do this of these. You must learn to see with your inner eyes, hear with your inner ears to see and hear my friend/teacher. As I have said, my friend/teacher in on a mission. He is overseeing humankind to teach the simplicity which is God.

Martin:    In previous meetings you have spoken of the Correcting Time. Would you tell us more of this subject, please?

ABRAHAM:    Yes, The Correcting Time has begun. It is a time of great change, a time of great learning for humankind. When the majority have accepted and understood the one God, then great benefits shall occur, much enlightening, exciting experiences shall be had then. It is not known how long the Correcting Time shall be. It may last ten years, but it may last for a thousand of your years. It cannot be determined even by God because of the gift to humankind of freedom of will. Freedom of will gives humankind choices to make, the choice to heed guidance and listen to guidance, therefore coming to understand the one God, or the choice to disregard guidance, to ignore guidance, and not to understand and accept the one God. You are understanding?

Martin:    Yes. When the majority are aware in the way you have told us, what effect would that have on our physical planet?

ABRAHAM:    In mankind's ignorance great harm has been done to your planet and the universe. When the majority have come to accept and understand the one God, immeasurable help shall come to your planet and the universe. You see, I have spoken of freedom of will and the choices humankind have. If the decision is made to disregard guidance, we cannot interfere with this decision. We cannot impose our will on yours. So, we vigilantly wait and hope, but through constant nudging, constant whispering, some persons, for example Ruby, may heed guidance and accept the position as a vehicle for communication such as this.

Martin:    Could you tell us more of guidance, our guidance?

ABRAHAM:    Yes. Each and every person has company. This company is your guidance especially chosen for specific reasons to assist in your life journey, knowing the pitfalls that can await you and able to offer advice, even though it may be unheeded. You are understanding?

Martin:    Yes, thank you.

ABRAHAM:    Again I stress freedom of will. If you decide to disregard guidance, to ignore the existence of such, we can do nothing. But should you accept Guidance's existence, you shall receive all the assistance you require in your life journey. Not to take away your struggles, you understand, not to take away your achieving, you understand, but to assist you. You can communicate with your guidance in stillness. Are you understanding?

Martin:    Yes

ABRAHAM:    Friends, you have asked many queries regarding my friend/teacher. You wish to speak with him? (Yes, please.) One moment.

MELCHIZEDEK:    Greetings. You asking much. I shall tell you of the God within. You have been told of the stillness. Here is where you shall find your God within. Before you accept God within and when you heed the advice to seek the God within, it is of a finite nature. Once you have accepted the idea, thought, feeling, and understanding of God within, you then allow this idea, thought, feeling, and understanding of God to flow through you and merge with the God without, which is finite. In allowing this for yourself you give for yourself greatness in God consciousness. I leave you to Abraham and your discussion.

ABRAHAM:    You are understanding my friend/teacher? (Yes.) You have more questions?

Martin:    Yes. The fact that some people spend their whole life studying a religion, where others have no knowledge at all of any religious instruction, will they still have a God within?

ABRAHAM:    But of course! God within resides within each and every living (being). Each individual can find, accept, and understand God within. Some persons believe that they cannot communicate with God within but it is possible.

Martin:    Earlier I mentioned the Bible could you tell us more concerning other modes of revelation? I am thinking of the Koran, perhaps the Book of Mormon, The Urantia Book.

ABRAHAM:    Yes. There are many paths to God. There are many names for God. You might say there are many faces of God. But there is one God. Many thousands of years ago, indeed in my time-space, it was the practice within each village, each community for children, young people, and old people to sit together. There would be who you would describe as the wise person of the village who would tell stories, fables, legal teaching, social values, moral values, yes, and teaching of God. It was simple. It was of ease to communicate. Dreams would be interpreted as visions of God. Persons would bring their dream for interpreting to these groupings. All would share in the interpretation and experience. So it was in my time-space. Thus, the written word became a tool in many places took the place of the spoken word. Many different books were written by differing people.

The Bible has been revised and revised and revised into so-called modern day English. You would agree that in translation certain words, certain sentences were lost; others were added, changing the essence of the book. It is something that is difficult to achieve exact translation language to language. Then later in your time-space there is telecommunication. In an instant information can be transmitted from one corner of your earth to all parts in an instant. Even now messages are being transported around your planet in the hope that some other civilization shall pick them up. But, you see, in all the communication God becomes complicated. God is simplicity. The communication we have is simplicity. Two-way communication gives clarity as in the old days.

You wish to discuss this?

