The Transmitting/Receiving Process
By Gerdean O'Dell


         It has been said that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. And certainly that is the case for those who seek. But sometimes a good teacher will come even before you know you need a teacher, in order to whet your appetite for truth, in order to companion you until such time as you realize that you hunger and thirst for truth and righteousness. Such is the case with many, and how fortunate we are that trustworthy Teachers are availing themselves through the good graces of the Divine One and even manifesting His love in lessons in language we can all understand.

         The Father reaches down to His children as we reach up to Him, and thus there is communion and communication.


         My experience in communicating with celestial personalities began in 1968 shortly after my neighbor Alan and I were introduced to The Urantia Book. He had been contacted by a spirit personality who identified himself as a secondary midwayer. These unique beings, midway between mortals and angels, are our nearest of kin; they assist in the spiritual and semi-spiritual work on the planet. They are able to make contact with certain favorably constituted mortals and are an essential factor in liaisons between the spiritual and the material levels.

         When it became known that we had been contacted by such a being, appearing to be friendly and asking that we call him "Jack" so that we could appreciate his commonality with us as a cousin of the realm, we invited him into our lives and our hearts and minds. Even with miniscule understanding of what we were about to embark upon, we embraced the companionship of this delightful midwayer who engaged us over a course of many years in order to allow us to learn to focus our thoughts on more spiritual matters. In the process, he helped us to perceive the relative importance of our material concerns, and also gave great depth of understanding in our myriad emotional concerns.

         Jack said his efforts were to compensate for the Lucifer rebellion. He had not participated in the rebellion, but he was attempting, along with other members of his order of United Midwayers, to make up for the deficiencies resulting therefrom. He frequently alluded to an upcoming event or era "just around the corner" in which, he said, we would go to school and one of the first courses would be Human Associations 101, which he said was, "Guess what? The brotherhood of man!" Although Jack was not free to give us details of this future occurrence, he assured us we would know it when it arrived.

         In 1983, when Alan moved abroad, I was bereft to lose the association of this beloved secondary midwayer, my key to the invisible world.


         In 1991, I was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, reading and studying The Urantia Book with a group, including Jeremiah, a scientist from Woods Cross, a town north of Salt Lake City, Utah. Jeremiah had been an avid reader of the UB for several years. He not only attended our regular weekly session, but he drove all the way to Utah to attend their meetings in which they were receiving lessons from a supernal personality. Immediately upon hearing this, I knew that what Jack had prophesied had indeed come to pass. This Teacher, who identified himself as Teacher Ham, made an announcement to the General assembly of the Urantia Fellowship and other interested persons at a semi-annual General Council meeting in Los Angeles on February 2, 1992, along with a smattering of others gathered in radiant joy to witness the announcement of Ham that our planetary isolation had ended. We were entering into The Correcting Time. The Lucifer rebellion had ended and much work would be required now in order to put Urantia back on course. The circuits would be opening and teachers would be arriving in order to heal our world from the effects of Lucifer's insidious legacy. Ham's Message -Welcome to Change

         Although this unorthodox announcement caused great consternation for many, there were those of us who felt in our souls that this was indeed truth, and a host of us committed ourselves then and there to contribute our efforts toward this noble end. This supreme effort would bring about an era of spiritual renaissance wherein we would begin to prepare a place befitting a second coming of Our Master, Christ the King.


         Thrilled to think that now we could all benefit from the ministry and counsel of such as Jack, our Albuquerque group put in a request for a Teacher, as did many others. In July of 1992, I received this message from Ham by way of Jeremiah: "The request has been received. This request starts in motion the interaction of teacher acquisition and preparation of mortal functionaries. We are pleased this group requests a teacher."

         At that time Jeremiah, who had resigned his lucrative position as a scientist, relocated back to Woods Cross to devote himself to the Teaching Mission, as this movement came to be called. He urged me to consider having a private meeting with Teacher Ham when I came to Pocatello, Idaho, to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus, the week-end of August 21, 1992, in company with fellow-believers. He suggested that I spend some time thinking about what I would like to ask this Teacher.