Martin:    Yes. I believe you mentioned the two thousand year span of the different communications to this plane. (Yes.) This does tie in with predictions of and statements we have read through history, and it does make me think of the coming again of Christ, which is prophesied in the Bible. Could you perhaps expand on that subject for me?

ABRAHAM:    Every one to two thousand years of your time it becomes necessary for a differing form of communicating the simplicity of God to humankind. Near two thousand years ago Jesus walked the Earth. His message was of a simplicity that is God. Unfortunate it is that humankind cannot accept simplicity. Humankind deals in complexity. The time-space shall arrive, and this is all to do with the Correcting Time, when a new method of communicating the simplicity which is God to humankind shall be necessary. It shall not, as many people believe, be in the person of a man such as Jesus, for indeed, the time of physical appearance is passed.

As I have intimated, we are now using persons such as Ruby for two-way communication. You see, in my time on earth the number of persons to communicate with were far fewer than there are now. Distances were less because the area of the planet was less in the knowledge of mankind. As I have intimated your electrical communication system complicates. Your books also in their translation complicate. Therefore, there are many, such as I, teaching. There are many such as Ruby receiving, acting as vehicles for this two-way communication. I, as a messenger of God, the soul consciousness that was and is Abraham, am allowed through this vehicle to communicate with groups of people. In this manner we can teach the simplicity which is God.

Martin:    Some of what you said does cut across the biblical teachings we are used to, but it does seem to run parallel with The Urantia Book, although to some of us, The Urantia Book is rather complex.

ABRAHAM:    Yes. The Bible is thousands of years old. As I have said, much has been missed; much has been added and very little eyewitness account written at the time of the event. The Urantia Book delivered in a manner similar to this communication has been received and printed within your past fifty year span. It is, you might say, a modern version. It has been termed the Fifth Epochal Revelation, has it not? (Yes.) Perhaps this is so. It ties quite well with the one to two thousand year necessity for new communicating methods. This method communicating via Ruby is ancient. Although ancient, it is perhaps the most efficient manner, even though humankind finds it difficult to accept. Once this stumbling block of not quite certainty whether it is actual has been removed, much shall be imparted to humankind. You are understanding?

Martin:    Yes. From what you said, can we expect more communication across our planet?

ABRAHAM:    But of course. This form of communication shall give rise to "not quite correct". It is for each person to use his or her own wisdom to discern that which is truth and which is not.

Martin:    You are saying we may experience some persons that are not quite skilled in this delivery?

ABRAHAM:    Correct.

Martin:    We will call them false?

ABRAHAM:    Your term, but yes. I believe the Bible speaks of false prophets. You see, prophecy, which is speaking of future events, is of great difficulty, given as I have already said, the fact of freedom of will. I am not in favor of prophesy for prophesy sake. You see, by even hinting at a future calamity can put humankind into the thought pattern of this calamity and therefore bring it to fruition. Yes, the power of thought is much maligned by humankind, but it is all powerful because thought, as I have said, is part of God.

Martin:    There is one thing, not to say whichever book or path that we choose, we must accept the fact that other powers are just as good as some for finding God?

ABRAHAM:    But of course. Human beings would do well to accept other descriptions of the one God. Accepting God, but not accepting a vengeful, fearful God. God is a loving Father, Parent, Teacher, and Friend. All those loving images are God. God does not require sacrifice. I, too, did not understand that sacrifice was not necessary for God. Do you have more queries?

Martin:    Thank you, Abraham. I don't think we have the time. Of course, we would love to carry on, and perhaps people will send us queries.

ABRAHAM:    Then I shall leave you with this: When in need, find the calm, quiet peace of your inner heart in the stillness.

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Woods Cross, Utah, USA
February 28, 1991

The Woods Cross/Salt Lake City Urantia Book study group has been meeting since May of 1977. Attendance has changed over the years; some have died, moved away, and for various other reasons stopped coming. Some now attending are new members.

Approximately two years ago one of the members, Jan ["Rebecca"], told us that she had been contacted by her Thought Adjuster with the message that our group was to receive a teacher and that she had been chosen to be the contact person.

On the morning of Saturday, February 23, 1991, Jan was finally contacted by an invisible being who said his name was Ham and that he would be our teacher. He would start this assignment at the next study group meeting, which was to be held on Thursday night, February 28, 1991. Those in attendance that night were Rachel, Sheila, Doug ["Jason"], Jan ["Rebecca"], and myself, Thern ["Joshua"]. The meeting was held in Jan's home in Salt Lake City.