         When the time was propitious, I settled into my rocking chair in the living room and put my mind to the task of selecting the questions I would ask of this supernal teacher. I had many questions, but I had learned, in studying with Jack, that the more succinct the question, the more poignant the response. So I pondered carefully and one of the questions that finally emerged was, "Could I say hello to Jack?" As soon as my mind had formulated the question, I could feel Jack's familiar and undeniable personality presence in my very living room. My spirit reached out to enfold him. As I wept for joy, I said to him, "Oh, Jack! I have missed you so!" and I felt him return my embrace.

         This reunion with my friend Jack was to me utter confirmation and proof positive that Ham and his mission were bona fide. When I subsequently met with Teacher Ham, he confirmed that Jack was a secondary midwayer in the Advance Corps to work with mortals during the period of perfecting the process of transmitting and receiving communications between mortals and Supernals. Ham also told me: "Seek and you are sought!"


         With the newly opened circuits, it was possible now for any of us to contact these Supernals. I occupied myself in the practice of Stillness, mastering the ability to attain quiet for the body, the mind and the emotions so that the Spirit could fertilize the soul. Many times during each week I sought Stillness, seeking the peace which passes all understanding, listening for the still small voice, finding many things appear in my mind's eye to ponder and pray over and relinquish, many things to weed through in finding that clear and clean heart Center within.

         In time I began to feel that over and above the psychic housecleaning, I was receiving impressions, as if to say: "Hello. I see you. Come. Be with Me. Fear not. You are loved. Be not afraid. Rejoice. You are not alone." These confirmations and reassurances blossomed in my soul and my meditation sessions began to bear fruit. I was now able to engage in what might be called automatic handwriting. I began receiving wonderful encouraging messages from various orders of celestial beings and other spiritual teachers. One told me: "Automatic handwriting is not automatic. It involves a conscious decision on the part of the will creature which connotes a willingness to receive. It involves another intelligence as well."
        An Introduction to the practice of Stillness


         Early in 1993, word came by way of Teacher Welmek in Indianapolis that a Teacher Tomas had been "temporarily assigned to the Albuquerque area." In my experience with Jack I had been the one to ask questions, so I looked outside of myself, assessing my friends and neighbors as to whether or not they might be the one who would be the transmitter for this new-teacher.

         One evening in my meditations the word "read" appeared vividly in my mind's eye. I regarded that as an instruction, so once again I looked outside of myself and said, "What do they want me to read?" After rifling through myriad pages looking for an answer, the revelation came that I was favorably constituted to be a mouthpiece for this teacher if only I had the courage or the conviction or the faith or whatever it was to believe that I could be called to do such a service. Thus began a grappling with the human ego and with faith.

         In response to my concerns, I received the message: "For you to wish to be less egoistic is error. What is needed is for you to become less self- conscious and more willing to go where you are encouraged to go by the WayShower. Lean not upon your own understanding, your own interpretation of what is required of you. Allow the spirit to work with you and through you. Become part of the flow of the Living Water. You will not drown. He will not let you fall."

         It is important for me to acknowledge that T/R'ing is not the same as trance-channeling. In transmitting/receiving, the mortal does not give up his/her will. They/we are consciously present and are not asked to transmit something we cannot believe in or agree with. To the Indwelling Adjuster, free will is sacrosanct. Nothing can interfere with our free will. As such, the Teachers as presented in the Teacher Corps of the Teaching Mission will never take over our personality. No one enters our consciousness without our conscious cooperation. They utilize our language center and vocal chords in an act of co-creation.


         Even with these words of assurance, in my humanness and in my conditioning, it was natural for me to be mindful of the dangers of evil spirits. I took this matter to The Master in prayer and the sensation I received, along with His very loving embrace, was that, as His child, doing The Father's will with sincerity and consecration, I was to put those concerns behind me, for in my relationship with Divinity, I would be guided and protected - presuming that my motives were always clearly focused on doing Our Father's will.