I recorded this event on a 25-year-old portable tape recorder. I am sorry to report that the quality of the recording is so poor as to being almost inaudible, which is my reason for putting it on paper. Jan was very nervous, this being the first time she was to serve as a contact. She didn't know what to do and often interjected her own thoughts into the message Ham was presenting. This caused confusion to herself and Ham as to how to proceed. The next day she was contacted by Abraham and told how to clear her mind so the message could be given without her own thoughts interfering. Much improvement was made in the next two meetings, which were recorded on better equipment.

The following is the record of the meeting as taken from the tape. Some of the meeting and discussion are not in this written record due to inaudibility and confusion.

The meeting started with the prayer given by the New Zealand group with Abraham as their teacher.

The Light Of God Surrounds Us.
The Love Of God Enfolds Us.
The Power Of God Protects Us.
The Presence Of God Watches Over Us.
Wherever We Are, He Is.

HAM:    It is well to be careful of wording. Peace be with you. Greetings, I will be your teacher and friend. I am Ham. Do you have any questions at this time?

Thern:    Yes, I would like to ask several. Are you the Ham that was a member of Caligastia one hundred?

HAM:    No. I worked in the gardens of Edentia.

Doug:    Were you a student on Jerusem?

HAM:    I have been to Jerusem.

Rachel:    We want to tell you how thrilled, happy, and honored we feel to have you as our teacher.

HAM:    Thank you. I wish to give you more understanding and share with you my understanding and knowledge of God. Communication is difficult, but it will become easier in time. For me to teach you at this time, it really matters not whence I come. The most important thing is I am here. I desire to hear personal questions at this time about your own spiritual needs.

Doug:    For myself, I question feelings that I have experienced and ideas of understanding I have learned in the recent past. I would wish to understand why things are developing the way they are and if I am to serve one as yourself?

HAM:    The quiet and peace of God is simple and strong. You have no understanding of the true nature of God. The teachings will go far with you. Things are quite clear for you. Teaching will go far. Are there more questions?

Thern:    What is the purpose of this group? Do we have a function in the future?

HAM:    Yes.

Thern:    Should we bring more people into our group on our Thursday night meetings?

HAM:    Yes. It is doubtful whether many who come will stay. However, God wishes to reach many.

Thern:    Has Melchizedek come to Urantia to fulfill his position as Vicegerent Planetary Prince?

HAM:    Yes. I am under orders from Melchizedek.

Thern:    And Abraham?

HAM:    Yes.

Thern:    Then the teachings we receive should be harmonious teachings of the group in New Zealand and other groups around the world?

HAM:    Yes, these teachings are being taught in harmony with one another for the purpose to advance human understanding. Any more questions?

Sheila:    Yes. I am wondering should go ahead with my plans for things I have written and have copyrighted. I was wondering if I should send them to publishers.

Thern:    Your poems? [All the poems are of a religious nature.]

Sheila:    Yes. I have been really hesitant for some reason.

HAM:    We have no answers for you.

Sheila:    Okay.

Thern:    Have Melchizedek and Abraham and your being here or other spiritual forces had anything to do with the decline in community in the world?

HAM:    Political matters evolve at their own momentum. We come at times for spiritual teachings in perfect accordance with these.

Thern:    Will your teachings be in harmony with the teachings of The Urantia Book?

HAM:    Of course.

Thern:    Will you go beyond the teachings of The Urantia Book?

HAM:    Yes. Many details in The Urantia Book explain physical, morontial, and spiritual realities. We prefer at this time to give spiritual teachings in a personal way. Are there any more questions?

Doug:    Is this why we are asked tonight, in reality, all of us as leaders in a group?

HAM:    As being leaders, you mean in the world outside this group?

Doug:    Yes

HAM:    Yes.

Doug:    Is my Thought Adjuster to gain increased control over my life immediately?

HAM:    Your wish...questions?

Thern:    I would like you to go ahead and teach us spiritually. I am confused right now not knowing what to ask about our individual spiritual position.

HAM:    This confusion is seen. The way with God is such a supreme thing that we tend to ignore what we are taught. Confusion is natural. Looking for proof is natural. Wanting facts is natural. This does not help?

Thern:    Speaking for myself and maybe the others, it is not so much that we want proof and facts as much as that we want to know that we have some role in helping mankind, not just achieving our own spiritual goals and surviving.

HAM:    These things are not in my hands. Time is not important, yet very important. Sometimes much is accomplished in a short time, but it doesn't really matter. You are concerned about time, but don't be. Questions?