         It was very gratifying to be reminded of that. It is always very gratifying to know spiritual truths. There are some things that waver back and forth and that change as we change, that grow in application as we grow in wisdom, but there are certain truths that are simply KNOWN. This is the Spirit of Truth. Granted, our perceptions may be faulty, and we may err, but when we have appropriate motive, we may be forgiven our error. And I looked back to what I had learned from Jack and I could find no error in what I had learned from him. And so, I asked Our Father if I could serve in the capacity of a transmitter/receiver of the Teacher who had been temporarily assigned to the Albuquerque area.


         Sufficiently readied by and through many other minor mechanical adjustments to my circuits, and many hours of counsel from On High, I was given the opportunity, on February 14, 1993, to take the leap of faith. Emerging from Stillness, I opened my mouth and heard the words of Jack say: "0802-AB Jack here. Greetings, Gerdean. It is a pleasure as always to greet you. It is always a joy that you seek communications with me or the others who seek to comfort, to edify you. It is a simple process to make contact with the First Source and Center, to live the life, to reach for and see the words that encourage you and sustain you in your path. It would be my pleasure, inasmuch as you trust me, to introduce you to your Teacher, Tomas, who has volunteered to teach you temporarily in the Albuquerque group and with whom you have connected with in your writings before."

         I felt Jack move off to the right and another presence move in to the left and then I read the words aloud as they appeared in my mind's eye, one at a time: "Greetings, my daughter and faithful pupil. I am Tomas. I am your friend. I am your companion. And I am pleased that you allow your system to acquaint yourself with me in this way. You see, you are a set of vocal chords which you have long sought. Your vocal chords will do fine."


         For long months I received a steady stream of counsel and instructions on how to handle myself as a transmitter/receiver.

         "Some time will evolve before you are familiar and comfortable and confident of the processes we are undertaking. You need not feel pressure to suddenly be propounding truths and revelations. It is not expected that you be unaware of what is transpiring. It is only expected, since you have given your permission, that we may utilize you to further teach and espouse the messages and the words and the love of Christ Michael, our Father/Brother and Creator, who is also here this evening, as you know. There will be times when you will feel you need to interject or superimpose your thoughts, as you are accustomed to your thoughts emanating from your own mouth. However, the thoughts that will issue forth, although not yours originally, will become yours as you too will learn, as you trust, as you listen, as you follow instructions and practice this process."

         As noted, transmitting/receiving is a process. It is wonderful to be able to serve in this capacity and to be a part of the community that enjoys the loving association of sons and daughters of the living God. It is a law of the universe that what you have received, you must give away. And so those of us, both teachers and students, who have received so much, yearn for a way to give back. These words are a gift of love offered through the process of transmitting and receiving, but they are only good if they are put into practice. It's not that we "read" the word. It's what we do with The WORD that matters.


         This is an ability that is developed, as any art or skill is developed. The above is the history of my personal experience, but the specifics of the art I practice are as follows:

        1. I secure the environment.

        2. I still the body and the mind.

        3. I ask Michael, our Creator, to be part of the session, to guide us so that we might learn what He would have us learn, to show us the way of divine love; and then

        4. I ask Him to lead me into the presence of The Father.

        5. In the Center, I honor The Father.

        6. I instruct my ego to become very small.

        7. I connect my energies with the prevailing spirit circuits and generally acknowledge the assistance of those present.

        8. I await the perception of "otherness" that reveals itself as a personality presence.

        9. I give permission for them to utilize my equipment; and

        10. I speak the word that appears then in my mind's eye.

Once a few words have been uttered, I am as much a student as anyone, observing the Teacher, detached. Once the Teacher has the session in hand, the words no longer appear; the Teacher is teaching and we are listening, learning -- sitting at the feet of the Teacher much like the apostles must have sat at the feet of Jesus, learning anew the gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

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