Doug:    Could we confer with you other than on Thursday night through the medium of Jan?

HAM:    Yes.

Thern:    Will you be with us next Thursday night if we bring more people to our meeting? There are several more who want to attend.

HAM:    Certainly.

Thern:    Thank you.

HAM:    We teach the simplicity of the love and power of God within you.

Sheila:    Do you have someone with you?

HAM:    Yes. At this time, yes.

Sheila:    Can I ask the name?

HAM:    Anga... We usually work in pairs. Abraham says we advance, grow, and become more spiritual in tiny increments in small ways. Sometimes there is a sudden change or advancement. You have all felt this.

Thern:    Was the coming of The Urantia Book necessary before this type of communication we are receiving from you now could take place?

HAM:    The Urantia Book is a tool.

Rachel:    I think the answer to that would be no.

HAM:    Correct. Correct.

Doug:    Its use is to bring out the people.

Rachel:    Prior to this too many people thought it was just intuition... but it really wasn't. They thought it was magical.

HAM:    Spiritual communication is real.

Thern:    I have a hard time determining when my Thought Adjuster is trying to present a message to me and when it's just my own thinking. Is there anything you can do to help me in this matter?

HAM:    When you are feeling, thought and knowing creates together knowingness.

Thern:    Is this attunement or at-one-ment?

HAM:    No, only understanding feeling at the moment.

Thern:    Okay.

HAM:    Good-bye

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Teacher Ham's Address to the Urantia Fellowship, Los Angeles, CA, USA
February 1,1992
TR: Rebecca

HAM:    The love of God enfolds us, the power of God protects us and the presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are He is.

My profound and sincere greetings to you all this evening. I am Ham. I have been commissioned to bring the light of truth and the understanding of our Father to Urantia. I am one of many teachers. All of us are awaiting the greater reception of our words and we are desirous of placing many teachers among you.

Great is our mission. Understand this in your hearts.

The time has arrived for expanded level of truth to begin correction. We come, not for ourselves, no, indeed rather only in service of Michael. This day marks the beginning of the correcting time. Machiventa Melchizedek has arrived and has been duly inaugurated as acting Planetary Prince of Urantia, an assignment he has accepted from Michael. Long years we have waited this day. The Lucifer Rebellion is officially ended in Nebadon. The circuits which have isolated your world are being reopened. All these changes are occurring. I am in accordance with the plan of Michael. Happy and joyous is this day! Blessed in the sight of our Lord.

Gracious listeners, I bid you welcome to change. We mark the beginning of the reign of Prince Machiventa on this day. Questions are welcome. Indeed, happy am I to serve you.

Question:    Would you please comment on the purpose and the scope and, if possible, some timetable information of your mission, activity, program. Which of the three terms would be best?

HAM:    Mission is best. Yes. Planned at present are as follows: Initiation and expansion of the Teaching Corps. Many of you will desire to receive personal instruction. At present we are preparing a group of teachers who are in the first phase of our teaching mission. The mortals brought under their teaching and guidance are in our corps of elite who will, in the future, become teachers themselves, as themselves, not in an intermediary position as is Rebecca tonight. Spiritual enlightenment and individual, and group, and national, and planetary progress is anticipated. Also, too, along with the spiritual uplifting, we are anticipating and desiring cooperation in other areas of human life endeavor as well; chiefly economic, political, social, environmental and technical changes. Of course, we are anticipating many years duration of this initial phase of our mission. I am commissioned to announce also the third aspect of our teaching ministry mission and that is as preparatory for an even greater teacher, Michael has prepared the way. We are expanding the way. A teacher son will complete the way toward Light and Life on Urantia. Time I cannot adequately and accurately foresee and comment upon. Sorry.

Question:    There is concern in this group from many people about the validity of this experience. There are many here that think that it is a psychological phenomenon, or a subconscious phenomenon, or ego-centered phenomenon and this interferes with the transmission. I would like to ask is there a way that you can let us know what is the reality and the truth of what is going on, and how are we to know as individuals if this phenomenon is just a subconscious kind of phenomenon. I think this is an extremely important thing to address.

HAM:    Understood and appreciated. I cannot tell you anything which will be convincing. All of you must and will decide on your own the validity of my words. Only by and through the message and reaction with your indwelling spirits will there be witness to truth. I can only provide this living truth. It is often but not always recognized. I have taught for eleven months and in the main, my words have been transmitted accurately. Yes, there have been errors and mistakes. I am not a perfect being. Oh, no; I am as are you, ascending and as an imperfect being I come before you.

Question:    I have a twofold question. One, aside from what you said today about there being a new teacher group and a new kind of corps coming to Urantia, is there anything that you can tell us which might not be of major import to you but anything you can tell me which would be of major import, but is there anything you can tell us that was not able to be transmitted during the original Urantia Book, something that was left out that we might find encouraging or enlightening today. And secondly since the circuits are now open due to the end of the Lucifer Rebellion, can you tell us what that entails. What else that might mean. And if there's any kind of a glimmer of something we might see that might let us know that that's come to pass?

HAM:    Yes. There was much within the Urantia Book preparatory to this teaching mission. The teachers are and will continue to expand your spiritual understanding of reality. The actual evidence of the opening of the system circuits will be your life's experience. Much change will you see and experience, and witness among the people of Urantia. Have faith, have courage my son friend. Yes.

Question:    I have one simple question and that is you made reference to an elite corps earlier as possibly becoming new teachers and I'm curious. I'm wondering if they are outside the quote, unquote "Urantia Book reader community?"

HAM:    Most of the receivers of our teaching are eventually and purposefully brought to The Urantia Book; for it is extremely accurate, in things of our teaching lessons there are some new occurrences which are inevitable when you consider this type of communication. The Urantia Book is a bedrock of knowledge for you to build upon and we are encouraging its further study and understanding. Yes.

Question:    You have stated that there would be a new corps of human teachers. Who will be acting for the celestial government but not through channeling like you? Who will be directing them and how will we discern their personal normal actions from these new actions?

HAM:    Understanding. I understand. It is a difficult question for there are many, many people involved. It is, indeed unnecessary for you to concern yourself with other's actions for you only should concern yourself with yourself. I am authorized to appoint teachers and am doing so by request at present. These teachers will give instructions which you must discern and evaluate individually. It is entirely free of individual confrontation, conflict between the teachers, for we are in harmony with one another. Conflicts may arise between humans and you must seemingly settle them. It is not our place.

Question:    You speak of inaccuracies through these communications that possibly yourself or others that might be receiving information as Rebecca is. Knowing that we-- how we view-- We all know how the Urantia Book came through. Are there also inaccuracies in the writings of The Urantia Book through the personalities in which claim to have written it?

HAM:    Very few and these are all very minor, so as to be negligible. It is very accurate.

Question:    Can you tell me a little bit about how the Cosmic Mind can be used to determine the validity of such teaching as yourself?

HAM:    Yes. You all have experienced the working of the Spirit of Truth, and also the efforts of the indwelling Spirit in testifying to the truth of The Urantia Book itself. I can say nothing more than that.

Question:    You said earlier that you aren't just to restate the messages of the Urantia Book. Will there be other personalities transmitting and receiving from Rebecca that might be able to add new revelatory information?

HAM:    Of course, and also many others besides Rebecca, she is only one of a great many mortals who are at present being prepared for this same mission.

Question:    You asked me to provide you an opportunity to address the members of the General Council. I wonder if you have any particular message that you would like to make to the General Council per se?

HAM:    No, there is nothing further or special for them. It is only their reception of this announcement which was counted on for this particular event. All of our proceedings have been monitored and watched. It is of a greater and more far reaching importance that you now realize. Thank you all for coming. I am pleased with the results. I hope to be in your presences again in the future and am so very happy to be chosen to make this announcement to you. My greetings, my love, my hope are with you this evening. Thank you, Rebecca for this service. You are well loved also. I am preparing for leaving. Farewell.

*  *  *

Some questions have been eliminated in the interest of brevity; the full transcript or tape of this meeting is available for anyone requesting. Teacher Ham is an ascending son, a citizen of Edentia who has come to Urantia as the lead teacher in the Correction Time Mission. He fused with his Thought Adjuster, is invisible in his morontia form, and reports to Abraham, our brother Abraham, Machiventa's Abraham, who is now in charge of the reserve corps of destiny on Urantia. All are under Machiventa Melchizedek who was commissioned by Gabriel in 1991 to be acting Planetary Prince of Urantia. Prince Machiventa received the mandate from our Master Son: Michael to correct the plan for Urantia and bring it back to the normal evolutionary progression and to move forward to the first states of light and life. He and others are to be the forerunners of Michael's return (second coming) to Urantia. Initially 100 teachers were sent, and now thousands or millions are coming, to be available for any group or individual desirous of one.

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